Jong kook and ji hyo relationship quiz

[Opinion] What’s the Deal With the SpartAce Mania?

jong kook and ji hyo relationship quiz

Having been the only female cast member among six men (until recently), Song Ji Hyo has shown us that she can keep up with, and many times even do better. In the upcoming episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo addresses her rumored romance with fellow cast member Kim Jong Kook! stars are in a relationship, with fans dubbing them “The Ace Couple” and, more recently, “The Nevis Swing Couple. Quiz · Video · Celeb · Style · TV/Film · Music · Features. It was a picture of him with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook which left the fans with a heartwarming That 90% compatible for marriage thing?.

However, this was more for the entertainment value and expectation of the extraordinary rather than sly glances or possible veiled flirting. More so than the rumors, the huge amount of supporters, fan accounts, and videos was even more unexpected, yet fascinating.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship quiz

Sure, I had seen some badly photoshopped images and seen some social media tags, but that happens across all forms of media and entertainment. However, these pairs and groups are almost entirely exclusive to the show. On the other hand, SpartAce has expanded beyond it. The fact that their speculated romance even affected her interaction with the cast and influenced the editors of these programs is significant. Further, it also indicated the pervasiveness of SpartAce romance into pop-culture.

It seems that everyone has at least heard of their rumor and some actively capitalize and engage with it, as was demonstrated in these episodes. SpartAce has captivated so many people, but why? The initial reports claimed the two had been going out for more than a yearprobably speculation based on a rumored romantic encounter in early However, their respective agency quickly confirmed the relationship and specified that the two actors had only made it official a few months prior.

As a result of the denial, the rumor was permanently put to rest.

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These two accounts are representative of the two polarities of celebrity romance in South Korea. I'm not really sure when he deleted the picture because it is not everyday that I got to visit his account.

Moreso, I am clueless and still in search for the reason why he remove the picture from his feed. What I am sure of right now is that Kang Gary is living his life as a rapper and not as a part of Running Man anymore but its just that his still and forever will be connected to the show. Is it something I should think about or am I making things big? But seriously, as a fan of Running Man, and with the issues it faced midyou cannot blame me for acting and thinking about things this way.

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What are your thoughts guys? I am clueless but I really wanna know the reason behind that deleted photo.

jong kook and ji hyo relationship quiz

As I said a while back, the recent episode of Running Man reveals the hidden compatibility of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo through the predictions made by the fortune teller. This episode made a big talk especially to both Monday Couple and SpartAce shippers. MC shippers, although Gary made his exit from the show, does not fully agree with the prediction because Ji Hyo is only for Gary.

But for SpartAce shippers, it's like an answered prayer because 'someone [the fortune teller] finally speaks for their hidden chemistry'. If I were to be asked, they fit as a couple its just that I was stuck with the idea of 'Monday Couple'. The said episode would not be possible if both Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, in lieu with the surprising news of their departure from the show, did not consider coming back for the fans, friendship with the rest of RM members and the show's sake.

Both agree to continue filming until Running Man's final episode this February but they decided not to accept money from the show anymore. The issue surprised not only the fans but both SJH and KJK as well; until now, all we hear are apologies from the PDs but the reason with their supposed departure is not fully revealed.

Producers said that there would be a re-cast that's why the two are being put on the line but 'why would such 2 hardworking people who gave it their all be the one to be removed?

With the issues being stated, I was left with thoughts. And pls consider my analysis. As producers say, the supposed 're-casting' is about saving the show but is SJH and KJK's performance not enough for the show to catch up with the ratings?

The fortune teller is actually feeding us with bits of information. Hey, KJK should really consider getting married. He looks young but he's not getting any younger now.