Elaine hatfield and ellen berscheid relationship

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elaine hatfield and ellen berscheid relationship

types of romantic love as defined in the s by Elaine Hatfield and William Walster. We'll also explore Ellen Berscheid's more recent definition of attachment Hatfield and Walster () described two types of romantic love: For many people, early in a relationship, the feeling of passionate love is. Perspect Psychol Sci. Sep;8(5) doi: / Ellen Berscheid, Elaine Hatfield, and the Emergence of Relationship Science. Sun, 11 Nov GMT ellen berscheid elaine hatfield relationship pdf - In. , Ellen Berscheid and. Elaine Hatfield were awarded the Association.

Elaine Hatfield

She and Ellen S. Berscheid, her long-time collaborator and corecipient of the William James Fellow Award, have been studying the topic for more than 50 years.

Misattribution of Arousal

Together, they overcame the rampant sexism they encountered early in their careers to break new ground in psychological science with their theories about physical attraction and love. At the time, scientific literature on romantic love was hard to come by, save for a smattering of one-off reports done by researchers who had made their names in other fields.

What is passionate love?

Elaine Hatfield

Hatfield defined passionate love as a state of intense longing for union with another person; while she initially approached it as an attitude, her subsequent research has led her to view passionate love as a mix of cognition, emotion, behavior, and physiological functions. Next they wondered, how can you measure it?

elaine hatfield and ellen berscheid relationship

Indeed, a host of new studies using fMRI technology confirm this, showing a strong correlation between the results of the PLS and activity in appropriate brain regions. When shown a picture of the person with whom they are in love, subjects in the throes of passion tend to show activation in brain areas associated with motivation, euphoria, and reward.

This brain activity is highly similar to the pattern of activation seen in another all-consuming condition: However, Elaine Hatfield formerly Elaine Walster noted that people are capable of both types of love and may experience them intermittently during their lives Hatfield People appear to want both types of romantic love.

  • Love - Passionate And Companionate Love
  • Ellen Berscheid, Elaine Hatfield, and the Emergence of Relationship Science.
  • Ellen Berscheid, Elaine Hatfield, and the Emergence of Relationship Science

Passion is pleasurable, but its associated strong emotion creates the potential for relationship instability. Lovers want stability and often desire friendship.

Ellen Berscheid, Elaine Hatfield, and the Emergence of Relationship Science.

Several recent studies show that romance and friendship are often combined in today's Western cultural milieu. Susan and Clyde Hendrick collected written accounts of love, and found that friendship with the lover was the most frequently desired characteristic.

elaine hatfield and ellen berscheid relationship

Susan Sprecher and Pamela Regan also found that both passion and companionship were related to relationship satisfaction and commitment.

Pat Noller concluded that a mix of passionate and companionate love best supports the continuity of marriage and family. But passion is important; erotic love is one important predictor of relationship satisfaction, regardless of length of the relationship Hendrick and Hendrick Passion alone may not be enough, however; perhaps we must be friends with the one we love in order for love to last. The recent research and theorizing on passionate and friendship love is consistent with the prototype theory of love developed by Fehr.