Eastern star and mason relationship marketing

A general history of the Order of the Eastern Star

eastern star and mason relationship marketing

For some, Masonic and other fraternal items, particularly those from the turn of .. which symbolizes the complex relationship of good and evil in life. of these old caskets with a skeleton in it at a flea market in Canton, Texas. I'm not sure how close the relationship has to be. She shouldn't have been in the Order of the Eastern Star, the Church expressly forbids it. Maybe It isn't only the Catholic Church that disapproves of things Masonic: Several of the denominations frown on it, too. . I'm in the market for some new slippers. The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic appendant body open to both men and women. of the Order of the Eastern Star are aged 18 and older; men must be Master Masons and women must have specific relationships with Masons.

Some men join because of masonic charities. Most men who join have no idea that, during their initiation, they will be required to make solemn blood oaths.

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When women join Eastern Star, they support sexism because they need to verify that they have a male masonic relative to join and cannot hold meetings without men present.

For 18 years my husband and I were partners in life. I loved himwas always there for him. I could count on himhe was there for me. Everything changed when he joined the Masons.

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He became a master mason…. I was greeted with a cold reception from the other wives. I wanted nothing to do with this super secret organization.

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Being a Mason takes precedence over all other ,even wife and family. My husband was never home. I learned that prostitutes are an important part of these conventions and meetings. Wives are only important as props.

eastern star and mason relationship marketing

Attachments to the members arm as he is honored moving up in chairs. A wife completes the uniform and gives the appearance of being good and honorable men. Some of these honored ladies have been with these men for more than twenty years as Masons. They have to knowbut their friends and social lives are centered in the Freemasonsthe men they love. After many years of sharing our computermy husband locked me out. After twenty-six years our marriage is ending with divorce.

I had his pass word removed from our computer. For this is a degree, familiar to thousands of the most enlightened York masons and their female relatives; established in this country at least before ; and one which popularly bears the palm in point of doctrine and elegance over all others. Its scope, by the addition of a ceremonial and a few links in the chain of recognition, was broad enough to constitute a graceful and consistent system, page: In the Macoy Manual,it is stated that "the Order of the Eastern Star was established in this country during the year ," and this statement is repeated in Adoptive Rite,but in the Macoy Ritual,it is changed to read: To find this date subtract from the present year.

Grand Luminary, it is stated: We seek to effect our purpose by adapting an ancient system to a modern use. The degree upon which the American Adoptive Rite is built is very ancient, more so by far than any other, save the York Rite, and one that carries on its very face indubitable marks of antiquity. It exhibits all the furrows of age. Its voice, solemn and impressive, comes up like the deep tones of the veteran, who, from the treasures of four score, enriches the lap of youth.

In the Adopted Mason of January,it is stated: The Heroine of Jericho, which is so strangely made a standard of adoption, is in itself the offspring of the present century, and one of the youngest of the androgynous degrees; while the five degrees of the Eastern Star, the basis of the American Adoptive Rite, exhibit internal evidences of great age, and they were always considered the property of master masons, their wives, sisters and daughters.

Hillyer, of Vicksburg, Mississippi, about While recognizing the abilities and labors of page: If we could accept it for what it at first appears to be, "The Thesauros of the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Eastern Star as collected and arranged by the committee, and adopted by the Supreme Council in convocation, assembled May, ," an octavo pamphlet of eighteen pages, the property of brother Alonzo J.

By order of the G. The writer regrets that he has been unable to obtain a sight of this pamphlet, although he has offered to make the trip from Indianapolis to New York for the purpose of doing so, as, having seen it, he would be enabled to give affirmative testimony. A reprint, no matter how carefully made, does not enable even an expert to judge of its age or authenticity.

eastern star and mason relationship marketing

The style of type; quality and finish of the paper; the manner of binding; the arrangement of matter on the pages; the spelling of words; and many other things would reveal, to one experienced in that line, many points that another, not up in such matters, might overlook.

However, brother Burton has kindly furnished him a carefully edited reprint of it. Of it, he says: This pamphlet was purchased at a sale by Barker, 63 Bleeker street, New York, November 18,and the writer freely admits that he knows of no motive that would induce its publication for the purpose of deception merely, and there are some internal evidences that would indicate that it may be authentic, e.

It will be noted that on the seal of the Supreme Constellation and on the Morris signet vide illustration, facing titlethere are emblems between the points of the star, but these emblems are not in any way referred to in any other ritual of the order extant, except that in the Book of Instructions,the apron, gloves, and collar are mentioned as proper regalia to be worn by each lady.

In the signet the name in the first point is given as Jephthah's Daughter, as in the Thesauros, although in all the Morris rituals it is given as Adah. These variations between the seal and signet and his rituals would seem to indicate that brother Morris, in revising the page: On the other hand there are several things that would throw doubt upon the authenticity of the Thesauros, e.

In it, extracts from the prefaces to the first and third editions are inserted in the fifth.

eastern star and mason relationship marketing

The first is dated Boston, Mass. Jones, and Robert Lennox, and attested by James S. The legal money in the United States in was the present decimal system, but the: In the Thesauros it is provided "The membership fee shall not exceed ten nor be less than two shillings sterling.

In the Thesauros it is also stated: The Districts according to the distribution of was as follows: The several Territories to accompany the States to which they are contiguous. Whatever excuse there may have been for such a provision init could certainly not have existed when the fifth edition was endorsed in"for the use of the fourth division U. The preface to the fifth edition is dated New York, Dec.

The genealogical records in the libraries of Indianapolis and Chicago have been searched, but, although members of the Jones, Lennox, Morton, and other families named, have been discovered, no trace has been found of those whose names appear. The city directories of the forty principal cities in the country have been searched, but in only two of them, Indianapolis and Denver, does the name of Sandifer appear, and investigation has discovered that they are either colored people or Carolinians, with no knowledge of an Eastern branch of the family.

As to the orthography of such words as honor, honorable, Saviour, and labor, in the reprint they are all spelled without a "u". I regret that inquiry of brother Burton upon this point has elicited no information other than that the reprint is an accurate reproduction of the original, for, if the "u" is omitted it would be strong evidence that the pamphlet was not printed as early as it purports to have been.

According to the Thesauros the Supreme Council consisted of "a great luminary and four deputy luminaries," while the committee that reported the Thesauros was composed of three members, who reported to themselves and two others!

The title page says "Copyright secured," without giving date of same, or stating by whom copyrighted, although the law of congress required that both should be given, and the universal form found in all copyrighted books before the revision of the law, aboutwas "Entered according to the act of Congress, in the district court for the district ofby Authentic or not, it is an interesting document, and in this history it will be further referred to.

After reviewing all the facts it must be concluded that brother Morris did not originate the ritual of the order, but that, receiving the degrees by communication, as above stated, and taking the ritual as used before he took up the occupation of a masonic lecturer, page: In Eastern Star, Ruth is represented by the color yellow and a sheaf of barley.

Ruth represents the virtue of religious principles.

eastern star and mason relationship marketing

In Eastern Star, Esther is represented by the color white and a crown and scepter. Esther represents the virtue of loyalty. In Eastern Star, Martha is represented by the color green and a broken column.

Martha represents the virtue of endurance in trial. In Eastern Star, Electa is represented by the color red and a chalice. Electa represents the virtue of endurance of persecution. Eastern Star meeting room There are 18 main officers in a full chapter: