Gerry bertier and julius campbell relationship goals

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gerry bertier and julius campbell relationship goals

The relationship that develops between Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell is crucial to the movie and is an example of a positive relationship. What did the coaches do that was harmful to their goal? What did Julius Campbell (the leader of the black students, played by Wood Harris) mean when he told Gerry Bertier (the leader of the white students, played by Ryan Hurst) that How did this feedback impact their relationship and the team? Gerry. These things might seem insignificant to your overall goal, but they're not. You're building relationships and creating the foundation of your team culture. on the team, Julius Campbell and Gary Bertier, have an argument after practice. Julius points out to Gary that he doesn't feel connected to the team.

They don't have to worry about race. This scene was fictionalized for the movie, as was Coach Tyrell Brett Rice. Did a plot really exist with the referees to ensure that the Titans would lose a game? In the movie Remember the Titans, we see Coach Yoast Will Patton confront a crooked referee, telling him to call the game fairly or else he'll expose the whole plot to make the Titans lose the game, resulting in the firing of Coach Boone. Coach Yoast also tells the ref that he'll personally see to it that the ref never works again.

Remember the Titans Movie True Story - Gerry Bertier, Bill Yoast, Herman Boone - Real Story

This incident never really happened. Was Coach Yoast's daughter Sheryl really a football fanatic like she was portrayed to be in the film? Sheryl wasn't as deeply intense about football as the film depicts. Sheryl ends up watching game films with Boone instead.

In reality, this never happened. I wish she had spent any time with my children.

gerry bertier and julius campbell relationship goals

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Unlike in the film, the real Sheryl Yoast had three sisters and she lived with her mother. Bill Yoast did convey to producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he wasn't happy about this.

I don't like to look like I only have one daughter,'" says Yoast of his conversation with Bruckheimer. Sheryl's three sisters, however, were okay with the storyline, which was part of the reason it made it into the film ESPN. Inthe real Sheryl Yoast passed away from a heart condition that had gone undetected for years. She was not alive when the movie was made.

Did the racial incident in the restaurant actually happen? As reported on the '71 Titans Web Site, this did not actually happen. Even though the attitude portrayed by the restaurant may have been similar to existing establishments in the United States at that time, this scene was a fictional device created to help emphasize the racial tension in the movie's storyline. Did someone really throw a brick through Coach Herman Boone's window?

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No, it was actually much worse than a brick. It was a toilet commode. I guess Disney, being the family movie production company that it is, felt that to depict a toilet stool coming through your window was a bit much I've never gotten over that incident that particular night, because I could never understand how anybody could feel so bad about another human being as to throw a toilet commode through a window.

gerry bertier and julius campbell relationship goals

The real Herman Boone did not own a gun. Williams Titans ever dance on the field during warm-ups like in the movie? The Titans never did a song and dance routine on the field during warm-ups.

Were the Titans often the underdogs, as the film implies? In fact, by the end of the season including playoffs the T. Williams Titans were and ranked second in the nation. They dominated almost every game that they played, shutting out their opponents in nine of their thirteen games and outscoring them by a margin of The championship game was a blowout as well, unlike what we see in the film.

Below is the Titans schedule showing the scores of each game.

Gerry Bertier #42 Foundation Promo

In real life, Gerry Bertier was paralyzed in a car accident, but it happened after the season ended, after the Titans had already played the championship game.

On December 11,Gerry was coming home from the T. After stopping at a local fast-food restaurant and dropping off some friends, Gerry continued home in his mother's new Camaro.

Only six blocks away from his house, the car went out of control striking both a fire hydrant and a flashing school sign, the latter of which sent the car tearing across the road into a ditch GerryBertier.

It was later determined that the accident had been caused by a mechanical failure in the motor mount of the Camaro's engine '71 Titans Website.

19 Lies in Disney’s “Remember the Titans”

Did Gerry really tell the nurse, "He [Julius] is my brother, don't you see the family resemblance? As stated on the '71 Titans website, many of the players were stopped by the nurses at the desk on the floor of the intensive care unit. They all replied that they were immediate family, not just Julius Campbell.

gerry bertier and julius campbell relationship goals

As a nationally ranked defensive player, Gerry Betier was Alexandria's first high school All-American football player. He had been approached by elite college football powerhouses, such as Notre Dame and Alabama. Many believe that the movie Remember the Titans failed to accurately depict the true significance of his talent. The real Gerry Bertier left and actor Ryan Hurst right in the movie.

How did Gerry Bertier deal with the fact that he was paralyzed? You say, 'Well, I've got an all-star game to play. Did the real Gerry Bertier really die 10 years after the '71 season? The real Gerry Bertier in the decade following the accident. This part of the movie Remember the Titans is true.

On his way home from a business trip on March 20,Gerry Bertier's Oldsmobile was struck by a drunk driver who crossed over the center line.

The only all-American you got on this team. You want any of us to play for you, you reserve half the open positions for Hammond players, half the offense, half the special teams. Although he eventually he embraced it all once he realized that they had the same goal, to WIN. Gerry helped unify the team by building a strong friendship with Julius Campbell.

Remember the Titans

He put himself out on a limb and led by example showing that the team should not just be black and white but one unified team.

Gerry portrays an authentic leadership style. Gerry stood up for what he believed in and for what was best for the group. He acted on his values and beliefs and followed many of the characteristics Northouse describes as a servant leader. Foresight, building a community, committed to the growth of people, awareness, and persuasion are only some of the traits I see from Gerry throughout the film. One example of this is when Gerry challenged Julius because he was playing selfish and only looking out for himself on the field.

When Julius challenged Gerry he collected himself and really thought about what his teammate was saying without just dismissing it because he was different. It was his job to bring the team together and unify them.