Leon and adas complicated relationship

leon and adas complicated relationship

It's a dead-end relationship. Plus 6 made things even more complicated as Ada Wong is now officially a terrorist who died trying to destroy the. Leon and Ada (レオンとエイダ Reon to Eida) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6 Complicated is the word that aptly summarizes their relationship. Leon and Ada's relationship went no where which was disappointing yet again BUT I really liked how in Leon's campaign it made Ada look.

Man when she found out about Carla and basically said it's on now I just nodded my head and couldn't wait to see what would happen next between Simmons, Ada and Carla.

How interesting was it that Simmons and Ada had a possible relationship btw?

Forget about game-play let's talk about the story

That is just weird to think about. Jake and Sherry's story was the best imo but there were a few things about it that needed more explanations. Jake and Sherry got captured for six months? Chris and Pier's story was interesting as well. Chris must be broken even more than what he was before even though it didn't show in his epilogue.

I thought it was a nice touch that Piers was eating a steak at the bar when Chris was in a drunken mess and Chris was eating the same steak after Piers died. I was not expecting Piers to die and though I'm glad CAPCOM showed some initiative and didn't play the old man goes out and gets replaced by a younger version of him card, I feel they just did it for shock value instead of adding to the story. Piers overall had a good character and reminded me a bit of Jake but with a more military personality.

I was expecting a bigger confrontation between Chris and Jake but what we got was pretty good too, though it came pretty late in the game.

leon and adas complicated relationship

Ben doesn't give them much information on what's happening, however he tells them a way to escape the city is through the sewers. Ada begins to chase her and Leon is shot by Annette.

Ada leaves and eventually finds Leon again and patches him up. This is when the relationship starts to blossom a little bit. Ada begins to question why Leon would risk his life? Leon being the young, naive good guy states it's all part of the job and we must make it out of here together.

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The two eventually find a lift to Umbrella's secret lab, but before they can reach it Ada is attacked by a mutated William Birkin. Leon defeats the monster for now and takes Ada to a safe place. This is actually one of my favorite scenes in Resident Evil 2.

What "it's Complicated" REALLY means

Ada tells Leon to leave her alone and save himself. She then states that even though they haven't been together long she's likes being around him. Let's fast forward to the end.

Leon battles with the Tyrant and Ada comes in to help out. Ada is wounded and presumed to be dying. Before she they part ways Ada confesses her feelings to Leon. Leon and Ada share one kiss before parting ways.

leon and adas complicated relationship

Here are the scenes from Resident Evil 2 and Darkside Chronicles. Unlike her previous boyfriend John, Leon knew towards the end of the game that Ada was a spy.

leon and adas complicated relationship

What motive would Ada have to lying about how she felt about Leon? Why would she lie about something like that? Things get more complicated for these two in Resident Evil 4. Leon ask her why and of course she doesn't answers and leaves.

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As the game progresses Wesker feels that Leon is becoming a threat to his plans. He orders Ada to kill him and of course Ada declines and states "I don't always play by your rules. Ada also shows concern for Leon when they meet up again and the plagas start to take over him. Leon begins choking Ada until Ada stabs him in the leg. She shows more compassion and concern for Leon in Resident Evil 4.

She even helps him in the final battle and gives him the keys to escape. The final scene we see Leon turning down Ashley's advances and answers her question about Ada.