Derek jeter and mariah carey relationship

Odd things about Mariah Carey's relationships

derek jeter and mariah carey relationship

Derek Jeter will go down as a New York legend, on and off the field. below is a timeline of many of his publicized off-field romantic relationships that Jeter caught Mariah Carey's eye in , and by '98 she made a trip to. Minka and Derek were in a pretty serious relationship for four solid years. When they . Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey (dated) Singer Mariah Carey has a reputation for being eccentric, and those oddities Carey reportedly met New York Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter when she.

They allegedly stayed friends after split, and are said to still be friends today. Joy Enriquez Joy Enriquez is a singer and actress who had a brief acting career that included a one-episode singing appearance on 7th Heaven.

She has been singing since she was a young child, and participated in Star Search when she was eleven years old. A few years later, inshe married the record producer Rodney Jerkins, who had worked on her debut album. They now have four, very adorable, children and their own reality series called House of Joy.

derek jeter and mariah carey relationship

The two hit it off right away, and started dating. Lara Dutta The stunning beauty from India, Lara Dutta, was crowned Miss Universe inand was only the second woman from India to ever be given the title.

Odd things about Mariah Carey's relationships

Inshe got married to the retired Indian professional tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi, and the couple now have one child together. She was actually one of his first ladies to make her debut as his courtside date. Mariah Carey Does Mariah Carey even need an introduction? Mariah and Nick divorced after an eight-year marriage, but share an adorable set of 6-year-old twins together. Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey dated The songbird and baseball pro dated for about a year during The couple had an instant connection, and bonded over their shared mixed race heritage.

Ultimately, the nonstop media attention and paparazzi caused too much pressure on the relationship, and they decided it was better to end things before it got too serious. Though they have both moved on, we wonder if they ever think back to the good old days when they were together. It was a rumor, but one we tend to believe. InRachel ended up marrying a surprise surprise athlete named Matt Hahn, who was a football star at Penn State and now works in finance.

The couple, who became parents to a baby girl, got a divorce after a brief year and a half long marriage.

Derek Jeter fans share Mariah stories

Tyra Banks At this point, we are pretty sure that Derek Jeter has basically dated every supermodel from the early s.

Tyra Banks dated her baby daddy, fashion photographer Erik Asla fromuntil their recent breakup in October The two celebrities allegedly had a short-lived romance that ended after only a couple months.

derek jeter and mariah carey relationship

On to the next one. Vida Guerra And last on our list is, surprise surprise, yet another model! Vida Guerra is a Cuban-American glamour model who made her U.

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The couple split in latewith publicists citing " media pressure. The Yanks finished as baseball's best for the third time in four years. Why, call up Miss Universe, naturally. The two were seen at each other's sides for about a year. According to Jeter biographer Ian O'Connor, Derek supposedly snagged the singer and television actress away from frenemy Alex Rodriguez.

derek jeter and mariah carey relationship

The relationship lasted for a little less than a year. On the field, Jeter has a slightly down '02 season, hitting below.

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Here goes the list of her ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. The age difference in their relationship was particularly noteworthy seeing as Tommy is 20 years older than Mariah. However, shortly after their marriage, their relationship went sour as a result of his controlling nature.

He was in a relationship with Mariah while she was still technically married to Tommy Mottola. The two broke up inciting media scrutiny as the cause of their break up.

The two were rumoured to be in a relationship inalthough this was never confirmed or denied. However, this was merely a rumour and was never confirmed as a relationship. Marcus is a Swedish model, who was born in Stockholm, Sweden and has dual citizenship of Sweden and the Netherlands.