Cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

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cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

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I LOVE using task cards in interactive notebooks this way! I wanted to throw in a super engaging "competition" element to this lesson, so I had them create cause and effect chains. I gave each partner group a small strip of paper that had an event on it.

Then, they had to create chain reaction cause and effect stories based on the event. Basically, the event I gave them had to end up in the middle of the chain, with events leading up to it, and events following it. I only gave them 15 minutes to do as much as they could, and they had a blast! Our next step was to apply these skills to deeper texts. We used my cause and effect paragraph task cards to practice the skills!

12 Cause-and-Effect Lesson Plans You’ll Love

It was a beautiful day, so I took the students outside, and spread the cards out all over one area. I mixed them all up so that they would have to move around to find their next card. I needed a quick review, and this fit the bill. Do you have any great cause and effect activities to share?

This cause-and-effect lesson plan could be done after kids have mastered the basics. Gather some interesting pictures from classroom magazines Scholastic, Weekly Reader and regular magazines, or find them online on free-to-use sites like Pixabay.

Look for pictures that have a lot going on in them because kids are going to be looking for several causes and effects, not just one. I would suggest NOT letting the kids search for pictures. Not everything is classroom friendly and even if they were, it could be a distraction.

cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

Glue the picture to the top of a piece of construction paper portrait format or a piece of chart paper. Kids brainstorm and write down lots of different causes and effects for the same picture by looking at it in many ways.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Cause and Effect in Upper Elementary

More pictures for multiple causes or effects. For this activity, find pictures as before, but this time, glue the picture to the center of the paper. Then kids draw arrows away from the picture and write possible effects. For example, if the picture is of a sunny beach, the cause is the hot sun. Some possible effects might be that the sand is hot, people get sunburned, kids jump in the water to cool off, people sit under umbrellas to stay cool, people put on sunscreen, and so on.

The arrows this time point towards the effect and demonstrate causes. For example, if the picture was of spilled milk, the effect is the milk spilled. The causes might be a cat bumped into it, a baby tried to drink from it, it was too close to the edge of the table, a mom poured too much by mistake, kids were playing ball in the house and the ball hit it, etc.

Have a scavenger hunt. Gather baskets of picture books with strong cause-and-effect examples. Make sure to select books, either fiction or nonfiction, that target your standard.

Kids may work alone or in pairs to read one of the books and find cause-and-effect relationships. Make sure students have either Post-it notes, paper, or a cause-and-effect template one side for causes and one for effects to record their findings.

This activity may be repeated several times, with students using different books. Do you have any favorite cause-and-effect lesson plans?

cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

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cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

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cause and effect relationship pictures freaky

Irrational thoughts abound in our high stress world: If I don't get this contract, I'll get fired. If I'm not home by 6: If I don't get that raise, I suck at my job. All of these thoughts might be true, but probably not. Rather than tackle our own irrational thinking and massage it into more realistic thinking, we attempt to control the situation, usually by trying to control other people. Want to know if you're a control freak?

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