Princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

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princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's relationship, also referred to as Bubbline, has a lot of evidence suggesting that is so much more than a mere platonic. Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Quotes, Adventure Time Princesses, As the quote says – Description Sometimes the greatest relationships are the. Adventure Time's Marceline The Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum . When Princess Bubblegum subtly shows how much she cares, it warms your cold dark soul. When Marceline sang out these beautiful lyrics.

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princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

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princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

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Like I said people overreacted to the whole story. Sadly I haven't heard of anyone's opinions of the episode, so I'm not sure what other people's reacts are. I have a feeling that fans, are hoping so much for a relationship because it's never be done before and there are the other people are hoping it doesn't happen.

That's just my opinion. Natasha is awesome, but not helping. Even if they were drawn for "fun. Like with Marshall Lee and that Authur guy being the voice actor, it was a shot of dispiontment when I learned she lied about it just to see if a page was going to made on here.

Well I gotta hand it to her she really knows how to have fun. Adventure Time hehe name taken? I think she sorta said it once.

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She makes fangirl heart hurt sometimes,but she is still awesome. She created Fionna and Cake, which are not canon to the AT universe; the ending of the episode even spoofed on that fact by stating it was "FanFiction.

princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

It is bound to happen. But even if she did state that, I am sure the fandom would twist it in a way that suited them bleh. But the AT crew is quite personal with their fans, so it is to be expected that they want to please people and keep to their intended vision and not get sucked in by Fanficion.

Besides the Fionna and Cake ep, the writers have been pretty solid on what they are trying to do with Adventure Time. They also have to deal with people labeling them role models or influential when they never thought about that until someone accused them of it. I personally don't want to the AT crew to back down and go into hiding because of some flair ups over misunderstandings.

It took a while for the creators of Avatar: TLA to even know what 'Shipping' meant lol. I say they can be aware, but shouldn't have to tip-toe due to a handful of wacky fans. On another note, apparently Natasha edits to correct information but here but her edits get reverted? But wacky fans can create some big outbrurts. And I think that have be reverted sadly. And that Lute Suit was hilarious.

Thanks for the chat though. I think the AT crew is slowly starting to understand just how large the AT fandom is and continues to grow.

They're so cute together! Too bad it will never happen though. But that's what fanfiction is for people, stay strong! It's not politics per se. And the suggestion that a straight relationship is non-political but an LGBT one is is a bit That's an argument in lack of evidence. It would be perfectly possible for both ladies to be bisexual. Anyway, those sorts of labels aren't even going to come up on a kids show.

It doesn't have to be political, it can just be sweet! Just because they obviously had some sort of previous relationship, it was most likely a strong freindship at best. And when you think about it, we do have some clues. Finn knows nothing about Marceline before he meets her While it is not obvious when Finn met PB, we know that he is a strong, confident adventurer at Lets say 9 for argument's sake Especially with a vampire that also happens to be immortal and over years old.

I think that most likely PB was freinds with Marcy when she was a young princess and not in charge of the Candy Kingdom IMO that's just the most logical conclusion. No hate on the Fanon She visited Baby-Snaps when he was still very young, however she appears to have remained the same age. Same thing with Lemongrab. So considering the fact that Marceline is much older than she appears, like Bonnibel could be, there's A LOT of time there for the two to meet, have a relationship and then part ways.

Whether it was romantic or not, they've probably known each other long enough to have a closer relatonship than with Finn or almost anyone else. Fubblegum is sorta creepy. We always just assumed PB aged normally, but now I'm not so sure.

Wouldn't it be neat if she turned out to be immortal, just like Marceline.

Princess Bubblegum's relationships

That would make them perfect for each other. Even if they don't end up together, it would be better for the writers to come out and say it on the show. They've already been through what little backlash resulted from the Mathmatical video, which was pretty blatent. Why not do away with the subtext then? If Finn can have a canon crush on PB, then PB and Marceline should be able to have canon romantic feelings for each other.

And, also, there is a storyboard of Marceline saying this: So, forget about Marcelgum!

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Implying bisexuals don't exist. Implying there aren't gay characters already in the show. I think the main reason for the way she acts becomes apparent from her past relationships.

Marceline has abandonment issues stemming from her traumatic childhood. She was separated from her parents at a young age and raised by a man who barely even knew who he was. I can see such a past leading to her clingy attention seaking attitude towards others and also explains why even an ending between friends could be devestating towards her.

Marceline's main fear is being left alone again.

princess bubblegum and marceline relationship quotes

Her main coping mechanism is to cast blame onto others and pretend that they weren't really important to her. Some part of her may have even cast blame on her father for her being alone for so long, which explains her running away from home. In the end, her only stable relationship is with Finn and Jake, but I think it's only a matter of time before something happens to cause issues between them as well.

Whoswho 23 talk Rebecca Sugar claimed that they "had a falling out" and this usually only happens between close friends and relationship partners, so they clearly used to be one of those two. Even if that's the case, with Marceline, it wouldn't have to be a romantic relationship for Marceline to act out the way she did. We know from "Go With Me" that Bubblegum didn't like Marceline's dark personality, and from the same episode we see Marceline acting out in an attempt for attention.

We also hear in "I'm Just Your Problem" that Marceling felt she was being ignored, but given her past, we can see why she would demand attention from every relationship she has, romantic or otherwise.

The ending between the two was probably Marceline's feelings of being ignored reaching a boiling point at which time she turned to her coping mechanism of cold detatchment and cut ties entirely. I think the main thing that sustains Marceline and Finn's relationship is the fact that Finn often doesn't care how dark Marceline and has taken a more supportive attitude towards her.

My favorite quote from Princess Bubblegum : adventuretime

Princess Bubblegum could have been offended by this, causing her somewhat dismissive reaction to Marceline in "Go With Me.

They must have had a different relationship than they did previously since they had a falling out which means they were either friends or were dating. Considering Marceline's song, it seems slightly more likely that they were dating but no confirmation so it's still a definite possibility that they were just friends.

This is all we know. In a sarcastic manner? What are you basing that off of? The song is very ambiguous. It's just as likely that the relationship was completely platonic.

To me, whichever is "more likely" is whichever one you want.