Peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

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peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

Gene Glazer, Don Francks, Roy Dupuis, Peta Wilson, and Matthew Ferguson? Its an honor to be able to pose my questions to such a gifted artist, thank you One mirrored Michael and Nikita's relationship and thats why Operations and. “I should call the guy up,” Roy Dupuis responds with laughter when asked whether he most is whether it's an honest relationship—with time though, this can be verified. . Nikita co-star Peta Wilson says, “I call him Royal. After patiently sitting through almost two hours of questions during the ride up to. Peta Wilson news, gossip, photos of Peta Wilson, biography, Peta Wilson boyfriend list Relationship history. Peta Wilson relationship list. Peta Wilson dating history, , , list of Peta Wilson relationships. Peta Wilson Roy Dupuis.

I didn't use anyone else's performance. The scripts in the first year laid her out very clearly for me. Had Madeline's character not been written out though a suicide, we could have seen some powerful conflict scenes between her and Nikita in the fifth season, was the possibility of survival into the fifth season discussed at all in the writing department and then scrapped, opting for her suicide, and what were your feelings at the time and now for about Madeline's hasty exit from the program?

Did you propose to keep Madeline's character alive? I proposed not to. Did you ever find yourself when portraying new roles years after the end of La Femme Nikita, drawing upon your experience with the role of Madeline?

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

What did the playing the role of Madeline teach you personally? No, once I was finished with the show so was she.

A Day With Roy Dupuis

Hopefully I taught her What has been the most difficult character, you have had to play? Anything that's badly written With which actors and directors would you like to work with in the future? Robert Altman, Coen Brothers many many more!! What was your favorite scene in La Femme Nikita? I felt that Madeline and Michael were mirror images of one another I had no idea you were ill during the show. I want to commend you on such strength and desire at such a time, such excellent work.

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Usually they are green most of the time. It depends on my mood and what I am wearing. It also means couple, "pair. Which of your television or film roles stand out as having been exceptionally rewarding or memorable experiences for you? Being at Home with Claude would be the first one.

They all have their part in what I have become. Or what I am. Because sometimes the work I do is not only the movie itself, it is also the people I meet that can be very rewarding in a certain way. But as a movie itself, it would be Being at Home Roy, I've heard that you're an audiophile, and that you have a great sound system in your home. What kind of equipment do you have?

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I have the Wilson Watt Puppy speakers. And S digital processor. And the S Preamplifier. With the Sonic Frontier Power 3 Mono amp. MIT Z iso duo and the Z stabilizer. You probably know what that means.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

Roy, Nietzsche said "Without music, life would be a mistake. I am very eclectic. There are four CD volumes.

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It is World Music. There are from Real World, which is Peter Gabriel's recording studio. I agree that without music life would be a mistake.

Who is your favorite author? I don't have any favorites. I have one that I really like, Rejean du Charm. He wrote La Vallie des Availles.

He is very poetic and invents words. He is very special. Once you read his novels you are emerged in another reality. He wrote many novels, at least four. I also like Arthur Miller. Roy, what projects did you work on during your hiatus from LFN? I built a porch on my house. All-cedar porch with turnposts with a round patio that makes a corner of the two porches that is connected with copper roofs and two balconies.

It was really interesting work and I am very proud of it. What was the best advice your Aunt Mimi ever gave you? She is an extraordinary woman, person, soul. I had the privilege to have her close to me since I was young and she was living with us. The best advice is hard to say. She had such a particular humoristic sense. She never gave me any advice really. She just made me proud of my roots, I guess, and is the kind of person who makes you proud of being a human being when it is not going so well.

She is a giant. Which people or life experiences would you cite as being the greatest influences on your acting career? I worked with a man in National Theater School who devoted his life to "The Verb," as in the action of talking and being able to talk.

He would go anywhere where he would see one culture being oppressed by another one and try to give them a tool to express themselves. Whether it be a movie, book or play.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

I got the privilege to work with him and we worked with him for two and a half months. His name was Armand Gatti. His family had moved to the U. He was a French novelist. He taught me that the theatrical act takes place in rehearsal. The representation is not just the conclusion or what the audience sees. I like to meet people but fame breaks that—the truth of people.

A day with Roy Dupuis is like a chess match: During the ride to La Maison du lac Sacacomie approximately two hours north of Montrealtruth—the search for it, ways to protect it—emerges as a crucial theme for Dupuis. An onerous ideal in an art and an industry based on illusion. Dupuis recognizes that dishonesty can become inextricable from success: I used to like to watch people. It would give me ideas and feelings.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship questions

The burning question for fans is what he will do now that Nikita has ended. Some have commented that Dupuis is poised on the verge of superstardom. Roy is an unusual blend of machismo and vulnerable romantic—a combination of Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt.

I will stay in Quebec. When I read [a script], it needs to say something, something about the times we live in. Someone who kills so many people cannot easily smile. He can but not like regular people. He is someone who carries death with him all the time. He had to be a little off reality. Is he real or not?