Izaya and shizuo relationship help

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izaya and shizuo relationship help

Izaya sleepwalks due to a traumatic past. Shizuo discovers this. How will Shizuo help Izaya get over the issues of his past? READ to find out:D rated T for now. Izaya and Shizuo'a relationship :) Can't wait for season 2 of Durarara!!!!:D. Jun 16, 5 Reasons Why Shizuo x Izaya Hate Each Other But Still Couldn't Live and that's why we decided to talk about their ambiguous relationship.

On the other side, Shizuo, who is violent and always angry, doesn't do anything to draw people closer to him, and yet he manages to make friends without effort. Izaya is jealous about this. While Shizuo is jealous of Izaya being considered normal, and being able not to lose his mind easily, in the end, they would just like to be the other!

They Can't Seem To Deal Properly With Other People amazon jp As we said up above, they are not too honest to admit that in the end the other party is exactly what they would like to be. If there's a thing they share, then, it's their way of dealing with other people. Or well, their way of not being able to deal properly with other people.

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Shizuo gradually isolated himself after realizing that his strength could hurt the people he loved the most; so he is a solitary guy, wandering the streets of Ikebukuro and resigning himself to loneliness. What he cannot see clearly, though, is that there are a lot of people who like him just the way he is.

Izaya, who puts a lot of effort to draw people closer, instead, acts in the worst way possible. Maybe he thinks that is the right way, but people are scared of him. He is a strategist, and an underground information broker, after all.

5 Reasons Why Shizuo x Izaya Hate Each Other But Still Couldn’t Live Without the Other

So although he says that he likes humanity, his kind of like is very distorted. As we said before, he likes how human nature can change in various situations. What he really likes is to see how people act when stressed, and how they react to a crisis. What we see, then, is a couple of guys who just can't deal properly with other people, and keep on acting in the only ways possible for them.

izaya and shizuo relationship help

Despite Everything, They End Up Facing Each Other amazon jp Despite their hate, their rivalry, their rage, and their differences, they keep ending up facing each other every time there's a chance.

Let's say it clearly; Shizuo and Izaya hate each other, and yet there's no Shizuo without Izaya!

izaya and shizuo relationship help

It's clear as daylight that the only person who is able to make Shizuo go mad with his only presence is Izaya. At the same time, the person Izaya loves teasing the most is Shizuo.


They hate each other, but they come to each other's throat whenever there's even a little chance to do so. What can we call their relationship? It's not friendship, and it's obviously not even bromance.

izaya and shizuo relationship help

It's something very near to obsession. In fact, despite his hatred towards Izaya, Shizuo tends to think about him more than necessary. The same goes for Izaya, who is always prone to find new ways to make Shizuo lose his marbles. What's more, even when it's one of the rare moments when Izaya is simply breathing, his sight for Shizuo is just too much to take, and so he just starts fighting with him. Daddy Daycare by Karrissarella reviews Izaya leaves to go on a business trip for the weekend, leaving Shizuo alone with their three boys — Tsugaru, Psyche, and Hibiya.

Catnip by Nahii reviews Something very irresistibly attractive and tempting is within his reach. In the city of the unexplainable,where a pair of illfated enemies reside;each with hate etched deeply into their hearts. What if their hate ment so much more? If the person you detest most was actually suffering for you? Fissure, game and revelations by Eorendel reviews Izaya always watched his steps.

What if that changed? Everything that it never was, now it is. Another day, another sunrise.


Love has many meanings. Love has many ways. There is not such a thing like emptiness in a bond. For Shizuo, it's dealing with the fact that the one he thought he hated is the one most important to him. For Izaya, it meant building a new life out of the ashes.

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izaya and shizuo relationship help

Crackfill for the meme. They love you for who you are, not how you look or what you've done in the past. They don't try and change you, yet support you if you ever wish to change yourself. When you're in love you seem to be so much happier, especially when you are with your beloved. It could be that you are having a day out at a park or a beach, maybe even a theatre or an amusement park.

Maybe you are having a quiet day in after a few long and hard days of working. Regardless of where you are or what you're doing, being with your partner is a joyous and pleasant time. You may not be doing anything more than chatting while sitting next to them, or you might be tangled together in bed during more amorous activities. I've seen my fair share of couples milling around both Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.

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Many of them happy and infatuated with their respective partners, some were content, the initial flames of their romances having simmered down somewhat. There was also a small minority, a few couples who no longer loved each other, but there was no hate either. They were friends, remaining together for either financial benefits or other conveniences. I was not surprised to see one couple rowing over debts, infidelity or other familial ills.

izaya and shizuo relationship help