Keith and rochelle relationship trust

Crack In Rochelle – Keith Relationship In Bigg Boss 9 | Harishzone

keith and rochelle relationship trust

Keith Sequeira, who is busy shooting for the grand finale of Bigg Boss 9 in Lonavla today, squeezed out some time to have a quick telephonic. The inmates were asked to perform a task -- trust -- where Rochelle had to turn her back towards Keith and let her body free fall on him. While Prince is falling for Nora, Keith and Rochelle are going through a rough patch in their relationship. Will the love come back?.

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  • Bigg Boss 9: Is Rochelle-Keith's relationship in trouble?
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Какая редкость! - саркастически парировала Сьюзан. - Он участвовал в разработке ТРАНСТЕКСТА.

keith and rochelle relationship trust

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