Nagma and jyothika relationship quizzes

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nagma and jyothika relationship quizzes

Actress Nagma with her Family Nagma (born Nandita Arvind Morarji on 25 December ) is an Indian actress. She is better known for her roles in Telugu and. These two sisters ruled the roost for a long time in Kollywood. Nagma is the half-sister of Jyothika and made her entry into Kollywood before the latter. The party ticket has gone to Gurudas Kamath — and Nagma is in her corner, quietly licking her wounds. I think if a relationship is genuine, it doesn't go away . grew up with her Punjabi foster-father and her siblings, one of whom is the south Indian star, Jyothika. . Engine Quiz - Most Men Can't Pass!.

Jyothika left the industry at the peak of her career marrying actor Suriya on 11 Septemberafter being engaged in a relationship for several years,[13] and with whom she was paired in seven films.

She is also a recipient of the Kalaimamani Award. Actress Nagma is her half-sister. She completed her schooling in Learner's Academy, Mumbai.

Jyothika, Nagma and Roshini

She later majored in Psychology at the Mithibai College in Mumbai. She also has a sister Roshini born Radhika and a brother Suraj, who is working as an assistant director for Priyadarshan. The couple has two children, daughter Diya born 10 August [23] and son Dev born 7 June In a interview with India Today, Priyadarshan said that he "lapsed into depression" after the film flopped.

The success of the film Kushi became a turning point in her career. Her characters had equal importance as the hero. The film won positive acclaim and became a success not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in Andhra with its dubbed version.

nagma and jyothika relationship quizzes

Inshe acted in Manmadhanopposite Silambarasan. She has underplayed her emotions beautifully. Her roles in these two films, as a negative character in the former which she played for the first time and as a deaf and mute in the latter earned her widespread appreciation. Among these, Mozhi won her acclaim.

nagma and jyothika relationship quizzes

Jyothika received critical acclaim for her performance in the film as a middle-aged housewife who sets out to stand on her own. The film went on to become a moderate success at the box office. In the audio release of 36 Vayadhinile, and also at the successful release of the film Jyothika she credited Suriyaher husband, and some of her close friends as the major motivation for her comeback. After the success of her film 36 Vayadhinile, Raghava Lawrence cast her as female lead in his upcoming movie titled Naaga under the production and distribution company Vendhar Movies.

It was good she did — for her career in Mumbai was going nowhere. First she got sucked into an array of formula films. Like many spurned by Bollywood, she moved to the south — and, unlike many others, she flourished.

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For over a decade from the mid-nineties she was the reigning queen in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in the south. But one fine day, when she was at the peak of her career, she walked out bag and baggage and landed in Mumbai where she went on to start an eponymous clothing store in Bandra in The story goes that she left Tamil Nadu because of death threats after a fallout with south Indian actor Sharath Kumar.

Nagma, of course, has another story to tell. The fans in south India were also quite demanding. They would come in busloads and land at my bungalow at unearthly hours like 5. If I failed to turn up, they would break the gates and the compound walls and threaten to storm in.

Nagma was linked with another married man, Bhojpuri star Ravi Kishan. The rumours started as a trickle, and soon threatened to snowball into a scandal. What is wrong if we are comfortable with each other? In reel life, we play husband-wife or lovers, so you need some comfort level outside of the camera as well. A boyfriend or a husband would have buffered me against such allegations and link-ups. Nothing — but I broke a glass and had to pay up for that.

Marriage, however, is not an option for her right now. I am quite content with my life as it is now. If somebody sweeps me off my feet, then it is another story, even though I am not a die-hard romantic. I would like somebody who is simple, down-to-earth, level-headed, good-hearted, soft-spoken, who has a good sense of humour and who would also encourage me in whatever I do.

I just feel that marriage is a commitment for life.

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It has to be god-made, god-sent. When it has to happen, it will. Nagma stresses her god is with her 24x7. He is holding my bridge. When I turn back and look at my life, I see so many controversies. But god has been there looking out for me. He is my guiding force. Right now she feels rejected, as she possibly did when she parted with the men in her life. At some point, though, she will — as she has always done — let go.