Mowgli and baloo relationship goals

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mowgli and baloo relationship goals

In the film, Mowgli's relationship with Baloo is somewhat different. Kaa's main goal through the film is to eat Mowgli and after three attempts, he still failed. Mowgli, portrayed by Neel Sethi, right, and Baloo, voiced by Bill Murray, in The Jungle . We hope to pass our goal by early January the second jungle book mowgli and baloo | Mowgli hunts for Shere Khan after he Dil Bole Oberoi, Cute Love, Relationship Goals, Indian Drama, Dramas.

Personality Mowgli is portrayed as an average child in the original film. Generally happy-go-lucky, but had a difficult time dealing with rules, and even more so, change.

mowgli and baloo relationship goals

His goal throughout the film was to somehow find his place in the jungle, in hopes of remaining there, despite the looming threat of Shere Khan. This ambition would cause trouble for Mowgli, as he would unknowingly become the pawn of schemes from some animals, such as Kaa the Python and King Louiewho both sought out to manipulate Mowgli for their own, personal gain, rather than treating him as a member of their family, which is truly what the man-cub desired.

This is one of the reasons as to why Mowgli's relationship with Baloo is so strong.

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Unlike most other animals, Baloo originally had no qualms with the idea of Mowgli staying in the jungle and saw the man-cub as his own son as their time together escalated, with Mowgli returning the affection by viewing Baloo as his father. Once Baloo eventually did come around to realize the importance of Mowgli's entry into the Man-Village, it was out of love, as he only wanted what was best for Mowgli, despite the fact that it would lead to their separation.

mowgli and baloo relationship goals

The same can be said for the wise, and often grouchy panther, Bagheera, though Mowgli's stubbornness, and failure to understand the circumstances of his situation, would leave the man-cub feeling unwanted and unworthy of love. Nevertheless, Mowgli would come to understand by the end of the film, and immediately patch his close relationships. Interestingly, Mowgli is quite fearless and plucky, but not in an entirely foolish manner, despite his size, being illiterate and lack of animalistic abilities and survival instincts.

mowgli and baloo relationship goals

When met with obstacles in the jungle, the man-cub would retaliate once the danger is realized, and often come out on top. And even when outmatched, physically and mentally, Mowgli would stand his ground and make it a point to prove that he isn't afraid. This is seen through his interactions with Kaa, the elephants, and the Bandar-log minions of King Louie. The one exception to this situation is the final confrontation with Shere Khan, who proved to be a force powerful enough to actually strike legitimate fear within Mowgli; but even then, once Mowgli learned the tiger's weakness, he once again took charge of the situation, and put an end to the villain's tyranny, proving his worth and initial boasting about his ability to survive and thrive within the jungle.

On one peaceful day in the jungle, Bagheera the panther hears the cries of something unfamiliar to him and the jungle inhabitants. He goes to investigate and finds an abandoned, wrecked canoe.

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Inside, he finds a basket with a human baby, a "man cub. As the years past, the man cub was named Mowgli, gained the ability to speak with animals, and has become great friends with Bagheera. One night, the wolf pack learned that the notorious predator, Shere Khan, has returned to that part of the jungle, in an attempt to murder Mowgli. For his own protection, Mowgli is forced to go live in the Man Village, where he'll be safe. Bagheera offers to take him, but the stubborn Mowgli refuses to go.

Mowgli and Bagheera rest in a tree for the night, but they encounter Kaawho hypnotizes Mowgli and wraps him up in his coils in order to eat him. Fortunately, Mowgli is saved by Bagheera, and the former pushes Kaa off the tree with his feet. The next morning, Mowgli meets and befriends Hathi, Jr. Colonel Hathi is surprised by the very idea of a man cub in "his" jungle.

The escapade with Hathi causes Bagheera to become even more fed up with Mowgli, to the point where he abandons him. Alone, Mowgli sits quietly when a bear named Baloo comes strolling by. Mowgli poorly attempts to fight off Baloo, but with his terrible combat ability, Baloo decides to teach Mowgli how to fight instead.

The lesson includes teaching him how to roar like a bear. The ferocious roar of Baloo is heard miles away, and Bagheera rushes back to Mowgli's aid. When he finds Baloo and Mowgli bonding, Bagheera learns that Mowgli plans on staying with Baloo in the jungle, and storms off again. During a float down the river, Mowgli is kidnapped by a group of monkeysand is taken to their leader an orangutan named King Louie.

Louie wishes to have Mowgli teach him how to make fire so that he can become a man. However, Mowgli doesn't know the first thing about making fire, but Louie believes he's just being shy.

mowgli and baloo relationship goals

Baloo and Bagheera arrive and rescues Mowgli, destroying Louie's empire in the process. That night, Baloo agrees to take Mowgli to the village after hearing about Shere Khan's plans to kill the boy. The next morning, Mowgli and Baloo begin to make their way, but Mowgli is oblivious as to where they're actually going.

When Baloo confesses the truth, Mowgli runs off, feeling betrayed. After running, Mowgli stops near a tree, where he encounters Kaa again. Kaa tries to persuade Mowgli to trust him on account that he can help Mowgli stay in the jungle.

Mowgli is hesitant, but Kaa manages to hypnotize Mowgli and he sleepwalks on his coils. After coiling Mowgli up from head to feet, Kaa is interrupted by Shere Khan before he can enjoy his captured meal.

After Kaa's conversation with the tiger, Mowgli manages to regain consciousness and once again pushes Kaa off the tree with his feet. He accuses Kaa of lying to him and runs off. At his lowest low, Mowgli finds himself in the wasteland part of the jungle, where a pack of comical vultures reside.

mowgli and baloo relationship goals

They begin to taunt Mowgli because of his bizarre appearance, driving Mowgli to tears. Feeling sorry for the boy, the vultures apologize and offers Mowgli a spot in their group.

Mowgli denies the offer initially, but the vultures begin to warm up to him. Just as they begin to have fun, Shere Khan appears and attacks. Baloo arrives and battles the tiger, and is apparently killed.

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Lightning strikes a nearby tree, putting one of the branches on fire. Mowgli is told that Shere Khan's only fear is fire, and Mowgli uses the fire branch to scare Shere Khan away. As the heroes celebrate, Mowgli and Bagheera begin to mourn for Baloo's death. Baloo then begins to wake up, revealing to be alive. Mowgli and Baloo reunite, just as Mowgli hears the singing of another human from the Man Village.

I felt myself hearing the strange noises, feeling the ground slither with snakes and sweating in the heat of the penetrating environment of the jungle's overpowering force. When Mowgli swings from the vines in the gripped of the monkeys I thought it was a moment of release and wanted him to swing to freedom. But once again, the terror of the place gets the better of him and he is back down below suffering another beating for getting himself into trouble. After reading this classic, I actually felt rather bewildered: I should have felt some harmony with Mowgli as a young boy, but I didn't understand why he was not miserable in his situation.

Why would he like and respect Baloo and Bagheera when they physically hurt him for no reason at all? The books I enjoy give me a character I can understand and root for, but in my opinion The Jungle Book has failed here.

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Rather than a page-turner I found myself fearful to turn the pages of Kipling's book, as I knew I would be haunted by Mowgli's sad existence. Want to tell the world about a book you've read?

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