The goal of the ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC) course is for you to gain a detailed knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP. In this course, students gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP and learn how to comfortably and efficiently work with the ABAP Workbench tools . ABAP/4 Development Workbench. Objectives Chapter 2. The ABAP/4 Programming Language. ABAP/4 Development Workbench Architecture. ABAP/4 : General.

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In this context, the term table key bc40 of particular importance. If you enter 0 for the subsequent screen, the system first processes your screen completely and then returns to processing at the point where the screen call is set.

ABAP Workbench Foundations [BC400]

For this reason, you should define the subroutine first and then call it. Use the object list to analyze the source code of the program. Use the LOOP statement to do this. Check your program for syntax errors, test it, and activate it a Carry out this step as described in the training material.

Authorization Check For authorization checks in programs, you specify the object and values the user needs in an authorization to be able to access the object in question. Transport Layer If you are executing your own developments, you must set up a transport layer for customer developments. Perform the authorization check at the selection screen event.

These entities relate to each other.

Transaction Codes Task 1: When the subroutine is called, parameters are passed to it in strict sequence. Also, you will learn basic ABAP statements. Choose the desired screen element and then place it on the screen using the mouse.


BC Introduction to the ABAP Workbench | Livio Barone –

Only execute the database access if the user has display authorization for the selected airline. From this screen, the user can start an ABAP program through the menu path.

Navigate to the Object Navigator. The list that is used to display the data is created dynamically at runtime. Select only those fields that have a target field in the work area.

This return code enables you to specify the consequences of a missing authorization yourself for example, program terminates or merely skips some output lines. Save the program, activate it, and then by generate the list by choosing Execute for the program. Subroutines in Debugging Mode In debugging mode, you can make a subroutine run without stopping.

In addition, the distinction between structures and transparent tables will be explained. Transparent Tables and Views Exercise 4: For each data record, display the contents of the fields carrid, connid, fldate, seatsocc, and seatsmax on the list: It is known as a view. In the case of functions, the opening parenthesis is part of the ID. This screen displays data from the line they selected, as well as additional information about the flight connection.

The line type of an internal table can be any ABAP data type – elementary, structured, or another internal table.

SORT You can use this to sort any number of columns in a standard or hashed table in ascending or descending order. Allows you to generate fields that have either a global type or the same type as a data object in the program. Display the buffered data in a list.

The system automatically uses your user name as a default value. Program Start Whenever a user logs on to the system, a screen is displayed.

Log on to the operating system and then to the specified training system using the user name the instructor has given you.


Olas Software Training and Development | BC ABAP Workbench Foundations

The following graphics demonstrate how this is done. Double-click the data element and then use the where-used list function to search vc400 transparent tables with the field type. If the entries do not have the correct type, the system displays an error message, and makes the fields ready for input again.

Key operations are supported for all table kinds. Typographic Conventions American English is the standard used in this handbook.

To group the repository objects together logically and also transport them, you must create a package.

ABAP Workbench Foundations

Otherwise, the system can use considerable resources simply copying them to the subroutine. Execute your programs; select the airline abbreviations AA and UA. Application Component Define the location of the package within the application hierarchy.

If you use elementary types, you can decide whether or not you want to specify the type of the formal parameters. For compatibility reasons you can also define an internal table directly: Once the changes have been made successfully, the user returns to the basic list. There you see a list of the objects that you have displayed since starting the Object Navigator in the tool area.

For this purpose, append the data records for the selected airline to an internal table. Which table type you should use in each case depends on how that table’s entries are generally going to be accessed: In addition, transaction codes provide several additional link options.