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glee kitty and puck relationship

The Artie-Kitty Relationship, more commonly known as Kartie or Wildebrams, is the Kitty along with Tina tells Ryder and Jake that they have to let Artie know. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z List of Minor Relationships is a list of relationships who had minor interactions and storylines on Glee. Kitty Wilde is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. When Kitty and Puck break-up, she develops a crush on her friend Ryder Kitty starts a relationship with Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale), but they keep it in.

During that performance, Tina suspects about what is happening between her and Artie, and that Kitty is also avoiding Artie in public. This suggests Kitty's growing feelings for Artie. Kitty apologizes to Artie and admits that it was incorrect, but later says that their relationship is now public and official.

Love, Love, Love Kitty and Artie are first seen sitting beside each other in the choir room. They are both excited for one another when Sue announce that they are both nominated for prom king and queen.

When the bell cuts Tina off during Revolution they walk out of the choir room together. They are then seen going to the prom together and taking photos as a couple. It was announced that neither of them won Prom King or Queen.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds At the start of the week Kitty and Artie are both present when Will announces their competition for Nationals. Gaga week Kitty identifies herself as a "Gaga" whilst Artie calls himself a "Katy". In the hallway they discuss the week's lesson.

glee kitty and puck relationship

Artie is complaining that Mr. Schue makes his lessons up on the spot. Concerned about their different tastes in music Artie asks Kitty if she's still OK dating someone so different from her. Kitty looks at him reassuringly and bends down to give him a kiss. Becky witnesses their kiss and has a go at Kitty, telling her that she is getting her "sloppy seconds". Confused by what Becky said Artie claims that he didn't sleep with Becky, Kitty looks both confused and shocked.

When Artie anticipates that this week's assignment will be about twerking he says it's physically impossible for him to twerk, however Kitty cheekily says that she begs to differ, making him smile. During the Unique's performance of If I Were A Boy they are holding hands and both are very touched by their friend's troubles.

Later in the choir room they seen looking at Kitty's phone together before Unique asks Mr. Schue for permission to use the porta potty Sue has had installed for Unique.

Finally they both have solos and hold on to each other when New Directions sing their final song for the week, On Our Way.

Both are seen to be having fun together during Blaine and Sam's performance of Movin' Out.

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When Artie talks to Becky, she asks if he wants a threesome with her and Kitty. At the end of the week they are seen together when New Directions confront Sue about her opinions about their potential career in the arts. Episodes Kitty overhears Jake telling Marley that his jacket looks good on her.

She then interrupts their conversation and tells Marley that she is dating Jake.

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They are seen together on the football field at the end of the episode, where Jake is seen serenading Kitty, while Marley is singing Everytime. After the fake rapture that was committed, Jake meets with Marley at the lockers about what happened.

Kitty meets up with them, and Jake calls off their relationship. Kitty blames this on Marley, and hands back Jake's jacket stating, "Obama's gonna lose. She has told people instead of him breaking up with her, that she broke up with him because he has "a gross third nipple. Kitty, then, tells Ryder she's single and walks off. Kitty signs up to audition for the role of Sandy in the school musical, Grease.

glee kitty and puck relationship

Jake auditions with her to make sure she doesn't kill Marley, but Kitty sees this as him trying to stop Marley fornicating with Ryder. They then audition with Everybody Talkswhich Marley watches in sadness. They get a big applause. Later, Kitty interrupts Marley and Jake talking, first by asking if she is coveting her man, then taking jabs at her mother.

When Jake tells Kitty to stop, he threatens to break off their relationship. Kitty warns him that she's like a bad Carrie Underwood song, but even despite that he breaks up with Kitty. Soon after, Kitty blames Marley and then shoves a student in the hallway out of anger. She then walks to the two of them, as she introduces herself, then rubs into Marley's face that she will be also auditioning for Sandy.

Then, she tells Ryder that Marley will become overweight, and then says that Marley is the reason she and Jake broke up. She also says that she sees that Marley is pretending to be the innocent nice girl, but really is a scheming little kiss-ass.

Marley then walks away upset. Kitty auditions for the musical with Jake performing Everybody Talks. Marley watches both of them off stage, appearing jealous of the two. Kitty then shoves herself into Marley, and makes jabs about her weight saying that the stage will make her appear overweight, so she better find something slimming.

The Role You Were Born to Play Kitty insists that Marley's inheriting her mother's weight problems, when her Sandy costume doesn't fit - but Kitty had secretly altered the costume beforehand.

Claiming a desire to win new friends, Kitty invites the girls to a sleepover.

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At the sleepover, Kitty mercilessly trots out donuts, and seeing Marley's panic, she takes her aside and not-so-subtly suggests that Marley should try a binging-and-purging approach. Marley sees this and asks if Kitty is making fun of her. Before the show begins, Marley rushes to Tina saying that her costume doesn't fit.

Kitty who overhears, assures her she can get those inches off her before curtain call by throwing up. Later, when the final performance is due, Kitty informs both Marley and Ryder that Fletcher Mantini, a merciless theater critic, is in the audience.

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This information shakes Marley's confidence. Glease After Kitty has joined New Directions, Finn gives her and Marley the assignment to perform a dynamic duet together, believing that they don't get along. Without consulting Marley on a song choice, Kitty hands her a lyrics sheet in the hallway. She also explained that she was going to dress as Femme Fatale, which meant "kill women" in French.

Marley gets a little uneasy about this before leaving her locker. In another scene, Marley goes to Kitty's locker and says she can't do the duet with her, due to her wearing a spandex costume. Kitty questions her about her puking situation, and Marley says she's been doing it every day that week.

Kitty then proposes that she'll call off the duet if she thought Marley was actually fat in the costume. In the bathroom, Kitty dresses into a one-piece catsuit, admiring her figure. Marley comes out with a costume her mother made for her, and explained that the WF on it meant "wall flower.

She even changes her superhero name from Wall Flower to Woman Fierce, confident that she and Marley will kill their number.

Kitty approaches Marley after Ryder calls off their outing for Friday night, due to seeing the special education specialist. Kitty assumes that Ryder isn't into Marley, and insists on her trying to continue with the two-fingers suggestion. Marley denies it, saying that the old her would stay home on a Friday night and that won't happen any longer. She walks towards Jake, asking him what he was planning on doing for Friday night.