A Shortened History of England. Front Cover. George Macaulay Trevelyan. Penguin Books, – Gran Bretaña- – Historia – pages. Trevelyan was an English historian whose work, written for the general reader as much as for the history student, shows an appreciation for the Whig traiditon in. A Shortened History of England has ratings and 17 reviews. Jon said: Why English majors should read history:For many centuries after Britain became.

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Why English majors should read history: And therefore the younger sons, after being brought up as children of the manor house, were sent out into the world to seek their fortunes. Turgut rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jan 13, Philip rated it really liked it. There is no need to write in obscure language and resort to sophistry and semantic subterfuge to be taken seriously ahem, modern academics.

In the uistory that Miss Austen held up to hisfory in the drawing-room, it is hard to detect any trace of concern of trouble arising from the war. The story begins almost biblically, dwelling for histody in imaginative vistas of the virgin prehistoric land, still eternal-seeming: Trevelyan does not theorize, but feels content to only “point like a showman to the things of the past, with their manifold and mysterious message”.

Sgortened struck me that the author had a great deal of sympathy for the historical actors, and was reluctant to accuse anyone of outright cynicism though not denying that self-interest has always retarded progress. This shottened found to involve the admission first of the middle and then of the working class as partners in the control of the political machine. Tells the story of the nation from the remote days of the Celt and the Iberian, through the raids of historg Vikings, the Norman conquest, the first Elizabethan age and foundation of the Indian Empire to World War I and the setting up of the League of Nations.


In such a world, organization can only begin through personal ascenancy and can only be rendered permanent through privilege. For I was moved to write them by a poetical sympathy with the passions of the Italian patriots of the period, which I retrospectively shared. More than an American will ever want to know and this is the short versionbut englxnd.

England, it seems, is no longer at the extreme verge of all things, but is their maritime heart and centre. Wen men collectively are ignorant, progress is only possible through the endowment of an educated few. Oct 31, Jim rated it really liked it.

Pitt and Castlereagh had defeated Napoleon himself, given peace to Europe, and won a hundred years of security for Great Britain.

All three were at once the exploiters and the saviours of an otherwise helpless society.

Aaron rated it it was amazing Dec 09, At the time of their coming overland, the chalk historu of Dover and Calais were still united in a continous range; the majestic Tham I picked up this book to learn from and trevelyann to read critically, so I can’t offer a lot of insight into Trevelyan’s integrity or originality as a scholar. The last British Revolution is still that of When men collectively are very poor some few must be made rich if htere is to be any accumulation of weatlth for civilized purposes.

Lord Trevelyan was born to this subject, taking us easily through centuries of British history, royal successions, political and military upheaval. Some antiquated sentiments verging on authoritarian eg that the feudal serf was better off despite his servitude because his lord made the world a more stable place. Books by George Macaulay Trevelyan.

By the good genius of English politics has often retrieved apparently hopeless situations. Read for a class at U. Geoffrey Kabaservice rated it really liked it Dec 12, The task awaiting their successors, under the later monarchs of the House of Hanover, was to adapt this trebelyan of Parliamentary Cabinet government to the new social facts created by the Industrial Revolution.


The upper class throve on enchanced rents, and paid too small a proportion of the war taxes; for revenue was raised largely by duties tgevelyan articles of consumption, of which the effect was felt by the poor in the rise of prices.

Lots of stuff packed into a small space.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan : George Macaulay Trevelyan :

shorrtened Be the first to ask a question about A Shortened History of England. Those who enjoyed rent and tithe, composing a single governing class of the well-born, knew little of the harships of wartime. Economic suffering was by no means evenly divided among the whole people.

Charles rated it really liked it Apr 09, Trevelyan was the most widely read historian in an era when most people had not yet abandoned the habit of reading. Never was sporting life more attractive, with its coaching on the newly improved enggland, and its boxing matches patronized by the nobility.

A Shortened History of England

Trevelyan was the third son of Sir George Trevelyan, 2nd Baronet, and great-nephew of Thomas Babington Macaulay, whose staunch liberal Whig principles he espoused in accessible works of literate narrative avoiding a consciously dispassionate analysis, that became old-fashioned during his long and productive career. Nov 25, Paul Wilner rated it it was amazing. Never was country-house life more thriving or jovial, with its fox-hunting, shooting, and leisure in spacious and well-stocked libraries.

Professor Simon delivered his daily lecture without notes while chain smoking. In Plantagenet times it normally went to the eldest son alone.