Merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

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merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

Merlin. Dangers lurk at every turn. Hatred from her guardian. A past so M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Merlin, Morgana - Chapters: 2. Morgana promises Merlin she'll keep his poisoning a secret. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Morgana, Merlin - Chapters: Prequel to Legend of Merlin. How Merlin and Morgana hit it off again and blah blah blah. Enjoy. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Merlin.

Now she understood what it was that had attracted Gwen to this young man. She couldn't begin to actually describe it to anyone, but she could now see why her maid had believed herself to be in love. The boy was … entrancing. His cheeks turned red again; made more obvious by his prominent bone structure. She made a mental note to talk to Arthur and Gaius about ensuring the boy was getting enough to eat. Gwen told me herself that you two have now come to an understanding. Perhaps you're more of a hero than you like to think?

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

Gwen may be generally easy going but she is a good judge of character. She sees the true worth of someone, long before anyone else. Long before the person themselves at times. She is very upset at the moment. What is it that you're looking for in a woman? Until this moment when I just can't bring myself to end this conversation. It made her stomach clench and her heart pound and she really wasn't sure that she understood why. What is your type?

They were flirting — there was no other word to describe it - and it was strangely exciting. What was her type though? Tall, dark, pale skin, piercing blue eyes?

What man would dare try?

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

The sun cannot capture the moon, no matter how hard he tries and a mortal man can never win the heart of a goddess, no matter how often he bows at her feet. His words confident and full of passion. Morgana's throat was now dry, her heart pounding, as she just starred at Merlin — this bumbling servant who had just spouted far more eloquent poetry than any well educated nobleman she had every met. He quickly seemed to come to his senses and his cheeks coloured anew as he realised what it was he was saying and who he was saying it to.

Yes, it had been obvious how he felt about her from his initial reaction to her proximity but, that in itself wasn't especially unusual.

She knew that men were attracted to her and regularly used such facts to her advantage, but this? Merlin tightened his arms around her. We don't even know what caused it! I promise I will not rest until this is over. What if you simply do not go to Ealdor?

We have no way of knowing how far in the future this is. I did plan to visit my mother soon. That's the biggest problem. But I went with you once before.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

Morgana looked at him in irritation. Morgana and Merlin shared a small secret smile. I love you, he mouthed from where Arthur couldn't see him.

She smiled at him, grateful that he was there for her.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

When they had all gone, Morgana turned to Gwen. Confusion showed in her dark eyes.

merlin and morgana relationship fanfiction

Everyone does, particularly in moments of fright," the maid interrupted. You're right, everyone has the right to crazy moments, even nobility. She wondered at the dream for making her forget the dangers of asking for Merlin. She had needed him so badly How could she have been so stupid? Their entire relationship was now in jeopardy. Merlin's life was now in danger. Swear to me that you shall answer honestly. I have known you long enough that it would be difficult for you to hide something like this from me.

Even Arthur does not suspect it. Though after tonight you will both have to work very hard to convince him that there is nothing between you. At least there was that. I won't tell anyone. I'll help arrange for a rendezvous on occasion, if you would like," her friend answered immediately, proving her loyalty once again. Your review has been posted.

He didn't particularly like this alcove. The past two times that Morgana had pulled him in here it hadn't gone well. One would think in a castle this large that she would be able to find a better place to threaten him. He resisted the urge to rub the spot where her fingers had curled around his wrist. She was strong for such a delicate woman, he'd have to remember that for next time. She smiled although it didn't quite reach her eyes.

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As much as I'd love to see you headless, I have other plans for you," she whispered. He didn't like her train of thought. Aside from her total destruction of Camelot, the thing he feared the most was Arthur and Uther finding out about the poison. He tried to make himself seem unfraid as he spat back, "I thought we were even on that score. I keep your little rebellion a secret and you keep my heroic attempt to save Camelot under wraps.

He could barely read her emotions nowawayds. He'd thought her forgiveness so genuine in her bedchamber. The honesty, the sweet voice that he'd missed so much…it had seemed so real, like the answer to every prayer he'd muttered since her disappearance.

But it had all been a lie. He couldn't trust anything about her now. She smirked and said, "Heroic attempt to save Camelot? Is that what they call poisoning and cold blooded murder nowadays? As if anyone besides your precious Gaius would believe the King's ward capable of such acts. Even Arthur might question what's muddled your mind if you dare breathe such slanderous accusations. Arthur, Uther, everyone was just so bloody happy to have Morgana back at Camelot that they were blind to her little smirks and cunning looks, blind to what she'd done and what she was capable of doing.