Michael jackson and sony relationship

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michael jackson and sony relationship

Sony Music and Estate of Michael Jackson Renew Their Landmark Deal. 42 Year Relationship With The King Of Pop Is Extended In A Long. And Sony Sony Being the artist that I am, at Sony I've generated several billion dollars for Sony, several billon. They really thought that my mind is always . Tommy Mottola was Chairman CEO of Sony and Michael Jackson was one of Sony's artists. The relationship between Michael and Sony good as he was.

As a result, all singles releases, video shootings and promotions concerning the Invincible album were suspended. In spite of the events preceding its release, Invincible came out in October to much anticipation.


It received double-platinum certification in the US. However, the sales for Invincible were lower than those of his previous releases, due in part to a lack of promotion, no supporting world tour and the label dispute. The album also came out at a bad time for the music industry in general.

Jackson alleged in July that Mottola was a "devil" and a "racist" who did not support his African-American artists, using them merely for his own personal gain. He charged that Mottola had called his colleague Irv Gotti a "fat nigger".

In change Sony helped him to refinancing. This is what I know and what is public. While demanding that Michael reimburse the loan, Sony simultaneously sabotaged the production, promotion and the sale of Invincible album.

michael jackson and sony relationship

Why did Sony sabotage against its own artist? Now that Michael left the label, stakes had just gotten high. Sabotaging Invincible was just another mundane business decision for Sony to keep its publishing division intact.

Michael Jackson Agrees to Huge Contract With Sony

The LLC between Michael and Sony gained considerably in value since its inception, with hundreds of millions of dollars in liquid assets. If Michael were to dissolve the joint venture in when he left Sony, Sony would have been forced to transfer half of the LLC assets and half of the Music Publishing Catalog that it acquired together with Michael since This could have resulted in a massive financial deficit for Sony, undermining what little financial stability it had achieved through fiscal restructuring.

At the time, the entire music industry was suffering from a depressed economy. Sony was not exempt from this downward trend. InSony cut off 17, jobs. Every time Tommy came near my dog, a gentle spirit, the dog growled like the devil himself was approaching. It was time to have it out with Tommy. I had made a place for him, just as I had make a place for Grubman, in the highest of the music business.

The very least he owed me the truth about his back-biting. I had to talk to Mottola but Mottola was nowhere to be found. Someone said he was sailing in his boat around Hamptons.

I had a friend who had a boat who agreed to help me find Mottola.

michael jackson and sony relationship

What was in my head? If I found him what would I do? Force him to tell me the truth? Get him to confess his betrayal? I never found the boat. Mottola felt he had to prove himself as an executive who could outdo Yetnikoff.

Mottola determined that the company had 2 major flaws: In JuneMottola married Mariah Carey. He approved her material, oversaw her arrangements, checked her promotion and assigned Allen Grubman as her attorney. Over and out" Mottola said in response to questions about the conflict of interest.


Contrary to popular belief amongst fans, sabotage against Michael by his business partner, Sony, started way before the Invincible album. Mottola saw in Michael a great artist yet an artist past his prime. It was clear to see that this was in the planning stages for some time. The double CD was the messy result. It did, however, alert the powers that be at Sony, led by Tommy Mottola, to the fact that they could use contractual requirements for their own purposes, in the process, making some decisions which, on the face of it, appear totally bizarre.

michael jackson and sony relationship

Before the recording started, Sony invoked its right to 10 new songs. What seems to be a normal negotiation process was actually part of a campaign to manipulate Jackson in the interest of Sony. Usually, the interest of the artist and the record label coincide.

michael jackson and sony relationship

In the case of Jackson and Sony, they were now massively divergent. Jackson was experiencing a different attitude from his record company that he had enjoyed in the past. It was huge mistake. To release a CD with only 5 songs coupled with remixes of his album released only 2 years prior confused the record buying public. Sony had to be seen to be supporting Jackson.

Record labels owe the duty of care to artists. They should conduct their business properly, otherwise they could be in the breach of contract. They should certainly not attempt to sabotage the career of one of their artists. It is a failure that boosted Sony of their strategy and convinced them that they are on the right track.

michael jackson and sony relationship

Jackson moaned incessantly to Tommy Mottola but his complaints were seen as sour grapes. Far from being surprised by the sales, Sony engineered the outcome from the outset.