Layfon and nina relationship goals

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layfon and nina relationship goals

It hadn't been a year since Leerin and Layfon parted at the roaming bus station. Naruki knew from long ago that they didn't have a good relationship. .. Winning the intercity match had been Nina's goal all along, but that didn't excuse her. As I got up for my lunch break Nina made it just in time for my lunch period. friendly towards me as my relationship with Nina became more intimate and it " Look Layfon you might not know this but cities like this need resources . training just to make her brother think he has failed in his assumed goals. Contents[show] 17th Platoon Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif Voiced by: Nobuhiko He's Nina's childhood friend and is on the same year as her. . even sacrifice his own sister to accomplish his goal of spreading Zuellni's influence. worrying over a possible relationship between Felli and Layfon caused him to hugely overreact.

In this kind of situation, what Grendan and Schneibel could do was gather as much fighting power as they could. Grendan's way of thinking was to prepare strong, pure Military Artists. However, Schneibel's target was to prepare a destructive weapon.

Those were the many Haikizokus inside Gildred Antalk, and Nina Antalk had been the one to succeed his mantle. I was continually preparing the next successor for this. The Antalk family was something I prepared when that city was being created, a family that exists for this moment. Nina Antalk is only one of them. I also took some slight actions for her to come to you where she could run into those two people, after she left the city. Come to think of it, should our current situation be called fate?

Even if only for this fact, I wouldn't trust you. And I will not hesitate to work as hard as I can to save the people of my city. There's a limit to doing stupid things. I won't forgive anyone who obstruct their possibilities, even if it's mother-sama. Then what can you do about it? The action of using En to move the city already surpasses the limits of your strength.

The Psychokinesis flake that had been blocked by her wing had disappeared. Zuellni definitely also knew. When had that Psychokinesisis flake gotten free? Starting from when had that flake been sending the conversation here to its master? Though it was a long path to reach the flaming beast, the beast didn't seem to be moving from where it was. Then, Nina definitely would reach that place first. Even if there were someone who wanted to stop her, they wouldn't make it.

Not only this, but his expression was extremely solemn, and due to his tightly clenched teeth even his jaw looked warped. Next to Sharnid, Layfon was running. If not for this situation I wouldn't have to be carrying Harley. I've captured traces of Captain from the position of the flake.

Her location of departure has already been determined. Right now it is very easy to predict her goal. Felli was also uncomfortable because of the high speed, and she buried her face in Layfon's chest. Using the flake to speak was because she wasn't able to open her mouth to talk. Layfon and Sharnid were advancing at that fast of a speed to the place that Felli had just mentioned.

A Psychokinesis flake had appeared by Layfon and the others. When they learned that it was one of Felli's flakes, she had spoken up. The information obtained from this flake was the conversation between the Electronic Fairies Zuellni and Schneibel just now.

And now, Layfon and the others were running. But still, the situation develops worse and worse. I don't like an ending where the hero doesn't come back alive. Though the city's interior had already crumbled and was as hazardous as a place could get, all of Grendan was currently already in that kind of state.

But even in this kind of condition, it still stood in the forefront of humankind. If one charged straight at the flaming beast from here, it would undoubtedly be the shortest distance.

Then, they charged onto the battlefield. The Psychokinesists in Grendan with Elsmau as their center were still giving their assistance. Though they were currently using all of their power to regroup the Psychokinesists of the City Collective, in this period they still worked hard to gather information.

The flame that the beast released was still spreading its area, as if continuously expanding like a wave. The method by which the flame spread wasn't a slow, circular expansion, but rather it became more focused into a single location the farther it was from the beast.

layfon and nina relationship goals

But even so, the part of that range that was a problem now was that there were gaps in the space between those waves. Captain definitely entered through those gaps. Putting her entire mindpower into Psychokinesis would mean that moving her body would become extremely annoying. So, Felli used the flake even to talk to Sharnid next to her.

Sharnid spoke up, having thought of things that had happened in the past. Right now they were running on the ground, chasing after Nina. Thought they hadn't had the time to ready themselves completely, they didn't have time to be concerned with that either.

Probably the only fortunate thing was that Harley had prepared so many Dites for him. I've noticed traces of high speed. If we put these traces and the movements of the flame together it may be possible to find a specific path.

Sharnid had spoken correctly, but there were still other issues. Because the flame could have obstructed the Captain's advance in the first place. In the end, the current distance between the Psychokinesis flake and the flame was still insufficient to investigate the flame, and moreover, even if they drew closer to the flame, the flake wouldn't be able to get close because of the heat.

Finally, the flames were strong enough to melt the ground, so the Psychokinesis flake couldn't get close so easily. On a motorcycle meant for the wilderness, the distance between the beast and Felli would probably require two days of riding.

But, right now they didn't need to mind the presence of pollutants, and Military Artists could use their highest speeds. In that case, the necessary time would change surprisingly depending on the Military Artist's power. With Layfon's current speed there will probably still be two hours. Then, what about Nina? Felli told Layfon plainly. I have no way to ascertain that person's current strength. She seemed to have something hidden in her fighting power just now.

Why would there be such a huge change in her power? Felli replied to Sharnid's question. It's possessed Nina's body? Maybe there will be more mercenaries coming around that want that thing. In the events concerning the Haikizoku, one of Sharnid's good friends had fallen into misfortune, which was why Sharnid would show that kind of expression. All we know is that there was only one Haikizoku possessing Captain's body, but right now that might have changed.

The legendary hero defeats the demon lord, and the story just ends there, hooray hooray.

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But no one knows where the hero goes after that, and no one pays any attention to it either. The most important thing is only that peace is restored to the world, and no one cares what the hero becomes.

Because wasn't he just one of the things creating the peace? That's what people arrogantly believe. In other words, the situation becomes meaningless? Ah, though this is just a meaningless word game. The use of a weapon is to strike the target, and no one expects her to do anything else.

Was the Electronic Fairy named Schneibel tricking Nina? If she requested that Nina lend them her strength for world peace, how would Nina respond?

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Maybe she would hesitate a bit. But, in the end she would still lend them her strength. Nina wouldn't go back to think about things like what the true thoughts of the other side were, and unfortunately she would probably just think about whether or not she could truly do it while telling them that she would lend them her power. Even without being told that outcome, Felli definitely believed that she would still do this.

If it were that person, it was possible. It's also possible that she just charged out like a bullet after seeing something troublesome happening before her. In any case, that was a possibility if it were her. The things in Captain's body could be her great-grandfather's Haikizokus. On the always-dry ground, the sensation coming through his feet made it feel like he was running on a giant piece of stone. The dust covering the surface was blown away by the wind produced around his body before floating into his eyes.

Before him was a vast land and a sky clear enough to make one surprised, along with a flame that wanted to paint all of this a single color. It was only a matter of time before this entire scene was painted over by flame. What do you mean? Felli raised a question to Layfon's words.

Layfon strengthened the awareness he directed towards his Kei in order to increase his speed again. There were many Haikizokus inside the body of the great-grandfather who was known as Gildred, and what if those had all become Nina's things?

Layfon thought of this. If it were truly like that, then that also explained why they couldn't see that old man at this kind of time. Gildred had come because he knew Vati's true identity. But, if that kind of battle happened in Zuellni, then in the end there would be huge damage. Had he not told Nina anything because he worried about this? Speaking of which, what had Vati been pursuing for her to come to Zuellni? Though the situation had already developed this far, there were still many things that he didn't know.

But, even so, he couldn't stop running right now, and he didn't have time to go back and confirm these things. The giant destructive power of the wave of flame before him drew nearer stop by step. If they were simply engulfed by this wave, then Grendan and the other cities behind him would end right there. Had Nina set out in order to resolve this crisis?

Or had Nina done this in order to defeat that beast of flame? Perhaps, just like Felli and the others had said, Nina was only being fooled by Schneibel? From what time had he not been able to speak properly with her? After that time in Grendan, Layfon had closed off his heart, and from that time Nina had begun keeping her own secrets. The opportunities for platoon activities had slowly decreased.

Their living areas had changed, and though the distance between them should have decreased, the distance between him and Nina had become longer and longer. And in that period of time when they hadn't been able to talk, the distance between the two had somehow already been pulled that far apart.

It was hard to bear. For the first time since everything had begun in that battlefield city manipulated by Nina's great-grandfather, Layfon saw the things that had come between the two of them. His current speed hadn't reached the limits that he could achieve. But, using all of his strength before the battle started was meaningless.

And precisely because of that reason, he could only raise his speed to this level right now. Layfon felt angry at his hesitant self after thinking of this. His mood was so impatient that he thought of tearing himself apart. Please don't be that anxious. At that time, Felli's voice entered Layfon's ears. Even if our goal is to save Captain, if you can't strike our final target, then we ultimately won't be able to stop it.

Conserving your power is a very necessary action. His breathing that had become slightly agitated also normalized. Do you want to save Captain? What do you think about Captain?

Even Dalshena who hadn't been able to come here had said 'I leave it to you' to Layfon and the others. However, she had held a strongly pained expression on her face for being unable to go.

Captain and I are companions, so it doesn't matter. But Felli still went on. There's nothing good to say about the other two. Sharnid likes anyone who's a female, and Harley is a childhood friend. Ah, he'll probably do something like this even if Captain looked at him like he was an alien. Layfon's question was easily killed.

The problem is with you. What do you think? Hasn't something similar happened before? Hearing that kind of resolute reply, he couldn't find any other excuse. Hurry and say it, what do you think? The pressure transmitted by the Psychokinesis flake made him feel like Felli herself was there, and Layfon was speechless. Right now wasn't the occasion to talk about those kinds of things, and clearly he could resolve everything by saying a few words, but right now the reason he couldn't say those things was because of himself.

Perhaps, talking about this topic might have been able to alleviate Layfon's tension. Looking at it from that perspective, he might be seeing some of Felli's hidden tenderness. The burden on my shoulders has been lightened a lot. Right now I still want to focus a bit, so could we interrupt this topic for now? Then, why don't you try breathing deeply again? Breathing deeply as he rapidly advanced over the barren earth towards the monster that wished to burn the entire world Even so, he still tried challenging the deep breath to complete Felli's request.

The wind blowing around him blasted away the impurities in the air, and the sounds produced reached his ears Then, please tell me the answer to my question.

The premonition that this topic wouldn't be resolved that he felt when Felli said this sentence disappeared after he felt an abnormal sensation. Other than the sound of his running, the air that he had felt abnormally quiet That kind of feeling was very like the tense feeling before a swordfight, and moreover that kind of feeling seemed as if it had solidified in the air.

Of course, that included Alsheyra. A change has occurred. Elsmau's voice sounded extremely tense. Alsheyra stood in the outskirts of the city. So, she had already caught the changes that Elsmau spoke of with her extraordinary vision.

The wave of flames closing in on this place has changed. Even if there's a limit for how long we can stay here, we can just let the Heaven's Blades charge out, and I will also follow.

I mean the work of guarding the city. Elsmau's sentence had already revealed the thing she was worried about. Alsheyra's command didn't have half a trace of worry about the half-demolished city. If something happened, then the city could be completely destroyed.

Moreover, I think that right now we don't have the energy to think about what happens afterwards, right? Of course, that person was Nina. There was no Psychokinesis flake, nor was there Schneibel's voice. The Haikizokus blazing with Kei inside her also kept silent. During the process of her silent advance, Nina saw the change. In front of her advancing path, there was a wave of flame. The flames that covered the ground as it drew closer had the pressure of a giant animal.

So Nina was sensitive to small changes. Though Nina had chosen to avoid the advance path of the flame in front of her, after she noticed that change, she slightly adjusted her course.

Nina adjusted her course towards the flame, charging straight into that giant clump of heat. Something was going to happen that she had no choice but to face. Nina felt this way. Afterwards, she noticed that her feeling was correct. The violently approaching cluster of flame shook for a moment, trembling while splitting into pieces.

Not long afterwards, it had become four-legged beasts wrapped in flame. The group of beasts focused their fiery gazes on Nina's body, and attacked. Though she was running rapidly, Nina's breathing was regular. She continuously controlled her Kei, limiting it from exploding inside her. A portion of it flowed into her two iron whips.

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The iron whips that she had received from Zuellni completely absorbed her Kei. And then, she struck. The iron whips that had silently been swung out were propelled forward, and Nina's figure disappeared amidst light, tearing the surrounding air.

It made one think that it was unreliable and dangerous. Other than the ball of light guiding him, he couldn't see anything. Since he couldn't see downwards, he feared that if he raised his head he wouldn't be able to see the place where he first entered this place. If there were a battle, then she wouldn't be very suited for the situation.

Even so, Karian still stepped on the stairs going down. Going down without stopping. Not long after Stania's hand seemed to have grabbed on to the clothes on Karian's back The light spread out as if they were looking into the night sky. This wasn't the only change. The underground space that had oppressed the two up till now and given them a kind of enclosed feeling suddenly disappeared. It gave a kind of feeling like being released, and the presence of the metal frame that had originally surrounded them also disappeared.

The light spreading out above their heads swept away the darkness, and Stania behind him seemed to have also seen this. But, he couldn't find a clue that could correctly reply to her question. Though he didn't have any reason to worry either. Because after this he would be able to understand.

There was no one else in this space filled with illuminated night other than Karian and Stania. Even if it had disappeared without a trace, things couldn't have just ended like that. After letting Karian and Stania see the scene in front of them, things wouldn't end like this.

The light once again flashed before their eyes. Stania had moved like this to guard him. But, this blinding light didn't continue for too long. Though the light hadn't completely disappeared, it was no longer blinding to the degree where they couldn't open their eyes. After opening his eyes, Karian saw it.

Though it wasn't enough to force him to shut his eyes, it was still a bit blinding. It wasn't the white light that had guided Karian, but rather blue light. The origin of this light had taken shape and stood there.

It was a person. No, though its external appearance was very close, it wasn't a human. It wasn't Zuellni there. What had appeared in the blue light was a translucent female body. Light cloth-like objects floated by the woman's side. Two protrusions extended out of her naturally curling hair, making her extremely noticeable.

They were animal ears. Things that seemed like animal skins were wrapped around the waist of this being that looked like a woman, but it was actually one of her many tails. So beautiful, and so dignified. The woman's gaze had a strength that pushed Karian back.

That name belonged to the city that Karian had been born in. But, even so, it wasn't a reason for the Electronic Fairy Saintberg to have appeared here. That's how it is, my child. As a result of a proposal by myself and several others, we have decided to let you attend this meeting.

These were all Electronic Fairies with unusual humanoid shapes.

layfon and nina relationship goals

The light of the emerging Electronic Fairies slowly gathered in this space, forming a circle. Just watch from the side for now. Karian and Stania had been left behind, only able to silently watch Saintberg move far away. Their mixed emotions still hadn't calmed down. Moreover, there was still an incredulous mood. The light that had gathered in this vast space It wasn't very great More correctly, it was much less than the number Karian had thought.

Though it hadn't been a year since he had left Zuellni, he had already been to quite a few cities through the roaming buses. Considering the number of cities he had been to, the number of Electronic Fairies gathered here counted as small. If the Electronic Fairies gathered here, their goals were the same as what Karian was thinking That was a prerequisite.

But with that hypothesis The Electronic Fairies here were Electronic Fairies of cities that Karian had been to when he was spreading information and images of the crisis. The responses of the other Electronic Fairies weren't sounds.

But, Karian somewhat understood what was represented by the blinking lights. It took his entire strength to simply nod at Stania's light call of 'Young Master! They could also win this time. But perhaps they would be defeated. The fighting power that they had gathered in order to not be defeated, what would happen if it lost? Because he had those kinds of thoughts, Karian couldn't stop traveling.

The results of this journey would now be revealed. Karian was already so tense that he forgot to exhale the air that he gulped down. Grendan's pure-blood holders are currently beginning to fight, and also, the mother's secret plan has also completed the transition to the next-generation successor, and is currently preparing to depart for Grendan. That should mean the Heaven's Blade successors.

Then, what did the 'mother's secret plan' mean? That was information that Karian didn't know, and moreover he couldn't even speculate. But, the situation that Karian had always been bringing up had already happened, and the strength that had been prepared for it had truly begun moving. Then, what about the preparations that Karian had made?

He looked at Saintberg, and the Electronic Fairies' talk still continued. It is already too late to decide according to the developments of the situation like we have done up to now. Right now the decision we should make is to act or not to act. An action like taking precautions after waiting for an illness to be confirmed is something that would be spurned by an insurance company. But it's a peculiar situation this time, because the policyholders began insuring after creating the insurance company themselves.

Things like tree branches grew out everywhere from his body, and green leaves would float down lightly seemingly at any time. But, there's Grendan and our mother. There's already these two preparations, and they're all extremely strong. Since it's called insurance, then at the least we should prepare side by side with them, no matter what. But, can we do that? It sounded like the voice of a girl even younger than Saintberg, and words that seemed as if they were managing the old man resounded in the vast space.

Karian cast his gaze downwards, and then once again looked into the group of lights. After looking carefully, a shape surrounded by the lights was clearly revealed. A young girl that Karian had seen before. However, are we currently in a position where we can do other things only after completing the mission given to us?

He seemed to be the representative of the opposing faction. Though he had the external appearance of an old man, his gaze was filled with youthful heat. The age relationship between his external appearance and his mind should be different from humans, and Karian must have been bound by human common sense, getting an incorrect feeling.

While he was puzzled by that incorrect feeling, Karian was unknowingly surrounded by the Electronic Fairies' light. Had they been the ones moving? Or had the other parties moved?

Regardless of which, it had occurred at a speed that the Military Artist Stania hadn't noticed. Gazes focused on Karian. A sudden weight oppressed Karian's body. He who had made speeches countless times to audiences before as the Student Council president of Zuellni was now enduring a completely different kind of tension from before.

What really was this weight? Zuellni was by his side. The light that covered her body also covered Karian. A warm feeling spread out from the center of his body, letting Karian feel that the weight pressing down on him gradually lightened. Things wouldn't have become like this either if it weren't for you telling me the situation that one day.

That day, after that nightmarish day when Zuellni and Grendan came in contact, Karian had come in contact with various things. In a laboratory, he witnessed a girl awakening from a deep sleep that had continued until then, and had learned everything that was happening to the world in the Academy City's Mechanical Department from Zuellni.

Why would Zuellni tell him this? After hearing Zuellni's words, Karian had asked her. Though it was very short, in the history of the Academy City, she had already told this to several students. But as expected, they didn't know what to do unless the crisis was appearing right by them, and it seemed that there was no one who could come up with tactics to confront it.

The right to decide had been given to Karian. Zuellni had probably told these things to those who could do something. But, she only conveyed it, nothing more. It was prohibited for the Electronic Fairies to tell people of the world's crisis that had always been a hidden secret.

Zuellni usually couldn't speak because of this. There were already sufficient preparations to face the world's crisis, and it should be that there wasn't anything else they could do, and moreover he didn't have that power.

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It wouldn't be strange for the people preparing for the fate of this world to have already considered everything. But then, why would Zuellni tell Karian about this? Could it be that she only wanted to spread anxiety? Because this is the city filled with possibilities. A city filled with possibilities. Yes, perhaps there were indeed innumerable possibilities gathered there. But because of that, because she was the Electronic Fairy of the Academy City, Zuellni had thought of acting like that.

He had determined to embark on his journey. He decided to go to many cities, to tell of the crisis of the world to many people. Even if Karian couldn't think of any strategy on his own, perhaps there were people who could. Perhaps they had some special means. Even if their strength wasn't reliable as individuals, if they gathered together, perhaps they could do it. So, when Karian graduated, he embarked on a journey. Because of this, Karian was here now. Being surrounded by Electronic Fairies, in order to tilt the balance of their decision, Karian took a deep breath.

In order to make all of them act, he wove his words. Layfon felt the heat of the Dite grasped in his hand while he panted for breath. Leerin was behind him, and Lintence by his side, with the Queen slightly in front of them.

Together, they faced the enemy, Vati Len. No, she was no longer the Vati that Layfon knew. She had become slightly taller than before, and the impression from her clothing had changed. An enemy of this world since the world had been born. A battle machine that served someone who had been imprisoned in the moon. As expected, she didn't have any appearance of weariness.

She only seemed to have a sliver of sorrow, looking expressionlessly at Leerin, and the black-clothed girl next to her. Though Layfon was still dubious whether that was truth or lies in this kind of situation, this world would be destroyed because of that girl's death.

This world had been created by that black-clothed girl. The world had already been split originally, and the world had crumbled because of fighting after being split. In order to protect the people who had fallen into the gap between worlds called the Zero Territory, Saya had acted as a container that was created, which was the current world. Harpe had said this when they were on the road to Grendan.

The concepts in his words were too huge, making it hard to believe. But regardless of whether Layfon believed or not, the situation had continued unfolding according to that information. The Heaven's Blade successors were gathered for that goal, the Queen had become the strongest existence because of this, and the peculiar power inside Leerin definitely also existed for this. It had nothing to do with Layfon's feelings. They wouldn't stop the situation regardless of what unfolded, and now, this kind of situation had already come to be.

If he didn't do anything, then the situation would unknowingly develop into something that Layfon was unable to match. Layfon was here because he felt that wouldn't do. Whether he believed or not, that was the most meaningless question to Layfon. There was a being here who could overturn all of his doubts.

There was a reason here that was able to make Layfon act. Right now he only needed to respond to this reality. He didn't hate this kind of method of switching moods. Actually, it should be said that he relied on switching moods to live to the present. The person before him could be the neighbor or a classmate of his, but right now it was no longer that way.

Since right now she was threatening Leerin who was both his family and his childhood friend, as well as the enemy who endangered the people of his hometown. He had to deal with the cold reality that she had to be gotten rid of.

Letting his opponent live while at the same time allowing himself to remain intact Layfon's power was insufficient to pursue that kind of ending. Though Layfon couldn't see from behind her back, her voice was sufficient for him to understand clearly that she was extremely pleased. It's about time to make a scene. In a moment, Kei sprang up as if covering the skin on his face, and sparks scattered in front of Layfon. Something must have come in contact with that defensive Kei.

A similar scene appeared in front of Lintence. Leerin behind him was also the same. The disappearing light told Layfon that he couldn't take his gaze away from what was ahead of him.

Layfon only silently accepted the changes that occurred, and gathered his mind to watch the Queen's next action. A hurricane of Kei formed with the Queen as its center, and this situation was just from her increasing her Kei. Layfon endured the hurricane in order to keep from being blown away.

In a moment, the Queen's slender body had disappeared. Layfon barely caught the afterimage that her black hair left behind. Evading the fist that was struck out, and blocking the simultaneous kick. As expected, it was impossible to use his eyes to catch the process of these stances being formed. It seemed as if their movements stopped for a moment, being played frame-by-frame.

Though she had blocked the kick, it didn't mean that the attack's momentum had been completely stopped. Her appearance seemed very surprised. That disparity shouldn't only be a gap of strength, because such a thing could also be seen in Savaris. To her, this battlefield was a rare one that wouldn't end with a single strike of hers. Bouncing shockwaves were everywhere underground. Moreover the entire underground space was shaking, and the noises as the metal creaked under pressure gave a very inauspicious premonition.

It's fine as long as the shelters don't have trouble? It was currently that much of a severe situation. But, from his face it could be seen that he had other things that he worried about. No, Layfon wasn't clear on whether Lintence was worried about something or not.

They were currently in a battle, but Lintence's slightly grim face made Layfon unable to help but think of that kind of thing. In the worst situation the shelter might not even be left. He feared that Lintence also had that kind of thought. This battlefield had that degree of intensity. A battle to make Lintence, the strongest Heaven's Blade successor, make that kind of troubled decision. Since he hadn't seen him fighting, then his adoptive father was definitely also inside.

Just like protecting Leerin, protecting them was very important to Layfon. Protecting the city's residents is the obligation of Military Artists. His consciousness returned to the battle. This extraordinarily high-speed battle made it so that just following them with his eyes was tiring for Layfon. But, if he wasn't suited for the battle in front of him at this moment, then right now he didn't have any use here. Raising his Kei, flowing as much Kei as he could into his body. Until his mind cried out, he endlessly quickened his movement ability, in order to be able to chase the Queen's battle.

It wasn't short afterimages, but rather he clearly saw their movements.