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She attended ZAFT military academy together with her sister Meyrin Hawke and on each other for emotional support and develop a romantic relationship. Lunamaria then battles Athrun, blaming him for taking her sister Meyrin away. d 'homonymie répertorie les différents sujets et articles partageant un même nom. We disapproved to the breakage of ASUCAGA relationship. Fans of Athrun and Cagalli all over the world want to see them reunite if there's Meme Warren. this is athrun zala.. from my meme > [link] i submit it for people who want i don't know why cagalli do that.. she broke this relationship!!.

If he had totally devoted himself to Cagalli he should deny his engagement with Lacus because afterall Patrick Zala had announced that Lacus Clyne was a traitor and no longer Athrun's fiancee. But he just couldnt do that. Athrun and Cagalli both are child of the previous leader of their country.

Cagalli herself is still so unprepared for leading a neutral country and at the beginning still have could not take the right decision for ORB. Athrun himself is still burdened by his father's wrong idealistic and still think that he has to do something to elliminate that idealistic. As long as Cagalli wearing Athrun's ring, she still dependent on Athrun and need him as his protector. Cagalli was not wearing Athrun's anymore not as her rejection but as a symbol that she is now able to make decision on her own without having to depend on others protection again.

She has to concentrate to lead ORB back to its ideality. When leaving Archangel, Cagalli said to Meyrin "Aitsu tanomu na. If so, she should had said "Aitsu yoroshiku onegaishimasu".

She only asked Meyrin to take care of Athrun since she had to concentrate for ORB and might not be able to meet Athrun again while Athrun will go in the war once again. Athrun however still had his feeling for Cagalli. He was kinda surprised to see Cagalli not wearing his ring anymore, but he said "In da na. Athrun knew well the situation Cagalli was facing and he knew that it was the best for them both to be that way: They both have a dream for peace between Natural and Coordinator and that is the way theyre going to realize that.

If so, I believe there will come the day when Cagalli, who must have been much more matured, and Athrun, who has find his answer in all of these wars, to be united once again. Cancel Quote by Whitesparkles i would say that the ending scene in final plus realli depends on how ppl view it Even as an AsuCaga fan, I have to completely agree with Whitesparkles. May 01, nejika leaving Also when Shinn stroke Athrun and Meyrin's mobile suit down, at Archangel Athrun kept on asking abt Meyrin although KIra had told him that Cagalli cried when saw him injured.

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I'm more dissapointed when Athrun recalling his memory with Meer while talking with Lacus. In eps 45 if i'm not mistakenwhen Cagalli left Archangel and left Athrun since she was not wearing Athrun's ring again Yup, here are my thought: She just ask Meyrin to take care of him and not giving him to Meyrin.

As you know Cagalli had to concentrate to lead ORB. He ACTS older than the two of them, that doesn't make him older in actual age.

Lunamaria Hawke

Please stop messing with this section unless you can provide a good, verifiable source for your info. Look at the size of quotes, notable dialogue and trivia.

I say a cut down is in order. Specifically, who is it who's deciding this is 'notable dialogue' for this and other entries? Hence why I removed the examples I cited.

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Over on the Miriallia entry, someone kept adding what was basically a generic bit of dialogue where Miriallia wishes Dearka good luck. Specifically for Athrun, I don't think every dramatic scene needs to be quoted. Something like the scene where he admits he 'killed' Kira should, since that's important. It's where he spells out his motives and where Cagalli gives him the words that start changing his mind. Again, this is a general problem with the CE entries- voice actor trivia.

The fact is, there are several big name anime VAs in Japan who will often work togethor. I've kept the current mentions since they seemed relevant but I think this is starting to venture into trivia better mentioned in the entries for the actual actors themselves, not the pages of characters they've voiced.

Do we need this much detail on some of the battles and do we need the trivia at all? Deleting most if not all of the trivia wouldn't bother me. Axed the bit on love interests pointing pistols at each other - there's too many examples of major cast members pointing pistols at each other for this to mean anything.

Also axed references to voice actors appearing together in other shows. If it needs to be listed, it should be under the appropriate VA's, not here. Axed the reference to the Libyan city, Al Athrun; there's no evidence that the city, if it exists, has anything to do with the character's name.

The trivia related to the Infinite Justice mobile suit belongs on that page, not this. Most of the rest should probably be melded into the rest of the atricle or axed. He's the only illustrator credited in the novel; there is no mention of Hirai Hisashi.

Basically, the character art at the start of the book is from model sheets Hirai did. The actual full page art seen in the rest of the book is by Tomofumi -- HellCat86 So I guessed Hirai-san did not get credited then.

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I see no reason why people keep editing her out as that. If you have solid evidence that she is not a possible love interest, please show it.

Otherwise I think it should stay as it is. Still, other people even had more chance. As far as I know, it's only one-sided from Meyrin.

Athrun Zala

Some people think it should be Athrun and Cagalli others think it should be Athrun and Meyrin. We don't know who Athrun will end up with,maybe the recently annonced movie will tell us. Which relationship is more reasonable? Athrun and Cagalli or Athrun and Meyrin? Most likely you don't know what Athrun thinks. We aren't debating that.

Again, this isn't about what you personally feel, but what is shown in the anime. That is Athrun and Cagalli parting ways, and Athrun and Meyrin walking away together at the end of the last canon piece of anime in the timeline. That makes her a possible love interest.

As for more reasonable at this point, that would be Athrun and Meyrin since it's the last thing shown to us. We don't need to rush.