Kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship tips

5 reasons why Ciel x Sebastian have the best master-servant relationship

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship tips

Demons can't feel love and it's pretty clear Sebastian's playing mind games with Ciel to try and push him even further into the darkness. Plus, pedophilia, not. I don't really get Sebastian and Ciel's relationship. Someone help? each other. Because in the anime they don't question and answer in the Kuroshitsuji club. Once you finish the second season you can tell how mean Ciel can be to Sebastian, but I won't explain just 'cause I don't want to spoil.

Even though he was willing to kill people in order to carry out his orders, he seemed to be genuinely unhappy about having to do so. It is stated that his problem was his abnormal growth. Like the other first-string members, he was picked up by Baron Kelvin and came to live in his manor.

When they decided to start a circus, he became the fire eater. He was later killed by Finnian when he and the other first-string members of the circus except for Doll and Snake invaded the Phantomhive manor to kidnap Ciel unaware that he wasn't there at the time.

Doll was friendly and welcoming, making conversation with Ciel after they were named tent mates. She was a bit naive, though, easily believing Ciel's lies, something that the other circus performers have reprimanded her for.

She was exceedingly loyal to the other first-string members and viewed all of them as family. It is said that the reason for the loss of her left eye is because her parents raised her too harshly and deformed her. One day, Baron Kelvin found them in the alley and allowed them to come live at his estate.

Sometime thereafter, they decided to create a circus and Joker gave them all stage names, including Doll, who initially tried to refuse the name.

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She was later killed by Sebastian under Ciel's orders. In order to confirm that Azzurro was the drug dealer Ciel was searching for, he invited the former to his manor for a game of pool along with several others. During the engagement, Ciel stated that he had obtained drugs that Chlaus has procured for him in Italy, prompting Azzurro to kidnap Ciel later that day. Sebastian was able to discover Azzurro's mansion and effortlessly made his way to rescue Ciel through Azzurro's guards.

After Azzurro frantically attempted to persuade Sebastian to come work for him, he was then killed by the latter. However, he is involved with many secret and occult societies and illegal business, such as human trafficking. Although he does not engage in any medical profession, he has a doctor's license. Since Edgar Redmond is his nephew, it is implied that Aleister has at least one sibling. He often appears as comic relief.

Elizabeth and Paula have a close relationship, as Paula gives her advice and cares for her. After a snow festival in the anime, Paula became obsessed with jingling bells throughout the rest of the series.

Although she does not care for Ciel's male servants, she is extremely fond of Mey-Rin much to her dismay. Despite her dramatic and noisy personality, she is skilled in her profession and has a radical perspective on fashion. As the leader of Scotland Yard, he is aware of Ciel's role as the Queen's Watchdog and despises whenever his cases are taken over by him. Although he is loyal to the Queen and trusts her decisions, he loathes Ciel as he sees him as nothing more than a brat and considers the Phamtomhive family to be iniquitous when dealing with cases.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship tips

He works under Arthur Randall, and is the only officer in Scotland Yard besides the commissioner that is aware of Ciel's identity as the Queen's Watchdog.

He is a curious, righteous, and somewhat meek individual. While he may not despise Ciel as Randall does, he is appalled by the fact that Queen Victoria and Ciel have an arrangement that allows Ciel to solve cases in a dishonorable manner, noting that it is the opposite how Scotland Yard operates. In the anime adaption, he is portrayed differently in both appearance and personality and as one who truly believes in the justice system. Like Ciel, he had to go through hard times to reach his current situation.

Despite this, Ciel describes him as someone who walks in the light, whereas Ciel walks in the darkness. At first, Abberline does not trust Ciel and his position as the Queen's Watchdog, but later joins him as an ally.

He is killed by Lau by using his body as a human shield to protect Ciel. Ciel met him at a party during the London's Seasonan exchange that the former found unpleasant. West was an arrogant, conniving, and unethical man, and Ciel described him as someone who was "disgustingly obsessed with status".

In an attempt to win at a curry competition to obtain a Royal Warrant, West recruited Agni to be his chef and in return, he and Mina will prevent Soma from learning the truth about Mina's relationship with West, because Soma assumed that West kidnapped her, when she willingly went with him to London to escape her low social status.

Soma adored her like an older sister, describing her as a beautiful, cheerful, and kind woman. However, Mina secretly hated Soma, as she saw him nothing more than a selfish brat, and desired to escape her life as a servant.

When West came to India, Mina married him and went back with him to London. When Soma and Agni followed under the impression that she was kidnappedWest and Mina set up an agreement with Agni in exchange for "putting on an act" in front of Soma to prevent from learning the truth of her relationship with West.

Mina appeared at the curry fair being held at the Crystal Palace after West lost the Royal Warrant to Ciel's Funtom Company, where she revealed her self-centered personality and hatred to Soma. In spite of this, Soma understood her reasons, and genuinely apologized and thanked her for everything she had done for him. He is one of ten children and a very observant and righteous individual.

Being a fan of his stories, Ciel invites him to attend a banquet being held at his manor for Georg von Siemens, where he becomes a prominent figure in assisting with solving the murders that took place there. After the truth of the events were revealed by Ciel and Sebastian, Sebastian threatens him to keep the true murderer's identity Charles GreyCiel's status as the Queen's Watchdog, and Sebastian's true demonic nature in secrecy.

He was somewhat of an alcoholic and perverted man, but was a prominent figure in the industrial development for Germany. As a request from the Queen, Ciel agreed to host a banquet in Georg's honor during his visit to London to assets the growth of the its businesses.

However, in actuality, this was a plot set by the Queen to dispose of him in order to weaken Germany's political power. After pretending to be dead initially as part of a " prank " he and Charles Grey performed at the Phantomhive manor, he was subsequently killed by Grey as per the Queen's command.

Ciel and Sebastian Relationship

Being involved in the underworld in London, he knew of Ciel's position as the Queen's Watchdog. As Ciel was planning to exterminate him for his crimes, he invited Woodley to the banquet he was holding at his manor in order to use Woodley as a scapegoat for the murder of Georg von Siemens.

After being arrested by the Double Charles, he was killed by Charles Grey when the latter was in a fit of rage. Although timid and easily frightened, he was described as a capable businessman. For the banquet Ciel was hosting in the honor of Georg von Siemens, Phelps was invited as guest.

After discovering Siemens's "corpse" on the first night at the Phantomhive manor, he was moved into Ciel's bedroom he was afraid to sleep in his room, which was located next to Siemens's and was unintentionally murdered by one of Snake's serpents, due the fact Ciel's scent was masked over his.

Although Sebastian was able to get to him shortly after being bitten, he ignored Phelps's cries for help and left him to die. He is passionate about his job as a director, and is famed for the craftsmanship of his productions. He is generally a mild-tempered man and was protective over Irene during their relationship. He was one of the guests at Ciel's banquet for Georg von Siemens.

5 Reasons Why Ciel and Sebastian Have the Best Master-Servant Relationship

Sometime after leaving the Phantomhive manor once the murders were solved, he and Irene broke off their relationship. She is a kind-hearted and well-mannered woman. Previously, she was in a romantic relationship with Grimsby Keane, a man twelve years younger than her.

However, she maintains a youthful appearance by drinking a red substance extracted from a red perilla. Sometime after leaving the Phantomhive manor once the murders were solved, Irene and Grimsby broke off their relationship.

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She is dating albeit secretly an actor from a rivaling theater company. So a mere assessment of who touches whom may not be the whole picture — one must also look at the context in which the touching takes place. Nonetheless, it remains generally true that those who make contact with others often have, or are often seen to have, the upper hand.

I find the politics of touching as they relate to Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis very curious in Kuroshitsuji Black Butlerand will be analysing what the initiation and frequency of the interactions mean as far as I can in this entry. Ciel receives touch more often than he initiates it Barring a few occasions when he interacts with those who outrank him in the world of the English peerage — Queen Victoria, the Marquess of Midford and the Marchioness of Midford — Ciel Phantomhive is the highest-ranking main character in almost every scene in the Kuroshitsuji manga.

Yet, we find numerous instances in the manga where Ciel is touched by other people, and very few where he initiates the touching. Naturally, there are good reasons for his preferring not to touch, for he makes it very plain that he does not like being in physical contact with others.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship tips

The surface reason appears to be that he considers it impertinent of these individuals to touch him without permission, but the underlying implication throughout the manga is that he has disliked physical contact with others ever since he was abducted and abused as a ten-year-old.

He was certainly physically abused, but there is a strong implication that he was also sexually abused. Considering his aversion to touch, and his high social status as an earl, it is striking how often Ciel is the recipient of unsought touches from other people, many of whom are well below him in rank. Much of it may have to do with the fact that he is a child of 13 years old he is 12 when the manga beginsand everyone else is older.

Most of these occur when the two of them are clinging to each other on the cruise ship while the zombies attack, or he is shielding her from the bear during the hunt, or protecting her from the rushing water on the sinking ship.

Lizzie, as his cousin, childhood playmate and betrothed, would understandably be someone Ciel would feel protective of, so his relative readiness to initiate contact with her, especially in an emergency, makes perfect sense. If we set Lizzie aside — and if we do not count Sebastian just yet — it means that Ciel is shown initiating physical contact on only eight occasions with six other people: Many people touch Ciel In contrast to the paucity of his touching others, Ciel is depicted as the recipient of touch from 34 different parties in the manga, excluding Sebastian: Citations from chapters that have not yet been published in compiled volumes only show the chapter number and the page number of online scans of the chapter.

Ciel is just a kid, and he is still year-old. Looking at the picture, at a first glance we would expect a trembling little boy who doesn't actually know how to step forward after the big tragedy he had to face when he was only a little child, and since he was so lost, he just thought of forming a contract with a devil.

Well, that couldn't be more wrong. If Sebastian is evil by nature, Ciel is even nastier. Is it his past's fault? That doesn't change the fact that Ciel kills without regrets, following a logic that only he himself can understand. What's more, he is just as cold as Sebastian.

There are moment when he shows a little bit of his emotions, but then again he hardens and goes on. Ciel is like an old cynical man hardened by the time, and yet he is still so young. So he is just the perfect match for Sebastian, who can maneuver Ciel the way he likes. The third reason takes us directly to the fourth. Let us explain this. Sebastian is bound to be loyal to Ciel, and accomplishes every single thing Ciel asks, even when it's all about Ciel's tantrum.

Looking closely, though, it's impossible not to notice how much Ciel relies on Sebastian. Not just as a butler, of course, but even when it's about important decision. That's probably one of the few moments where Ciel shows a little his actual age. Sebastian doesn't have to struggle to deviate Ciel's mind, they just find themselves thinking the same. Ciel asks for Sebastian's advice, and their thoughts strangely seem to correspond. When they don't, it's all up to Sebastian to give a little push that will make Ciel take the decision his butler wants him to take.

So the truth is that even though the master is Ciel, the real master moving behind the scenes is Sebastian. He swore, by contract, to help Ciel finding the culprits who killed their parents, so he will put all his efforts to accomplish his duty and eat Ciel's soul in the end.

It's a fair price to pay, letting Ciel think that he is the master! Another undeniable truth is that Ciel couldn't do anything without Sebastian. It's not only about cooking food, or ironing the newspapers, or even dressing up. The thing is is that Ciel is a strategist, and very clever.