Oreki and chitanda relationship questions

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oreki and chitanda relationship questions

So they ended it without Oreki and Chitanda getting together? This is This relationship can come this far, because they are really slow with it. Hyouka wasn't a love story, and Oreki's fleeting thoughts at the end of period of awkwardness with the ever-dense Chitanda until someone or something forced his feelings out into the open. But a show about their budding relationship would fall into a totally Related Questions (More Answers Below). including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Chitanda ends by telling Oreki: This is my place. All that's here are water and soil. The people are growing old and tired.

oreki and chitanda relationship questions

I don't think that this place is the most beautiful. I also don't think this place is full of potential. I wanted you to see it, Oreki-san. As I'm sure we're all familiar with, Oreki responds with the following: About the business side you gave up on How about I take care of that for you?

oreki and chitanda relationship questions

A beautiful shot of the cherry blossoms, dyed so deep a shade of pink that the Oreki from episode 1 would drown. Just a few moments after, Oreki regains his hold with reality. What had just happened? He struggles to comprehend the thoughts he almost blurted to Chitanda. Surely he still feels content with a "gray" life, no? No, the wheels have now begun to turn in Oreki's mind. He brushes off what he was about to say, and thinks to himself: In the episode prior, Oreki stated that he could not understand Satoshi's desire for romance and a rose-colored life, especially considering the pain he and Mayaka have to go through to get there.

Hyouka Episode 22 Discussion

But now, Oreki recognizes that he feels the same way about Chitanda. No, not just dating. Obviously, he doesn't tell Chitanda this yet because doing so would throw out Hyouka's entire theme of the fallacies of Oreki's energy-conservative attitude.

After being given enough push and time, at the end, even Oreki finds himself discovering that desire for a colorful high-school life. Sure, it may not be a direct confession, but that's not what this show needs. Oreki is finally able to see the road that he had stubbornly chosen to ignore for so long, the road with such vibrant scenery and delightful aromas.

Oreki is taken aback once again, but not from himself, but from the beautiful sight of Chitanda being enveloped by the cherry blossom pedals. KyoAni did a stellar job during this scene. The oversaturation, the sight of the cherry blossoms, and most of all, Chitanda's beaming smile display how stunning Chitanda was to Oreki at this moment.

We know damn well that we are looking at two lovebirds, even if they don't say it outright yet. Spring, as we all know, is the mark of beginning anew, of blossoming after enduring the harsh winter frost. That mystery ignited Eru's curiosity, and she together with Satoshi pleaded Houtarou to investigate it. By using his good deduction skills, Houtarou quickly solved that mystery.

oreki and chitanda relationship questions

Satoshi joined the Classics Club as well. That task required to have past issues of Hyouka as a reference to write a new one. However, they had a minor setback as they discovered that Hyouka first issue was missing.

He later discovered that his theory had holes, and eventually came up with the conclusion that Jun was sacrificed for the sake of the school body. With the case of Jun Sekitani finally closed, Eru accepted her now-missing uncle's fate with tears of her eyes. They made a trip to Seizansou, an inn owned by Mayaka's relatives, located in Zaizen village. During that trip Houtarou wasn't quite active as he suffered from carsick on the journey to the inn, and the only mystery he solved was a mystery about a ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn.

In the end, at the pre-screening movie was well-received by nearly everyone. However, later Mayaka pointed out that a length of rope prepared by film's prop master, Tomohiro Haba, was crucial to the story. He stayed in this state until Eru, Satoshi and Mayaka tried to cheer him up when he took up a short part-time job as a lifeguard at the city pool.

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Murdersdown to the note left by the culprit. It was the school's Executive Committee president, Jirou Tanabewho was the culprit. Also Eru was able to help as her speech at a school's radio show hosted by the Broadcasting Club draw attention to the Classics Club, allowing not only the successful sales of the anthology, but also bringing the Juumonji Incident to a close with the culprit victorious.

Thanks to the influence of Eru he gained a sense of initiative, although Houtarou is still irritated when Eru forces him to investigate something. They were unable to shout for help as it would hurt Eru's reputation.

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Fortunately Houtarou found a way to get help without such repercussions. Also, at Valentine's Day, after recognizing Eru's efforts in helping Mayaka make some handmade chocolate for Satoshi, he covered up for everyone by making up a case involving someone else stealing Mayaka's chocolate when it went missing. He then confronted Satoshi, whom he knew was responsible for not only taking the chocolate, but also breaking it in two parts to place it to his bag. Satoshi admitted to the deed, and also revealed his change of heart from a competitive person to someone who longs for mediocrity.