Karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

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karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

tldr; MGR guided Jaya to be his, during life & his successor in after life. as the face of DMK right from The key-fact is MGR was a loner at the top & Jayalalitha was lighting his life. Related Questions (More Answers Below). When Jayalalitha visited the hospital to call on MGR, she was denied And though he refrained from comment despite repeated questions about Their relationship goes back to MGR's film career, for Veerappan was the. In return, Karunanidhi ensured that MGR was made the party The relationship between the two leaders was unfathomable after a point.

Even his closest associates were caught off guard, but Chief Minister Kalaignar had been listening to the rebellious speech on a police wireless in Madurai.

The next months and years would see much bad blood between the two leaders. His charges would lead to the Sarkaria probe. MGR himself repaid in kind when the tables were turned. His administration lost no opportunity to foist charges, litigation, raids, arrests and confinement on Kalaignar Karunanidhi and his associates. He appeared more vengeful in his third and last term, when he abolished the Legislative Council. It was a preemptive strike, for Kalaignar was to take over as the Leader of the Opposition in the upper house.

In the Opposition now, Kalaignar Karunanidhi would at every turn embarrass and expose the MGR administration as inept, kowtowing to the Centre and famously corrupt.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

MGR himself would set up two commissions to probe these charges of corruption, and the Centre would oblige Kalaignar Karunanidhi — an ally then — by naming the Ray Commission. Nevertheless, despite all this recrimination and enmity, the two leaders showed much respect, decorum and bonhomie in the Legislative Assembly.

Samy, in which he starred as the hero and I was the scriptwriter. The memories of us staying in Coimbatore in the same house, exchanging views on politics and society, working together in the film world—our friendship maturing to the point of us serving in the same movement—cannot be forgotten and will forever remain green. Our comradeship in the film world would grow strong through our association in several films such as Abhimanyu, Marudhanaatu Ilavarasi, Mandhirikumari, Naam, Malaikallan, Kanchi Thalaivan, Engal Thangam, Pudhumaipithan and Arasilangkumari.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

With that same sense of friendship, we were inseparable and as one in politics, up to We remained extremely friendly even in the aftermath of the changed political circumstances and through our differences.

He created a new era in the film arena. Few had made the film world theirs as he did and conquered it the way he did. He has the honour of making his party, the ADMK he founded inrise to power in a short span of time. There is none who would not praise his resolute will to serve tirelessly—even through his two-three years of illness—during the ten years he served as Chief Minister.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

The Governor has appealed for prayers for you and your health! Those belonging to different beliefs are offering prayers for you to get well and regain your former health! Your party men — who look up to your leadership, frontline leaders — are going to various temples offering prayers to see you back like before! Therefore I am someone who considers that begging with open arms before the gods for a boon is fruitless.

That is my ideal! Just because that is my faith, I would not fault the prayers that others are carrying out for you. If the faith in their prayers were to bear fruit — if you were to get well and walk like before — the happiness that I would experience will not be any less to the ones offering prayers Even now I have not engaged in such divine prayer.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

Periyar and Anna have raised me so. But my sweet friend! Let those prayers that are carried out for you bear fruit! My affectionate old time friend! Come back with your smiling face to see us!

We have no permission to see you! It does not matter; it is enough if you get well and come to see us! In that sense if needed I too will pray; amidst the differences to carry out warm conversations wish you a speedy recovery!

Like the fog that disperses with the rays of the sun, let your illness disperse! Ramachandran extended unconditional support to the Janata party Government. He continued his support to the Charan Singh Government in After the fall of the Charan Singh government, fresh parliamentary elections were conducted in Congress-DMK victory in the parliamentary election emboldened their alliance and made them think that people lost their faith in M. The ADMK ministry and the assembly were dismissed by the central government and fresh elections conducted in Ramachandran was sworn in as Chief Minister for the second time.

He became the first leader since K. Kamaraj to win a re-election as Chief Minister. During the same time, M. Ramachandran was diagnosed with kidney failure and admitted into a hospital in New York City.

Karunanidhi and MGR: A checkered friendship, and a lesson in civility and empathy

Rajiv Gandhi assumed office immediately and this required a fresh mandate from the people. Ramachandran was confined to the hospital. The video was distributed and played across all over Tamil Nadu. Rajiv Gandhi visited cyclone-hit areas in Tamil Nadu, which also boosted the alliance. The sympathy wave created by Indira's assassination, MGR's illness and Rajiv Gandhi's charisma helped the alliance sweep the election.

R was admitted to a hospital in the U. The electoral victory proved the undying charisma of MGR upon the masses. This scheme was at a cost of Rs. A little more thanchildren of the state were benefited. He also introduced Women's Special buses. He introduced a liquor ban in the state and preservation of old temples and historical monuments, ultimately increasing the state's tourist income. He led the ADMK to victory in the assembly elections, despite not taking part in the campaigning.

At that time he was undergoing medical treatment in America and his images were broadcast in Tamil Nadu through cinema halls. He won his seat in a double landslide victory in He still holds the record of being the chief minister with the highest consistent longevity of more than a decade. Economic data under his rule showed that annual growth and per capita income was lower than the national average and the state went from being second among 25 industrialised states in development after Kamaraj's rule to tenth.

This decline, according to critics has been due to shift of government resources from power and irrigation to social and agriculture sector according to Madras Institute of Development Studies reported in In addition, the emphasis on "welfare schemes" such as free electricity to farmers, mid-day meal schemes, etc. In addition, the liquor tax imposed during his rule was considered to contribute to a regressive tax mostly affecting the poor.

Some examples stated by the critics include Goondas act in and other acts that limited political criticism in the media, which led to a "police state" during his administration.

Karunanidhi and MGR: Best of friends, worthy rivals - The Hindu

While these criticisms have been in the minority, supporters of MGR counter that most of these problems were a result of the party members serving MGR rather than the leader himself. While he is not considered a divisive figure in the state, critics and supporters alike agree that his charisma and popularity trumped policy decisions that led to his eventual success during his tenure as chief minister.

Ramachandra covertly supported the cause of independent Tamil Eelam and financed the LTTE and their cadres were being given military training in Tamil Nadu. He also alleges that M.

karunanidhi and mgr relationship questions

Balasubramanian was sentenced to 3 months in jail by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly for publishing a cartoon, depicting government ministers as bandits and lawmakers as pickpockets, though specific legislature was not specified. But due to media outcry, he was released and S. Balasubramanian later won a case against his arrest.

Earlier, Vaniga Otrumai editor A. Paulraj was sentenced to 2 weeks imprisonment by the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly for his writing. The timing of the award was controversial, due to the fact that it was given so quickly after his death and he was elected as Chief Minister only 11 years before the award. Many opponents, mostly outside Tamil Nadu, criticised then ruling party INCunder Rajiv Gandhi to have influenced the selection committee to give the award to help win the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

The ruling party forming a coalition with Jayalalithaathe successor to MGR at that time, were able to sweep Tamil Naduwinning 38 out of 39 seatsINC were however unable to win nationally.