Cheetara and tygra relationship memes

I hope cheetara chooses lion-o screw tygra - Thundercats Turned on WilyKit - quickmeme

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

1) Lion-O was actually a little kid. In the beginning of the series, the ThunderCats flee into space to escape the destruction of their home world. I hope cheetara chooses lion-o screw tygra Thundercats Turned on WilyKit. also trending: memes · gifs · view more» · by Taboolaby Taboola · Sponsored. New Thundercats | Tygra new thundercats Thundercats , Cat Character, Fictional Characters, Cartoon .. ThingsAnime MemeTruthsManga Art Videogames.

I'm not especially comfortable with the damsel-in-distressing being the big moment either, but the show does have a history of prowess in battle pretty explicitly being a big turn-on!

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

They did the same thing with Tygra slack-jawed and "drooling" at Cheetara as she ran up to face Mumm-ra in "Journey to the Tower of Omens" and with Cheetara also wide-eyed at Tygra in "Into the Astral Plane" when he rescued them all in the tank. I also don't think that Pumyra and Lion-O's relationship is inconsistent. She was furious at him in "The Pit" because she felt that he had abandoned his people, but in the end decided not to, you know, kill him in cold blood for it because he seemed genuinely repentant.

In "Curse of Ratilla" she was nicer to him at the start -- the mild flirtation -- inkeeping with her treatment of him at the end of "The Pit," but when the cat slaves became an issue, she understandably resisted his predilection for mercy towards the rats because of that very personal connection.

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

When that mercy saved them, she went along with it. And I don't think "Birth of the Blades" was anything but her natural abrasiveness, frankly.

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She doesn't like something someone is doing she says so. And again in this episode it just seemed like her natural abrasiveness. He's acting weird and she's basically just like, "What the hell? They made a point of having Lion-O and Pumyra interacting and getting to know each through three episodes!

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Also, his being worse than he was with Cheetara makes sense because his crush on Cheetara seemed to mostly be based on perceived availability. She was nice to him so he thought he had an in.

Cheetara and Tygra's early relationship on the ThunderCats

Whereas, he's clearly explicitly drawn to Pumyra as a person. Lion-O at first believed Cheetara had let him win, something which offended her, as the code of Thundera forbade such action. The distance they ran actually exhausted Cheetara's super speed, and she told him that his determination not to lose had allowed him to win the race. Powers and abilities Cheetara is a female warrior, based on the cheetah, who is the only adult female ThunderCat until the later appearance of Pumyra.

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

Her most notable physical ability is her incredible speed, which she uses in combat to evade and dodge attacks with ease. During the episode " Pumm-Ra ", Tygra clocked her jogging speed as "thirty seconds for the mile" mph implying her top speed to be significantly higher than that.

At her peak, Cheetara can sustain her top speed for about 2 miles before succumbing to exhaustion.

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

She also has an ability call ed her "Sixth Sense", which gave her the ability to see into past and future events, although this was also very taxing, such that she sometimes considered it a curse; these visions could come at random and when she forced them to appear, it could take days or weeks for her to recover.

She could also sense danger to others which she attributed to "woman's intuition".

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Cheetara had a fondness for the "useless" metal gold. In " The Telepathy Beam ", her powers no longer harm her.

Her weapon was the baton or bo staff, which could extend to any length and shoot out energy beams. It was attached to a cuff on her left arm when not in use.

cheetara and tygra relationship memes

At the same time Cheetara is enslaved by the Mutants for five years and during that time she's subject to constant humiliation. On the other hand, Tygra was captured and tortured to the point of become a somber individual. During his five years in captivity he was required to design structures for Mumm-Ra and the Mutants.

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Tygra was rescued and helped overthrow the evil sorcerer. Finally, it was Tygra who helped Cheetara heal her emotional wounds. Cheetara relies on him to recover from the terrible times she went through.

And it's with Tygra she begins a stable relationship. Quotes "I am a woman!