The Art of Victory has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. ‘Aussie Rick’ said: Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Suvorov, Prince of Italy, Count of Rimnikskiy, Count of the Ho. The pages 3 to 19 are a discussion of Suvorov and his importance as a Pages 23 to 40 is an annotated version of his famous book – Science of Victory. Alexander Suvorov spent more than 50 years of his life on the battlefield. Suvorov penned The Science of Victory, a manual on how to do it.

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Their defeat was seen as a major catastrophe in the Ottoman empire.

However, he was forced to reinstate Suvorov and make him a field marshal at the insistence of the coalition allies for the French Revolutionary Wars.

Retrieved from ” https: From Turks to Prussians and from Swedes to French, Suvorov had suvoro spectacular and surprisingly long military career for someone who spent his life on the frontline.

Dr. Wendell A. Howe: The Science of Victory

For histories of the territories governed at various times by the empire, see France; Germany;…. Tsar Paul I, upon assuming the throne, began to transform the Russian army on the basis of the Prussians, who Paul so adored. Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine. Keep Exploring Britannica September 11 attacks.

From to the Present Day. Books by Philip Longworth. An absorbing portrait of a quixotic pragmatist who never lost a battle. And that is what made him one of the greatest military minds that ever lived! Suvorov was always located in the most exposed position on the battlefield, for he wanted to share the same risks and discomforts as his soldiers. Suvorov was born in Moscow in As a boy, Suvorov was a sickly child and his father assumed he would work in civil service as an adult. While a close associate of Empress Catherine the GreatSuvorov often quarreled with her son and heir apparent Paul.


Paul refused to give him an audience, and, worn out and ill, the old veteran died a few days afterwards on 18 Mayat Saint Petersburg.

But inafter almost 15 years, he was at last promoted to the rank of general. Longworth demonstrates that Suvorov is quite capable of standing magnificently upright in history without Stalin’s aid. Andrew Order of St. There is also a military school in Minsk named after Suvorov.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Suvorov is known for his military manual The Science of Victory and noted for several of his sayings, including “What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle”, “The bullet is a mad thing; only the bayonet knows what it is about”, and “Perish yourself but rescue your comrade!

The Reader’s Companion to Military History. Victories over the Turks.

Surrounded by the enemy, short of ammunition and supplies, and with the first snows of winter falling, Suvorov set out to vixtory his army from an apparently hopeless position. He had been given so many medals I doubt he could wear them all at once without suvotov over.

Nor did he ever really lose touch with the common footsoldier. Out of the captured insurgents and defending townspeople, more than 6, have been released”.

He studied military history as a young boy and joined the Imperial Russian Army at the age of Mikhail Ivanovich Dragomirov — declared that he based his teaching on Suvorov’s practice, which he held as representative of the fundamental truths of war and of the military qualities of the Russian nation. At the age of seventeen Alexander Suvorov went into the Russian army as a private.

During the Seven Years’ War he was promoted to colonel in for his success on the battlefield. Prussia would make him a count and Italy would make him a prince for victoyr services as an ally.


Russia’s Military Way to the West: Early life and career Born in Moscow of a noble family, Suvorov was educated at home, aelxander the Semyonovsky Guards regiment at the age of 15, and was commissioned a lieutenant of infantry in It was originally just called Grand Meadow when the city was first founded. All Poles in general, alexanxer excluding the main rioters, are being released by him to their homes”. In battle he emphasized speed and mobility, accuracy of gunfire and the use of the bayonet, as well as detailed planning and careful strategy.

After fighting his way out of the mess, the tsar ordered Suvorov to victofy to Russia.

The Art of Victory: The Life and Achievements of Field-Marshal Suvorov, 1729-1800

Visit Our New Blog The Association of Temporal Anthropologists now have their own blog, featuring posts by various researchers of suvoorov work in the past. John of Jerusalem Order of St. The slaughter involved in his storming of the Warsaw suburb of Praga which he justified as shortening the war and saving lives shocked Western opinion, but it earned him a reward of 7, serfs and the promotion to field marshal he had long coveted.

Mosolov, who escorted them in As a tactician, sciencw broke every rule and abandoned classical strategy in favor of loose organization on the field that allowed for fluid adaptation to events.

However, Suvorov erased practically all of the gains Napoleon had made for France during anddefeating some of the republic’s top generals: Sciencw capture of the reputedly unconquerable fortress played a vital role in Russia’s victory in the war.