Kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

Bajirao Mastani Review: Ultimately, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Magnum Opus Is Worth The Wait

kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

But due to their past relationship history their casting did not work out Since she played the role of Kashibai, the wife of Peshwa Bajirao, her. The movie Bajirao Mastani inspired several jokes and the social media was Mastani was played by Deppika Padukone whereas Kashibai by. Bajirao Mastani is the most powerful love story Hindi cinema has back to Pune, right into the arms of his first wife Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra). Bajirao's exploits and some of his relationships — with comrade and kin — are glossed over. . We Can Probably Guess What State You Live in with This Quiz.

Particularly since the facts are scarce, Bhansali is free to take Bajirao and Mastani's history and fit it into the mould of his brand of romance. And so, like in practically every Bhansali film, the hero is a quirky but dashing gent.

kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

The heroine is feisty but elegant, wearing fulsome skirts and heavy jewellery. Their romance is doomed to have an unhappy ending, naturally.

But before that final tear-wrenching conclusion, there must be elaborate song sequences, which are more important than character development, and slow motion moments that let the audience appreciate just how much was lavished on production design and costume.

To be fair to Bhansali, despite this formula, the subjects he's chosen have covered a wider, bolder and more ambitious range than most commercial filmmakers dare.

kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

Unfortunately, despite having been in the works for so long, Bajirao Mastani stands out more as a replica than an original. Before interval, it's strikingly reminiscent of Mughal-e-Azam. There is a dance in a sheesh mahala prince meeting a courtesan-esque woman, a woman who outwits an emperor with her quick wit; and instead of a feather, there's some bathroom activity involving paste and a shirtless Bajirao to get the pulses of all genders go pitter patter.

Post-interval, Bajirao becomes noticeably like Ram of Goliyon ki Raasleela - Ram-leela and the love story becomes a variation of Romeo and Juliet, instead of exploring its own narrative. Bhansali's tweaks history in many ways. He imposes the modern notion of monogamy Bajirao and Kashi, which wouldn't have played much of a part back in the 18th century when more than one wife was standard practice.

Characters like Kashi's younger son disappear without explanation while the elder son pops up conveniently, just in time to be a shadowy villain who has no part to play beyond flaring his nostrils. At one point, Bajirao gives up the his title of Peshwa to be with Mastani. You'd think that would be a big deal, but not in Bhansali's vision, which is far more concerned with creating suitably pretty CGI clouds and moonlit sky as the backdrop for Padukone and Chopra's dance.

Tragically, the biggest casualty of this campaign to force history into the mould of a Bhansali romance is the actual love story. Largely because of the writing, Bajirao and Mastani's relationship doesn't feel particularly compelling and it's Kashibai whose pain as the wronged wife becomes the heart of the film, thanks to Chopra's stellar performance.

She delivers her dialogues with beautiful precision and fills her silent scenes with powerful emotion.

5 facts about Bajirao Mastani you didn’t know

You find yourself rooting for Kashibai, almost forgetting that Bajirao and Mastani are the team you're supposed to be cheering for and that the film is not titled "Kashibai". In contrast, Padukone struggles to bring Mastani to life. Bhansali's Mastani is a list of attributes, but without an emotional connection. We're shown Mastani's beauty, her swordsmanship and her musical talents, but somehow, they don't all come together to give us a sense of a real person.

She feels artificial and her relationship with Bajirao isn't really explored.

kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

We see Kashi and Bajirao's relationship build and break down, but in contrast, the love affair with Mastani is made of only bombastic dialogues and regular hugs. Singh looks fantastic as Bajirao and it's difficult to imagine another man who would be able to carry off that thoroughly unflattering hairstyle as well Singh does.

However, while Singh is charismatic as the Peshwa and warrior, when Bajirao Mastani turns its attention away from battlefields, Singh is less majestic.

It probably doesn't help that Bhansali keeps making Bajirao walk into pools as though Bajirao was hoping he'd have a Jesus Christ moment and be able to walk on water. Either that or Bhansali figured that rather than risk raising the censor board's censure, he'd show Bajirao and his lady loves literally get wet instead of showing their attraction towards one another.

Bajirao Mastani and our problem with polyamory

In addition to his three stars, Bhansali has some talented actors in the supporting cast, like Tanvi Azmi as Bajirao's mother and Vaibbhav Tatwawdi, who plays Bajirao's brother Chimaji. Everyone overacts, but evenly, which gives the film the consistently flamboyant tone that has become Bhansali's trademark. With history as its starting point and a director like Bhansali who has enough of a standing to make a lavish and unconventional film, Bajirao Mastani could have been brilliant.

The boy was eventually named Shamsher Bahadur and brought up as a Muslim. Inhe and his army contingent fought alongside the Peshwa in the Third Battle of Panipat between the Marathas and Afghans.

He was wounded in that battle and died a few days later at Deeg.

kashibai and mastani relationship quizzes

Her cause of death is still unknown. It is said that Mastani committed suicide by consuming poison after Bajirao's death while some says that she died from shock after she came to know that Bajirao's had died or was assassinated by Bajirao's family.

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A tale suggests that Mastani committed sati on Bajirao's funeral pyre. Mastani was buried in the village of Pabal. Given her association with both Hinduism and Islam, her grave is called both Mastani's samadhi and Mastani's mazar. Ethnic Indian wall decal featuring Mastani by Kakshyaachitra, Mumbai Literature - Rauthe Marathi novel by Nagnath S.

Inamdar featuring a fictionalized love story between Baji Rao I and Mastani.

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