Drake and nebby relationship quiz

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drake and nebby relationship quiz

There are the very public relationships, such as Drake and Rihanna, and . Nebby is said to be the girl behind Drake's song “Hotline Bling. POSTED THIS in another thread when someone asked if Drake has ever He was with kandice the longest but Nebby was the one that really. I had the DJBooth squad listen to every Drake song we could find and Drake rapped/sang about his often complicated relationship to them . Nebby: I take that back, there was apparently a girlfriend even before Alisha.

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drake and nebby relationship quiz

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drake and nebby relationship quiz

Picture in fact Drakexs child, which is celibate and wanting to work amp Aubrey Drake apparently the early. Chudd's questions will have answers that begin with or have the same pronunciation as one of the letters of the alphabet. Contestants are only awarded points for presenting the correct letter of the alphabet; giving the correct answer verbally whilst holding the wrong letter does not award points. It was only played once in the Season 2 episode "Body Swap". Chudd's questions will be about the colours written on the box.

They have to give the colour written on the box, not the one coloured. It was only played once in the Season 3 episode "Pop Video".


If they get it right, they have to throw the correct ball to Chudd. In the Season 3 episode "Amusement Park", the balls were replaced with moons, stars, and planets. They have to pick up a handful of the right answer, then buzz in.

However, all the contestants are blindfolded, so that they can't see the food in front of them. Contestants are only awarded points for presenting the correct food; giving the correct answer verbally whilst holding the wrong food does not award points. This round is never played in the Skatoony studio, and it was played in the Season 2 episodes, "Space: The Final Souffle" and "Out to Sea".

It was only played in the Season 2 episode "Pre-School Problem"'. Similar to Same Sound Name Round, except the 3 rhyming answers are in tanks of yucky sludge, and the contestants must pick the answers up with their teeth, like apple bobbing. They have to dip their face in the correct color, then hit their buzzer. Contestants are only awarded points for the correct color that's on their face; giving the correct answer verbally whilst the wrong color paint is on their face does not award points.

The children contestants and cartoon contestants wear goggles to protect their eyes. In the Season 3 episode "Cafe Le Quiz", they substituted the paint for mustard yellowbarbecue sauce brownand mushy peas green.

drake and nebby relationship quiz

The contestants must guess the two correct animals, to earn a point. It was played in the episodes "Freakshow" and "In Your Dreams". Season 3 [NA and UK] - Chudd goes around the quizblock and asks each of the contestants a question in turn; but they have to give their answer back to front.

The contestants must figure out what he is thinking of, they can earn up to 5 points, depending how fast they can figure out what Chudd is thinking and it made the easiest way to eliminate both toon contestants in each episode. Round 3 challenges Hoo Flung Dung!

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All Seasons [NA and UK] - In this round, Hoo, the "artistic gorilla", will throw his "paint" though claimed to be dung by the round's title, on other occasions it is implied to be ordinary mud onto a canvas. The "paint" will form into a particular shape, which the contestants must identify. A particular feature of this challenge is the fact that some of the "paint" is splattered on the contestants. DangerBox Season 1 [NA and UK] - Presented in front of each contestants are three boxes, each of which contains a particular type of food, be it something nice or nasty.

Contestants must open a box and eat its contents before giving the answer to each question Chudd asks.

drake and nebby relationship quiz

Contestants may not pick a box more than once. Refusing to eat what's in a box will deny the contestant both the question and the points with it. Each contestant will have as much time as it takes for the other to consume a specified quantity of food.

Skatoony | Revolvy

All Seasons [NA and UK] - Presented in front of each contestant is a row of eggssome of which are raw and some of which are hard-boiled. The two contestants must listen to the general knowledge questions, and then buzz in when they know the answer.

Contestants are awarded one point for each correct answer. Regardless of whether the contestant answers correctly or not, contestants must then select an egg and break it against their forehead.

A bonus point is awarded if the egg chosen is hard-boiled, but if it is raw, the egg yolk will go all over their face! Enough eggs are provided so that neither contestant runs out of eggs. The DangerGrid of Doom Seasons 2 and 3 [NA and UK] - The DangerGrid of Doom is a huge robot with a panel of 12 numbers, each containing a nasty surprise such as drenching the contestant in various yucky goo or a deduction of points.

Contestants answering correctly may choose one panel from the grid as a nasty surprise to unleash on their opponent.