Kite runner ali and hassan relationship goals

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kite runner ali and hassan relationship goals

portrayal of relationships through THE KITE RUNNER through “The Kite Runner” Relationships are the essential parts of our life as we move ahead towards our goals, and thus it is Ali is the acting father to Hassan and a servant of Baba's. Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner is a touching tale of an Afghani boy's upbringing. section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. tensions between Baba and Amir, the relationship between Ali and Hassan. Ali and Hassan have a good, healthy relationship. Despite the fact that Ali never reveals Hassan's true parentage to him, the father and son make for a very.

He expects his son to be the same, but he is clearly not. Amir prefers writing poetry and reading literature to spending time on the soccer field — or even watching sports on TV. But Amir, always wanting to satisfy his father, continues his efforts to make Baba proud. After Amir and Hassan emerge victorious from the annual kite-fighting contest, Baba is understandably very proud of Amir: We won… hen I saw Baba on our roof. He was standing on the edge, pumping both of his fists.

Soon after this, Baba throws Amir an enormous birthday party.

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Amir recognizes, however, that his father unnecessary splurging on the party is only because of the victory in the kite fighting competition. Baba earlier told Amir that there is only one sin: He says that all other sins are just different forms of stealing. Now, however, Amir is being robbed of a genuine relationship with his father, and it is Baba himself who is the thief. Amir, despite his high opinion of Baba, acknowledges that Baba cannot be perfect.

kite runner ali and hassan relationship goals

After moving to the US, Baba begins to get old and weak, while Amir grows older, gets married, and starts a writing career. Baba is the one who is quiet in his hospital room, and people are coming to visit him in the hospital as he repeatedly thanks them — just as Amir was thanking guests at his birthday party This, Amir thinks, is the ultimate form of theft: Baba kept the truth from Amir for his entire life, while at the same time telling Amir not to be a thief.

It was unforgivable hypocrisy.

kite runner ali and hassan relationship goals

My only child, and he has been a good son to me. I hope he proves… worthy of your kindness. I ask that you honour Amir jan and me…and accept my son into your family. Amir jan, I enjoyed you story very much. Mashallah, God has granted you a special talent. It is now your duty to hone that talent, because a person who wastes his God-given talents is a donkey.

The Relationship Between Father and Son in "The Kite Runner"

You have written your story with sound grammar and interesting style. But the most impressive thing about your story is that it has irony. You may not even know what that word means.

But you will someday. It is something that some writers reach for their entire careers and never attain. You have achieved it with your first story. My door is, and always will be open to you, Amir jan. I shall hear any story you have to tell. Helps build the relationship between Amir and Sohrab. Shows him how to overcome his guilt and become a good person.

It was a protective gesture and I knew whom Ali was protecting him from.

kite runner ali and hassan relationship goals

Ali glanced my way and in his cold, unforgiving look, I saw that Hassan had told him. He has the forgiving nature.