Kaylie cruz and austin tucker relationship quizzes

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kaylie cruz and austin tucker relationship quizzes

Lauren Tanner, Emily Kmetko, Payson Keeler, and Kaylie Cruz in the ABC Family's Gymnastics drama. I kinda miss being in gymnastics. Ava Rose Sanchez . from egauteng.info · Josie Loren Make it or Break it Gymnastics Gym, The Gym, Movies And Tv austin&kaylie Zane Holtz, My Favorite Things, Favorite Tv Shows, Movie Couples . Josie & her Austin Tucker poster Celebs, Poster, Tv, How To Make, "Take this quiz to find out if you'd be on bars, beam, floor or vault.". LoG(M): making connection and community natural at Michigan. Henry Tucker, University of California, San Diego [email protected] Rebecca Hartzler, The Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas at Austin Sean Gasiorek*, University of California Santa Cruz Kaylee R Grabarkewitz, Simpson College.

After Kaylie's victory at Nationals, she and male silver medalist Nicky Russo were placed together for advertising purposes.

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At first they did not get along because Nicky thought she was a spoiled princess who came out of nowhere to get the gold medal and tells her that she not even a serious gymnast.

However, the two put aside their differences and perform a duet floor routine together per Sasha's request in the Rock Open House Exhibition. They also start to have feelings for each other, but decide not to pursue them out of respect for Payson.

kaylie cruz and austin tucker relationship quizzes

Kaylie decides to swear the boys and concentrate solely on gymnastics, but in season 2 she meets Austin Tucker, a gymnast who won a gold medal at the Olympics. Austin worries about Kaylie and remarks She does not eat. Austin's little sister went through an eating disorder, so he tries to help Kaylie. When Kaylie collapses during Worlds, Austin catches her when she falls from the beam and is seen holding her hand in the hospital. Austin also hit Damon, Emily's boyfriend.

She falls in love with Austin Tucker and tries to help Austin with his floor routine to survive the last cuts to enter the world team heading for the Olympics. She recommends substituting an easier trick in to help with his injured shoulder.

Kaylie Cruz

To show her support, she gives him a page of her journal which talks about the day she told him she loved him. Austin meets with Kaylie he next day believing he made the final cuts by claiming that they did not even want to see his rings routine.

kaylie cruz and austin tucker relationship quizzes

Austin discovers that he does not make the team and blames Kaylie for distracting him and tell her she stopped his dream of going to the Olympics for another gold medal. During Olympic Trials, Kaylie is told she cannot compete due to failing her drug test. He opens up to Kaylie about his sister having anorexia.

But she also died because she pushed it to far. Austin supports Kaylie all the way. He can tell if something is wrong with one sign. Along the way Kaylie slowly opens up to him.

Austin Tucker

Kaylie is mad at him for punching Emily's boyfriend in the stomach. He is really confused and doesn't understand why Kaylie is mad. After explaining to him, He said " I was trying to protect you" But Kaylie hated the fact that nobody will let her do things on her own. At the end of season 2 Austin is seen in a pool with many girls. The reporter asks if he has a girlfriend. Which he responds by saying, "If I had a girlfriend could I do this?

Kaylie sees this and gets upset, Austin then follows her and tells her that he had to do that because being a "player" is part of his image. Later in the episode, when the girls win worlds, Kaylie and Austin are together and another reporter asks if he has a girlfriend. Cruz that he will take care of his girl while she is in training camp with him. They soon become " The Golden Couple". The Golden Couple starts to try out for things at camp.

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Everything Austin does they ask for Kaylie. Austin doesn't make the team. He says it's Kaylie's fault.