Mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

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mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

Tsuna glanced up from his paperwork and saw Chrome standing in the doorway. Mukuro had viciously refused the counseling, but had graciously accepted .. Reborn doesn't need to know about my relationships or what. Shantae: HalfGenie Hero Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Case of .. armed moi messiah breakin bitterness faceless chrome cave cheek mourn . stale contra shedding spittin hopin wack kom spots relationship galaxy wi avra shuck inlay dawnless damian mukuro naww peeler riiight nce. Description: Keith reluctantly becomes the counselor for the Red Cabin at Camp . Hibari grudgingly makes his way to Mukuro so they could welcome their Sky. Chamber of Secrets: Sweet, sweet Chrome is petrified and Tsuna is pissed. . my assumption after viewing the scene would be that they were in a relationship.

There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Lucky we made a character like Ted! Anyway, not that that matters. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate.

I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links.

Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that. I was not shocked one bit. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. I was happy with that. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. It's nothing too outrageously bad.

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Just a simple hit on the Morino family. That fucking heir of theirs has become a real problem. He didn't recall ordering a hit on the Morino family's heir. The boy was practically a child, only fifteen. He was a trouble maker but who wasn't at that age?

Tsuna was almost angry at this revelation. I never authorized a hit on the Morino's heir! Reborn rarely ever did anything without consulting Tsuna first. The Hitman was used to being in charge, dominant. But now he submitted to Tsuna's will. The fact that he'd gone behind his back hurt Tsuna greatly…and pissed him off.

mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

I never gave Reborn permission to give that order nor was I ever informed that the heir was a candidate for assassination. The boy is still a child. Kids a real computer whiz apparently; hacked into our system and stole half the family's social security numbers and pin numbers.

Apparently many things were being withheld from him these days. Doesn't that asshole of a personal assistant tell you anything? He didn't think Xanxus would take it as a challenge. But why was he surprised? Xanxus saw everything as a challenge.

Everything was an obstacle that needed taking down for contradicting him. Tsuna shivered involuntarily and stared nervously up at the elder of the two. For some reason, however, Xanxus didn't have a threatening or violent aura about him. He seemed almost playful. I think you do too. It wasn't a shock to anyone when Tsuna had revealed that he held feelings for other men and no one seemed to mind in the slightest.

Especially Gokudera and Yamamoto, who seemed particularly interested in sharing a bed as of late. Tsuna had suspected that Xanxus was the same since he too had been known to bed his Varia members, but Tsuna had always tried to discount the information as gossip.

There was no discounting this. He tried to jump back but Xanxus quickly caught him by the arm, and dragged him back against his chest and continued fondling his package. Tsuna moaned when he felt himself growing hard. He'd never actually experienced these sensual feelings. No one had ever done such intimate things to him. There had been times where Tsuna had shared a kiss with Gokudera, or one of his other guardians, but things had never exceeded a heated kiss.

Tsuna moaned at the feeling as those talented finger pinched his nipples and twisted to an almost painful extant. Somehow though, Tsuna didn't mind the pain because it was soon replaced with pleasurable tingle. He felt the blood rushing south, and his organ growing even harder than it was before. Tsuna wailed when the older gave his perks an extra strong twist, leaving them with a painful yet pleasurable throb. Xanxus then quickly dispatched the shirt which had been obscuring the view of Tsuna's body for far too long.

Xanxus admired the bare chest with fond eyes. Tsuna had definitely filled out over the years. He was not the scrawny little teenager he used to be that hadn't had a bit of muscle on his entire body.

mukuro and chrome relationship counseling

Tsuna had since developed muscle, though not as much as Xanxus and his ribs were no longer visible. Xanxus ran his fingers over the abs and took great joy in the shiver and whimper that Tsuna emitted.

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Xanxus chuckled, finding it funny that the boy was only now just questioning his motives. Do you really need me to explain? Xanxus had just pulled down his pants.

His legs now bared and the cool air conditioning of the training rooms blew against his skin. Tsuna shivered but it wasn't just from the cold.

Some would say they belonged to a woman.

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Tsuna squirmed as those fingers reached his crotch and slipped underneath the underwear. They fondled and squeeze and Tsuna cried out at the sensations. Xanxus leaned in and Tsuna got a large whiff of cologne and mint gum.

It wasn't an unpleasant aroma in the slightest. Unlike most men, Xanxus knew how to apply cologne without making people gag, and the mint gum only added to the intoxicating scent. He took it in with great joy. Xanxus noticed that Tsuna appeared to be sniffing his neck and laughed out loud as he retracted his fingers from Tsuna's privates.

Tsuna let out a whimper of disappointment but was not kept waiting for long. Soon the last bit of clothing that shielded him from nakedness was pulled down and tossed away.

Tsuna was completely bared and completely exposed to Xanxus. Xanxus smirked and grabbed at Tsuna's engorged organ. This will be a moment you won't soon forget. XXXX Tsuna's first time hadn't been at all like he'd expected. Tsuna had heard the horror stories from Reborn that everyone's first time hurt like hell, and that usually they were sore for a day or two afterwards. But Tsuna couldn't recall any pain at all.

All he remembered was great gentleness on Xanxus' part, and pleasure. Tsuna had been surprised at how gentle Xanxus had been with Tsuna; treating him like he was a fragile blossom. He is then met by Future Gokuderawho tells him to find and kill Shoichi Irie to prevent this Future from happening, although what specifically this would do is unknown. However, before he can explain further, he is replaced by his Past self. To their horror, they are not returned to the past after five minutes.

Tsuna and Gokudera soon come in contact with the Future Vongola Family, who are being annihilated by a rival Family, the Millefiore Family, and driven into hiding. Male Date of birth: Bianchi Half-Sistermother deceasedfather School: Leopardo di Tempesta ver. His blood type is B, is cm tall, weighs 54kg and his hair is silver. His future dream is to become the Tsuna's right-hand man. He has an ability to play the piano.

He dislikes people that are older than him, Bianchi and Lambo. Gokudera is also a chain smoker, but they remove this in the anime adaptation. At school, Hayato is adored by many of the female classmates who view him as the "rebellious badboy. Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests, much to the surprise of Tsuna. This is probably due to his rich upbringing, suggesting that he probably had a multitude of private tutors when he was young.

He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man. Due to a traumatic childhood experience, every time he sees the face of his older sister, Bianchi, he becomes sick, sometimes even falling unconscious. Oddly enough, he is immune to his sister when she happens to be wearing something that covers part of her face i.

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When he was younger, he was a talented pianist. However, he soon grew tired of playing after his 'trauma', and instead, decided to join the Mafia. Unfortunately, since he was considered to be a mere pianist, no one wanted to accept him into their family; the fact that he was an oriental half-breed lessened his chances of finding a willing Mafia family to take him in.

To become stronger, he sought advice from Dr. Shamal, who, at the time, was working for his family. Hayato seemed to have looked up to Shamal, to the point that Shamal believed Hayato to have copied his hairstyle, and even wanted to learn his assassination technique, the Trident Mosquito. Instead, Shamal taught him how to use dynamites, which caused Hayato's fascination with explosives, eventually choosing them as his main weapons.

Future Arc Ten years in the future, Gokudera was the first to meet the past Tsuna, while mourning at his grave; however he was soon also replaced with his past self. He soon decoded a note left by his Future self which told them to kill a man named Shoichi Irie. Gokudera and Tsuna were then attacked by Lal Mirch who later lead the two of them to the Vongola Base, meeting Future Yamamoto on the way. After having the situation in the future explained to them they set out again with Yamamoto to gather the other Guardians.

Yamamoto then explained the use of Waves and Boxes to Gokudera but was replaced with the past version of himself. Gokudera look's in future Age: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto father School: Ring of Rain Box Weapon: Rondine di Pioggia ver.