Jude and connor develop their relationship

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jude and connor develop their relationship

jonnor stans: “i think noah is a bad influence on jude” me: my heart but I really like this pairing much more and I hope to see it develop more in the future. Jude venting to Noah about the struggles of he and Connor's relationship would be. Jude is still adorable though, and we loved watching his relationship with Noah develop. Scroll down for a full recap of Jude's journey, and don't forget that. Hayden Byerly talks to Zap2it about Connor and Jude's relationship that as it's developing,” Byerly explains to Zap2it ahead of the premiere.

Jude grew up a lot in season 4and we got to see a different side to his character. He became a lot more independent, adventurous, and just a little bit rebellious. Jude is still adorable though, and we loved watching his relationship with Noah develop.

Scroll down for a full recap of Jude's journey, and don't forget that season 5 premieres on July During the school lockdown at the beginning of season 4, Jude and Taylor started talking about religion. Taylor told him that praying helped her when she was scared. And later, Taylor took Jude to a church youth group, where he met Noah for the first time. Jude quickly figured out that Taylor was trying to set him up with Noah. At first Jude was hesitant about getting involved with someone new.

It was clear that he still missed Connor a lot. But the two boys got on really well, so eventually Jude asked Noah out. It was a super cute moment. We loved Connor, but it was nice to see Jude move on and be happy with someone else. After they started dating, Jude realized that Noah used medical marijuana. Noah's mom gave it to him to help with anxiety. At first, Jude said he wasn't ready for pot. But then they started getting high together. And Jude even started buying pot at school.

Not a smart move when your mom is the vice principal. Callie found out about the pot, and told Noah's mom to stop letting her son give it to Jude. Jude was furious and said he would never tell his sister anything again. We hated seeing these two fall out, they've always been there for each other. Then the moms caught Noah and Jude smoking, and banned them from seeing each other. Connor returns, but is hesitant to help out. As the boys begin to slam Jude against the lockers, Connor begins to slowly step forward when a teacher intervenes and stops the fight.

Jude and Connor share a look before Jude quickly leaves. At the end of the episode, Jude eats by himself at lunch before Connor joins him. Connor then proudly shows Jude his blue painted nails to him. He and Jude smile at each other before eating in a comfortable silence. In The FalloutJude and Connor are at school when the class is given a project and required to choose a partner.

He asks Jude if he wants to be partners, which he accepts. He then asks if he can come over for their school project, explaining that his mother doesn't like having kids over since it gives her headaches. Jude agrees, saying he'll ask his mothers, and Connor tells him to let him know.

As he walks off, Jude smiles. Connor inviting Jude to be his science partner. After he gets to his, Connor and Jude run upstairs to go do their assignment.

While upstairs, Connor begins to get a small glimpse into Jude's life in the foster system. Jude tells him that most of the items in the room were Jesus' and shows him a bag's worth of items he has. Jude tells him that, as a result of moving around so much, he has very little personal belongings since they often get either lost or stolen. Connor, sympathetic, tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has, but Jude simply shrugs.

Connor then points out how he never says anything negative about anyone, even the people who bully him. Jude tells him how he doesn't see a point in it, which Connor takes in. Jude telling Connor about his dad. He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dads' initials carved on it. He tells him it doesn't work anymore, but he loved the fact that his dad carried it around with him and its basically the only thing he has left of him. Connor asks where his dad is currently.

Jude tells him he's in jail Connor seems skeptical of this, but as Jude goes on the lie gets worse as he tells them he has nice cars, a pool, its on the beach, and that he's gonna come get him and Callie and that his stuff is there. Connor asks him why he's lying.

Jude denies this, but Connor tells him that he doesn't need to lie to seem cool, making Jude embarrassed. Connor quickly changes the subject and pulls out his PSP, asking Jude if he would like to play the game.

As Jude becomes excited while playing it, having never seen something that cool before, Connor seems to be happy and smiles. Connor giving Jude his PSP. After working all day, Connor's mom comes to pick him up and Jude tells Stef and Lena he's leaving.

Stef volunteers to walk Connor out, but Jude says he'll do it.

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Jude tells him that he can't keep something so expensive, but Connor tells him that he wants him to keep it and leaves the house. His gift leaves Jude smiling at his growing friendship with Connor. As he leaves, Jude smiles as he realizes he has made his first real friend.

In Vigilit is mentioned that Jude is at Connor's house for a sleepover. He later leaves Connor and his parents a note that he went home upon hearing about Stef's shooting, wanting to be with his family, and to avoid bothering them.

In Things UnsaidConnor excitedly talks to Jude during lunch about an upcoming action movie and asks if he wants to see it with him. Jude is hesitant and says he'll get back with him about it. Jude and Connor attempting to decipher Callie's message. In Us Against The Worldthe two are having lunch when a girl comes up and delivers cupcakes with frosted on words on them. When asking what that was about, Jude tells Connor that his birthday was the next day.

Connor asks how the "cupcake delivery girl knows before [him]" and Jude remarks he doubts that is the girl's actual job. Jude tells him how he was an at-home birth and when his birth certificate was filled out, his birthday was put down incorrectly. It remained a family secret between him and his sister, Callie. He then tells him she is clearly trying to send him a message through goodies.

Connor takes a picture of the delivered treats before they eat them. At the Foster's home, Connor and Jude track down the remaining clues and try to decode Callie's message. Connor asking Jude if he likes Maddie. In Adoption DayJude finds himself questioning his sexuality - and feelings - when Maddie calls him at home, during which he is playing a game with Connor, to ask if he can go to the movies with her.

jude and connor develop their relationship

When Connor asks him what the call was about, he tells him that their classmate Maddie asked him out. After Connor asks if he likes asks her "like that" and Jude verifies that he doesn't, he asks him if it was okay with him then if he asked her out himself then. Jude remains silent for a moment before awkwardly saying yes. Connor mad at Jude for seemingly lying about not liking Maddie.

Despite giving Connor his okay for him to pursue Maddie, when she asks him if he can attend a date with her the next day while in class, he says yes - all of which is being watched by Connor.

Connor then confronts him over originally telling him that he didn't like her, to which Jude claims he changed his mind. Connor then accuses him of only liking Maddie because he told him that he did. Jude tries insisting that wasn't the case before just saying it doesn't matter because she doesn't like Connor anyways. Connor then says that he won't go to his adoption since it's only for good friends and they clearly aren't that.

Connor and Jude making up during his adoption.

Connor Stevens

At home, Jude asks Lena when she knew she was gay. Caught completely off guard, she asks what brought it up. Jude explains the situation with Maddie and how he's jealous not over Maddie, but the fact that Connor himself wants to go out with her in general. Lena explains how everyone gets jealous over their best friend wanting to go out with someone and it doesn't mean he is gay, although it doesn't mean he isn't either, but whatever he turns out to be will be perfectly okay.

At the adoption, Connor shows up after all and Jude says how he wasn't sure he would after everything. Jude begins to apologize and say if he likes Maddie then he should take a fair chance with her, but Connor blows it off. He says how maybe all three of them can go see a movie sometime, but Jude appears uncomfortable with the idea. Jude giving Connor a sympathetic pat after being criticized by his dad. While there, Jude witnesses Connor being repeatedly criticized by his dad.

Afterwards, Jude tries telling him that he thought he did way better then he did. When seeing his compliment didn't help, Jude gives him a sympathetic pat on the back while Mr. Stevens watches in speculation. Jude asking Connor if he wouldn't want to be his friend if he was gay. At school sometime later, Jude goes up to Connor to excitedly tell him how Lena bought him a new video game and invites him to come over to his house to play it with him. Connor tells him how he can no longer go to his house.

Shocked, Jude asks why. Connor says how his father doesn't want him going over to his house because he thinks he's gay. He says that while he know that he isn't, he has to do what his father says. Hurt, Jude asks that if he did turn out to be gay if he would want to hang out anymore, which Connor doesn't immediately answer to. This leaves Jude deeply disappointed and hurt. Jude and Connor almost kiss during a game of Spin the Bottle. In PlayConnor says he would be fine with it if Jude is gay and when Jude asks what they can do about his father, Connor says they can secretly be friends.

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However, Jude refuses to be somebody's secret and ends things with him on the spot before walking away from him. Later, Connor sneaks out of his house to see Jude and lies about standing up to his dad to spare his feelings. He and Jude participate in a game of spin the bottle with their classmates Maddie and Chelsea. When it is Connor's turn to spin, it lands on Jude for him to kiss.

After some initial hesitation, Connor agrees to do it despite Jude insisting they should just end the game. However, before they can actually kiss, Callie walks in with the news that Connor's father is there, revealing Conor's lie about standing up to him. Connor watching a silent Jude while in class. In Say SomethingConnor hesitantly approaches Jude at his locker, apologizing for lying to him.

He adds on how he just didn't want to hurt his feelings and that it wouldn't matter regardless if he did stand up to his dad because he doesn't have a say in anything. Jude doesn't answer him, having gone mute recently, and just walks away from a disappointed Connor.

jude and connor develop their relationship

In class, Connor watches Jude as he continues to stay silent even when a teacher calls on him to answer a question. Connor confessing to Lena about his guilt for Jude's muteness and wishing he'd talk to him again. In Truth Be ToldConnor goes to see Lena and asks what else he can do to help him besides making sure kids don't make fun of him. He then expresses his belief that he is to blame for Jude going mute, explaining his situation with his homophobic father and his growing pressure to end his friendship with Jude.

He begins to cry as he says he just wants Jude to talk to him again. Lena assures him that he is not his father and that Jude will talk to him again soon enough. She then re-assures him that Jude's muteness is not his fault, making him feel assured.

In Girls Reunitedthe two's friendship is resumed. They share a tent together during a school camping trip despite Jude's warning that his dad won't be happy upon learning about it. All of this is off screen, but later implied in the season. Jude confronting Connor about not explaining how he got his black eye. In Someone's Little SisterJude reports about Connor having an unexplained black eye to Lena when he refuses to talk about how he got it.