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Arrow Season 6 Premiere: Who Lived & Who Died On Lian Yu and what's more it seems like her relationship with Oliver is back up and running. struggling with the belief that he killed Earth-2's Laurel Lance (which we know he didn't) Talia and Nyssa at least have unfinished business, though Captain. Oliver shoots Roy with an arrow, and Diggle and Laurel prove they Nyssa and her friend go to Japan and find a temple garden situation, but. All of Arrow's couples have had their ups and their downs. Oliver and Laurel are the Green Arrow and the Black Canary and are together in the comics. .. While both have moved on— Sara to time traveling and a new relationship and Nyssa on her own . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

We joke all the time that he and I feel that we have a very believable, excruciatingly terrible father-daughter relationship and as soon as we get done with a scene, we just look at each other and we start giggling because we have so much fun, just being dysfunctional towards each other.

We work in very similar ways and when I'm acting with him, there are moments where I think "Oh! This man could be my father, and I have no problem bowing down to him and respecting him and also being fearful of him. Nyssa was not a very well-known character outside of hardcore comic fans. As you've developed this character arguably as much as most of the comic book writers who have dealt with her, has it been gratifying to go from every interview starting with "When are we going to see Talia?

You bring a sense of life to the character that they can relate to, whether they bond onto the character because they love it or hate it or whatever. But I think Greg Rucka, who created Nyssa, did a wonderful job. It is less stressful to not be Talia, to be honest. She's been done so many times that you kind of feel like there's a bible that you have to stick to. So when it comes to Nyssa, giving her a kind of British accent, making her a gay character, designing the look of her costume, I think it's kind of been a free-for-all and that's been really liberating and fun for everybody across the board, including hair and makeup and wardrobe and the writers and myself.

But it's been great. I love playing Nyssa; she's a beautiful, complex character. We've seen a lot more of Nyssa's human side this year, especially with Laurel.

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Is it challenging to find that level when you're being so different from always-badass Nyssa last year? Andrea Lyla Sara John Diggle proved to be the heart and soul of Arrow, bringing somebody for Oliver to play off of as well as feel more grounded in reality.

As the series went on, Diggle had some relationships blossom with a few women before he actually settled down with his ex-wife, Lyla Michaels. It wasn't long before the two had a little girl that they had named in honor of one of John's dead friends. However, due to Flashpoint, they now have a son instead.

Question 6 Who is Thea Queen's father?

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Malcolm Merlyn Walter Slade Wilson From the opening moments of the show, it seemed that Oliver was doing everything he could to mend his relationship with his sister after being gone for so long. The two were very close and worked together on many occasions. However, at the end of season 2, an interesting bit of information came out about her heritage. This backed her into a corner where she was forced to make a decision. She chose to leave for a while and didn't come back until the next season.

Question 7 What was Oliver's name in the League of Assassins? After the death of one of their friends, Team Arrow gets involved in a plot centering around the League and their plans for the future. Along the way, Oliver decides to go toe to toe with Ra's al Ghul, who instead wants the Green Arrow to take his place.

Ollie eventually accepts the offer and gets a new name from the leader of assassins. Question 8 Anatoli Knyasev is which character in the comics? While most viewers didn't think much of him, the comic fans knew the classic identity of this man. While this persona is never explored in the show, there are subtle hints dropped throughout the series about it. The writers don't seem to have plans to turn this man into his comic book alter ego, but it's still a nice nod to the brilliant source material.

Question 9 What codename did Roy Harper take when he became Oliver's sidekick? Red Arrow Speedy Arsenal Roy Harper was introduced early on in the show and was immediately captivated by how the Arrow wasn't afraid of taking on the war for crime. It wasn't long before he proved to be a powerful fighter himself and was recruited for the team.

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Donning a red version of Oliver's hooded costume, Roy ended up taking a new name on the battlefield, so that they weren't calling out each other's real identities. He served on the team for about an entire season. Question 10 Which of these characters has NOT died? Laurel Lance Oliver Queen Quentin Lance In the time Arrow has been created, the writers have brought in some clever and not so clever ways of killing off character, but still keeping the actors around to use in the show.

When done perfectly, these deaths bring on the feels and make us wish the outcome could've turned out differently. When done poorly, we're left shaking our heads, especially when those same characters come back to life several episodes later.

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That being said, there are some characters who haven't died yet. Question 11 Who killed Oliver Queen in season three? Ra's al Ghul Deathstroke Maseo Yamashiro Where some of the other seasons presented a more mental challenge to Oliver, season three presented a physical one.

To put it simply, Oliver was outmatched by the people he fought, but it never stopped him from grabbing his bow and fighting. In the midseason finale, he fought a one on one with an antagonist. The two went back and forth, and despite almost taking the victory, Oliver was defeated and stabbed through the chest. Then he was pushed off of a cliff. Question 12 What was the name of the serum that caused Deathstroke to go insane? The two formed a quick alliance, but in season 2, when Slade came to Star City, it was clear that they weren't on the same terms.

In the flashbacks, it was revealed that Slade was exposed to a formula that caused people to become extremely powerful, but at the cost of their own sanity. Question 13 Which of these people currently holds the Black Canary title?

While it seemed a few times that there would be someone to hold that title for a long time, a tragedy occurred and another individual had to take over. In season five, there was a lot of time devoted to bringing another person to the team to become the new Black Canary- one who would stay on the roster for a long time.

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They eventually found one. While they don't outdo bigger DC character like Batman or the Flash, these villains still provide interesting conflicts for the Emerald Archer. The sad part here is that, in the show, many of these villains have already been used, and not in a good way.