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Meet Andy McNally, who is empathetic (almost to a. Swarek, and in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship. she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collins, leaving Sam sitting at. anew'.2 At the heart of dialectics, therefore, is the dynamic relationship between subjects and objects So it is with Chik Collins and his review of my book, Bodies of Meaning: Studies on .. The free market multiplies these masses rapidly. McNally-Swarek is a fanfiction author that has written 3 stories for Rookie Blue.

Swarek - Complete Voicemails by Elizabeth L. Told from Andy's POV Andy comes home from work after a long day to find a voicemail from Sam on her phone. Will she give Sam a second chance? What happens when people from Sam and Andy's pasts come back? I do not own Rookie Blue or any characters. She hides it from everyone at 15, but when it takes a turn for the worse who will she go running to for protection? What will Sam do when he finds out what has been so wrong with Andy all these months?

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Things are different for Sam and Andy. Andy has to prove herself to Sam about really wanting to be with him. Also somethings from season 4 will be in this story.

I suck at summaries lol. It started as giving each other someone to talk to But what happens when a night-gone-wrong pulls Sam into her life in a way that neither of them could have expected? Can they go back to normal or are their lives forever changed? Andy and Sam are married but not to each other. But when both their marriages takes a turn for the worst, how will they cross paths and what will it lead to…?

  • 'Carer' stole €42,000 from mother after her sons were shot dead
  • Andy McNally and Nick Collins Return to 15 Division on the Season Premiere of ABC’s ‘Rookie Blue’
  • 'I’m not married and I have no kids, so I'm moving to London' - comedian Joanne McNally

Swarek She's A Rebel by nix. But what happens when years later she becomes a cop and crosses paths with the dark-haired, brown-eyed man that had been chasing her years earlier? Will Andy's past come back to haunt her? Andy McNally, a woman who's locked away in an asylum. What he discovers, however, is a lot more than he bargained for, leaving him struggling to not only solve the case, but also protect the woman who's in the middle of it all.

Andy is forced to deal with the aftermath of the Kevin Ford fiasco, struggling to make major decisions that could have a permanent affect on her professional and personal life. Collins Somewhere I Belong by eelsbane reviews When Andy is accused of a crime she did not commit, it's up to Sam and the rest of fifteen division to prove her innocence before it is too late. What more could you ask for!

First Rookie blue fanfiction: Swarek Will Love Be Enough by km reviews From the moment they first met, there was an undeniable force that drew Sam and Andy together.

Each made their fair share of mistakes, but will it finally catch up to them? Andy still leaves for Project Dakota, but things don't play out like they do in Season 4.

They both admitted their love to one another, but will that be enough for them to have a happy ending?

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Swarek Shattered by Swarek-Malfoy reviews After losing everything she cares about, Andy hits rock bottom. Is she too far gone to help? Set after 3x09 Rookie Blue - Rated: So now who's baby is Andy McNally carrying? Swarek - Complete Man of my dreams by Tinat68 reviews Andy has been having nightmares. You don't have to do it alone.

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Sam and Andy meet before S1. Andy and Nick return from UC but there is one major difference Andy is 5 months pregnant. How will everyone react especially Sam and Gail? Please note that the timeline is off and there will be no Marlo.

Plus I suck at summaries. Andy and Nick have just started their UC work.

mcnally and collins relationship marketing

After two months of proving herself and trying to put thoughts of Sam on the back burner Andy makes a shocking discovery that will not only change her career, but her life and her future with 15 Division and Sam Swarek.

AU Rookie Blue - Rated: Sam lives, but suffers from severe memory loss. Forbidden from speaking of the past, Andy is forced to make a difficult decision. Can she find a future with Nick, or will Sam find his way back to her before it's too late? Sam and Andy have been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the past five years, and things are finally looking up for them. The adventures of the McNally-Swarek's post in a series of one-shots.

Complete and utter fluff ahead. In a relationship sometimes you just need to do the basics to move forward. Will Sam eventually chose Andy or ultimately stay with Marlo.

K - English - Chapters: How will everyone at Fifteen move forward as the world continues on as if it were any other day? Swarek According to Plan by ewells4 reviews This is a multi-chapter story set in the post Most of the main characters make an appearance at some point, and each chapter contributes to an overall theme that will be clearer after the first chapter. My apologies for the rather vague summary.

List of Rookie Blue characters

She learns a lot more than she bargained for, and meets someone who changes her life forever. His job description leaves her more scared than she was before and now she has to trust him to keep her safe.

How do they cope when the truth about the other surfaces? My first fic for Karaoke night is involved! It is slighty AU-possibly set sometime in S5. It is M rated for a reason so if that's not your thing then please do not read!

Summary's not the best but the story is better! M - English - Romance - Chapters: It is implied she has a new family somewhere else. It is not clear why her mother left but it may have something to do with her fathers job.

It is also possible it has something to do with his alcoholism, but it is unclear whether this started before or after she left. When she was young her father took her on camping trips out in the woods Andy's luck with men may be not so thrilling. She was dating Detective Callaghanuntil he cheated on her with his ex Jo Rosati. She has feelings for her training officer, Swarekand in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship.

Although she is a fighter, she has some weakness when it comes to Sam Swarek Is she ready for this? After dancing around a relationship, Sam and Andy take the plunge. Unfortunately, when Sam is in the middle of a dangerous undercover operation, Andy helps find and rescue Sam from the dangerous Jamie Brennan, but when the two are suspended for three months, Andy realizes that she can't stay in town and obey the orders to avoid Sam. When Sam followed Andy's hunch instead of his own instincts and his best friend Jerry Barber was killed as a result, Sam was distraught and began to distance himself from Andy and his other friends at Sam broke up with Andy, leaving her heartbroken and confused in the parking lot of the Penny.

After ignoring her calls for weeks, Sam tries to repair the relationship when Andy finds herself in a life and death situation. Unsure of whether she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collinsleaving Sam sitting at the bar waiting for her at the end of season 3. Season 4 finds Andy returning from her six months of undercover with Nick Collinshoping to get things back on track with Samonly to learn that he has moved on with a new cop, Marlo Cruz.

While it seems that Sam is immediately conflicted, and realizes that Andy didn't leave for undercover because she no longer has feelings for him, it looks like he may crack, but he continues his relationship with Cruz.

mcnally and collins relationship marketing

When Andy realizes that Sam is no longer an option for her, she finds herself involved with Nick Collinswho has made it clear that he has true feelings for Andy, which jeopardizes her friendship with Nick's ex, Gail Peck.

When Sam realizes that he may have lost Andy for good, he pours his heart out, just before getting shot in the station. The finale ends with Sam on the operating table, Andy by his side. Season 5 finds Andy and Sam confessing their feelings about each other, and they start dating.

Nick wants what's best for Andy and they break up. Andy had to train rookie Duncan Moore, but Officer Moore abandoned her when she was protecting a child from a gunman.

Andy reported Moore to the authorities. This led to a court battle. Andy was hurt in an explosion in the season 5 finale when retrieving some evidence, consequently breaking her ribs. She is noticed wearing an arm sling. Season 6 starts with Andy and Sam returning from Oliver's cabin after a 3 week leave following the bombing.

Sam learns from Marlo that she's 4 months pregnant with his child. Sam calls Andy to tell her the news but while on the phone with Andy she is attacked at Traci's apartment. The attacker escapes and Andy is Unharmed, while Andy is focused on trying to find her attacker.

Sam has yet to tell her the truth. While the case goes nowhere Sam and Andy return to the station where Sam tells her the truth, Andy not being able to handle the news leaves.