Amazing race season 17 nat and kat relationship

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amazing race season 17 nat and kat relationship

The latest Tweets from Kat Honey Chang (@drkatchang). Physician Anesthesiologist, Amazing Race Winner, Food Allergy Mama, Natalie Strand @DrNatStrand . Kaiser Permanente Southern Calif Media Relations @ kpscal_media 11 Nov .. 17K. Like. 38K. Liked. 38K. Show this thread. Show this thread. Thanks. Amazing Race's Chad and Stephanie Are Married, Expecting, and Regretting That Ice Cream Break Chad and I did everything so fast that we caught up to Nat and Kat even though we got No relationship's perfect. . Amazing Race 17 winners Nat Strand and Kat Chang visited TV Guide Magazine's. The Amazing Race Wiki As much as people put stock in the route of a season, the cast for me is They lean very heavily on the fact that Nat & Kat want to and will be the On the actual race they had some fun confessionals together and eventually and had a good working relationship by around leg 7.

It made it easy to work together. There was definitely not a feeling of one person carrying the other in any way. We also handle fatigue and stress daily as doctors. It seemed important to you to race as a diabetic. I got emails throughout the show from mothers of newly diagnosed kids.

One wrote me that her daughter had only been diabetic for four days and they watched the show together in the hospital. What was your favorite place or challenge? When we were in Ghana in second-to-last place, trying to get that coffin to the warehouse, suddenly on that busy African highway all these kids gathered together to show us the way.

We were running in a pack, laughing and smiling — Kat: As we were carrying a giant lobster coffin.

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We are on the verge of being eliminated but it was so ridiculous and cool that we had to take a moment to laugh. What was the hardest moment? For Nat, it was heights challenges. The hardest leg was Oman in large part because we used the map that was misleading and we went the wrong direction for about six hours.

"The Amazing Race" 17

Fortunately, Gary and Mallory had the same map and were seven hours behind. If I ever have to drive a stick around the deserts of Oman again, it will be too soon. That also speaks to how even a good team needs luck to win. CBS posted short videos on its website after each episode aired in the Pacific Time Zone to show the eliminated teams interacting at the villa.

They expressed their disappointment at being the first team eliminated but decided to make the most of their situation. After they settled into the villa, they decided to go kayaking, remarking how much easier it was compared to the coracle that they unsuccessfully manned during the race.

Ron and Tony welcomed them, glad to finally have another team at the villa to keep them company. Andie and Jenna revealed that they had only recently met, which shocked and moved both Ron and Tony.

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Leg 3 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. Before their arrival, the three eliminated teams went to Kings Bath, where legend holds that the King bathed his children. Afterward, the three teams speculated on who would show up next, wanting another "fun" team to join them in the villa. Katie and Rachel arrived and immediately expressed how angry and disappointed they were to be eliminated, ignoring the other eliminated teams' attempts to console them.

Leg 6 was a non-elimination leg; hence, no new teams were sent to the villa. The group played a game of water volleyball together in the villa's pool. Afterward, they went to the beach. Kevin stated his disappointment at their elimination because of an hour-long penalty, while Michael joked that he was glad to finally be done with the stresses of racing. While alone, Kevin continued to say he wished they had not been eliminated so they could have potentially gone to Asia specifically China where they would have had a linguistic advantagebut Michael told him to just drop the issue.

Michael told the group that none of them should dwell on losing the race, and that it should be a learning experience on how to accept even the biggest disappointments in life.

amazing race season 17 nat and kat relationship

The teams gathered around a phone, waiting for a call to see who was eliminated. The next day, the eliminated teams went down to the docks to pick up an amberjack and then cook it in the traditional Mayan Tikin Xic style. Once the food was prepared, Andie told everyone that it reminded her of home and being with family, and that the eliminated teams were her substitute family, and Connor joked that she was their substitute birth mom.

Later, the eliminated teams went to Aluxan underground restaurant inside a natural cavernand Jenna had everyone around the table say what they learned from their time on the Race.

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Ron joked with them by asking if the elimination affected their engagement. Later, all the eliminated teams packed up and prepared for their flight to the final destination city.

amazing race season 17 nat and kat relationship

Michael finally admitted to Kevin that if he were more confident in himself, they might have been able to go farther in the Race. As the eliminated teams left he villa, all of them speculated on what the final destination would be, with guesses ranging from somewhere in Arizona to Seattle to New York City. Elimination Station showed the five eliminated teams arriving at the final destination in Los Angeles, California.

The Amazing Race 17 - Nat and Kat Set Their Sights

After arriving in Los Angeles, the teams checked into a hotel, settled into their rooms, and awaited the phone call from the eighth team eliminated. Ron commented that he and Tony were in their home city; Kevin commented that there would be a lot of interesting things to do in Los Angeles, while also saying to his father what it would be like if they were still racing; and Andie and Jenna discussed how their future relationship would develop.

Vicki mentioned how she had gotten sick in the previous leg and their penalty had contributed to their loss.