Anko and orochimaru relationship trust

Is Orchimaru and Anko in good terms? : Naruto

anko and orochimaru relationship trust

He sees a totally new side of Anko and his sensei Kakashi. If i did, there would be a lot of hits to Kakashi and Anko having a secret relationship. person in the world you thought you could trust to be abandoned, cursed. Anko was once the student of Orochimaru. Later she, along with nine others, were branded with Orochimaru's first ten samples of the Cursed. I always wonder about their relationship after the war. They're cordial, Naruto still doesn't trust him or like him based on his reaction to.

It was during this time that Orochimaru came to visit the fortress with Kabuto and Sasuke accompanying him.

anko and orochimaru relationship trust

The boy had been hardened by Orochimaru's training; he no longer dressed the same as he did before when he was a genin in Konoha. He wore a lose white shirt and pants with a sword at his side; the old Uchiha uniform was gone.

The change wasn't so much in his physical form; perhaps it was in his eyes. Anko and Karin came out to greet them once Karin had detected the three powerful chakra signatures. Orochimaru smiled as he saw Anko's pregnant form; Sasuke stared at his senei with confusion. Anko said nothing creating a silent pause between the two sides.

Orochimaru then eyed Karin with his snake-like eyes. Karin stared at Sasuke; she had only seen him a few times since he had saved her at the Chunnin Exam. She tried to concentrate on his chakra, but it was difficult with the others around.

anko and orochimaru relationship trust

Orochimaru frowned at Anko and then considered the others around him. Anko eyed Karin who seemed hesitant to leave.

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Karin nodded and then ran off towards the fortress; the two were now alone. The child is mine," Orochimaru countered. Unless you intend to gut me like a fish," Anko said angrily.

I am getting older and you will soon be taking Sasuke's body. Do you intend to mate with me as a child? And even if some of my cells are apart of it, the child will not live up to my legacy. Orochimaru's eyes became slits upon hearing Minato's name.

anko and orochimaru relationship trust

I found Kabuto as an orphan, his parent's unknown. Even Sasuke's parents were ordinary. The same is true among all my subordinates; where is sons and daughters of the powerful are uplifted, I chose among the orphans. A snake suddenly sprung from Orochimaru's sleeve and aimed for Anko's head. Before she could even hope to move the snake opened its mouth filled with deadly fangs to strike her dead.

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But at the last possible moment, the snake snapped its jaw a few inches from Anko's face. Orochimaru slowly retracted the snake as Anko trembled like a leaf. He gave her a pained look and looked away from her. If I don't die before he is grown, he will die in battle," Orochimaru said softly.

You can be so powerful that no one will dare fight against you. You killed the Kazekage and the Hokage; you defied the Akatsuki as you are now. Imagine what you will be capable of when you have that boy's eyes," Anko pointed out once she had gained her composure. Orochimaru considered the possibilities and then smiled as he realized what they both knew.

anko and orochimaru relationship trust

You need to expel that thing inside you before we can begin," Orochimaru told her. Orochimaru's body suddenly turned into water and fell into the ocean. Anko took out a kunai blade and looked around for the real Orochimaru; the water suddenly churned as Orochimaru appeared behind her. Anko spun around to defend herself but was suddenly held tightly by Orochimaru as he became solid. Anko stared at him in fear as her arms were pinned to her sides.

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