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Another important aspect of Alucard's personality is his relationship with God. . As the one-sided carnage draws to a close, Alucard greets Integra and Seras, Quotes. "The silver cross of Manchester Cathedral was melted down to make. The relationship between Integra and Alucard is that of a servant and master. Alucard listens and obeys her every command, without any. Integra is mortal; there's nothing Alucard can do about it. (Not without risking the sanctity of the relationship he has with her anyway) that a lot of the time, these song lyrics/poems ARE PLOT DEVICES; What does that mean?.

The pale pink light of the dying sun had faded, giving way to the velvet darkness of the impending night. Papers were scattered on her desk, the haphazard arrangement revealing her state of mind. Normally, there were two, very separate neat piles on her work surface, one for papers that had been dealt with, and one for documents yet to be reviewed.

Not tonight, on this same night, every year. Integra's computer sat lifeless, still warm from recent use. I didn't get a thing done, she admitted to herself with amusement. Her pale, golden mane hung softly over her shoulders, hastily swatted away from her face with a white-gloved hand. The butt of a cigar smoked in her well-worn ashtray, and Lord Hellsing snapped open the tin container that contained her vice and produced another.

It was lit with a few more automatic motions, and Integra settled in for a good smoke while she waited for the Red Devil himself to appear. I can't keep bloody pretending that I can concentrate today. Alucard chose to phase through the wall just then, ending her reverie. Messy dark hair fell about his face in what still managed to pass for artful arrangement, and vermillion eyes fixed her with a neutral stare. Integra returned the impassive look, and gave the usual reply.

Heavy footfalls and the whisper of cloth told her he had moved to the window at her back, and he scuffed to a stop directly behind her chair. She decided to take no notice, and the scratch of her pen on the page continued unbroken. A companionable silence descended upon the cavernous office, punctuated by the noise of her work, and the small noises of movement Alucard made from his position at the window.

It was a courtesy to her, one he rarely extended. If he so chose, he could be as silent as, well, the dead. The comforting rustlings of cloth kept her company, as she frowned at bills demanding money she didn't remember owing, and at reports that rambled about failed missions.

His back was to her, hands neatly clasped at the small of his back.

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He stood facing the lawn, washed white in the brilliant shower of the moonlight. This sort of thing made her feel old, at the ancient age of I hardly expected to make it to 20, ten years ago.

God knows I'm going to need it. She slipped out from between the chair and the heavy wooden desk, turning to face Alucard. He spun as well, lips curling into a smile, with no hint of menace.

Mischief would be closer. He was behind her in an instant, and leaned around her to open the door, holding it wide. Lord Hellsing muttered a quiet thank you, forcing herself not to rush as his presence seemed to caress her back, even though they did not touch. This was a very special night, and it was always Walter's personal duty to make sure that Master and Servant were not disturbed. He had never been ordered to do so, but he felt that it had to be done.

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Call it his gift to them, if it must be called anything. He'd given the staff the night off, much to their delight, and expressly forbidden the soldiers from setting foot in the house, unless there was some sort of outstanding crisis. So, content that he had done his part, the butler sat at the small table in the kitchen, reading a collection of poetry. A steaming cup of tea sat at his elbow, which he had fixed through simple force of habit.

This was one of the things he missed in his afterlife, the comforting warmth of a cracking good brew. I suppose I gained far more than I lost. The book failed to hold his attention, however, and soon Walter found himself musing on the events of this night. He didn't remember exactly when Sir Hellsing had stopped celebrating her birthday. It had been a gradual loss, until he had been the only one to even remember the date.

No, it was this day that she found special, this day that made her review her life in a brown study. She never scheduled any appointments or undertook any ventures on this day, simply choosing to catch up on paperwork and wait for nightfall. Alucard, too, seemed to brood on this day, generally shutting himself up in his room the night before.

And always, it was him who came to her, and always, it was him who decided the night's event. Walter supposed this was a comforting routine, almost a ritual, for this night of memories. They had done this for the past fourteen years, without fail. He chuckled as he remembered Alucard's anger on having to suppress a vampire and his ghoul army, eight years ago tonight.

It was unavoidable, however, and the ensuing bloodbath had been horrible to behold. He had slaughtered them in record time, rushing back to Integra's side still covered in gore, feigning indifference. Integra always told Walter of her servant's attempts at unconcern, and where he chose for them to spend the evening, but never any more.

He didn't know what they did, said, or didn't say at all. Personally, he liked to imagine that they simply stood in a pleasant silence. Richard found her, cornered her, and shot her in her shoulder, spilling her blood across the floor of the room. The corpse, actually a vampire whom Arthur had imprisoned 20 years earlier, awoke and licked up Integra's blood.

Rejuvenated, it proceeded to kill her persecutors, thus saving her. Richard, desperate, attempted to kill Integra one last time, but the vampire blocked his bullet. Picking up a gun, Integra shot and killed her uncle, becoming the last descendent of the Hellsing bloodline. The vampire, whose name was Alucard, became her loyal servant.

Not long after, Integra was knighted and introduced to Vice Admiral Sir Shelby Penwood, a former friend of her father. Upon seeing Integra for the first time, Sir Penwood said that she was far too young to fulfill her duty.

He revised his opinion during the actual storyline, in which he admitted that it was an honor to have met and served with her in his farewell message, prior to his death. His sacrifice was just one of the many examples that helped solidify Integra's resolution about humanity's worth and continue her duty.

Integra as a child was more timid than she is now, yet a very willful girl, being brought up with a commanding presence that even Alucard respects. She was forced to grow up quickly after her treacherous uncle tried to kill her. When Alucard became her servant, she grew more confident and comfortable with her position as head of the Hellsing family and a Knight of the Round Table. Much like Seras VictoriaIntegra experiences a coming of age, gaining experience and losing her remaining innocence as events unfold and the war begins, transforming into a leader with an iron resolution who does not flinch at the first signs of danger and who gains wisdom through dire losses and betrayals.

During inside she and Seras slaughtered the remaing forces and then approched the Captain, Integra leaves Seras to go fight the Werewolf while she goes for the Major. Integra reaches the room where the Major is and she tries to break his glass dome but fails. She witnessess Alucard's dissapearance and she raged against the Major and Seras, who after defeating the Captain uses her cannon to break the dome along with blowing half of the Major which reveals that he is a cyborg. Integra and the Major both gunned at each other and Integra gets her eye shot but suceeds in killing The Major.

She and Seras feel Walter passing away, the battle won, the two then fled from the giant Zeppelin.

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Integra and the current Penwood talked about his grandfather the orginal penwood and claims that he has slashed Nazis and then the current Penwood leaves. Seras and Integra were waiting for Alucard to come saying that it has been 30 years. When Integra went to bed Alucard finally appeared and she offered him her blood similiar to how she gave Seras her blood.

Family Integra's known family includes Abraham Van Helsing, a Dutch metaphysican and philosopher and one of the main characters of Bram Stoker's Dracula, who was either her grandfather or her great-grandfather. Her father was Sir Arthur Hellsing, who died when she was 13 years old 12 years old in the mangain Even though Integra had a far from normal childhood and did not go to school or a daycare, it was obvious that Arthur loved Integra very much, and wanted the best for her.

It was from him that she inherited her current position as Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization and her seat in the Convention of Twelve. Her uncle, Richard, sought to kill her and take the headship of the Hellsing family for himself. This was prevented by Alucard, when he blocked the bullet that was fired at Integra's face. Richard's exact motivations are unknown, though it is possible that he coveted the power and prestige of a seat in the Convention of Twelve.

This indicates a possible connection to Millennium. Integra herself fired the bullet that killed Richard. There is a general assumption that Integra is not of full European descent.