Proof and eminem relationship with dr

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proof and eminem relationship with dr

She's been ambiguous about some relationships and completely open about others, but has always vehemently denied any relationship with Eminem. Eminem's former bodyguard asked fans question on Reddit and revealed a lot of unknown facts. though, was a different story and used his relationship with Eminem to Proof (may that awesome soul forever RIP) slapped a woman who .. Celebs React To Dr Dre's 'Talk About It' And 'Medicine Man' ft. The murder last month of Eminem's closest friend, the rapper Proof, Outer Drive , Detroit, Michigan, to pay their last respects to Proof on

According to Mudd, the night started out with him and Proof and two of their friends barhopping. They arrived at the Triple C club at around 3: The bouncer Mario Etheridge then pulled out his gun and fired two shots into the air to break the fight up, but instead the shots caused panic. Mudd went on to state that an intoxicated Proof pushed him out of the way, reached for his gun and fired once into the air. Keith Bender then came from behind and started attacking Proof trying to get the weapon out of his hand.

Suge Knight allegedly tried to have Eminem killed twice

Etheridge then came over and started shooting in the direction of Proof and Bender, killing both men. I was in Detroit with Eminem's friends, who I happened to be recording with, when it happened". Eminem also references Proof in the songs "Elevator" from his album Relapse: He recorded so many songs, not to mention bars or verses that he got rid of.

The ones he beefed with and almost all pop stars. He fucking hated Christina Aguilera especially. Does he think that he is one of the best rappers? Or does he see himself as overrated?

He recognized his talent even back then but never really felt he was the best. All of them, I truly mean that. Was he ever scared of something? He never wanted to abandon his kids and never, even as an adult, understood how his father could abandon an innocent child for any reason. Proof had a bunch of kids and I have seen Em lecture him a number of times about being sure to be involved in their life.

Em was absolutely terrified at the prospect of losing his kids, either through his own will like his own father did or through the courts.

How did he change, if at all, from MMLP to 8 mile? He became much more mature, but he also became a bit more reclusive. For one, he started doing more drugs in the fall of when he was shooting the 8 Mile film and his fame was booming even more. The entire year of was nuts and he became more sheltered, used more drugs and a bit more unaware of how to respond to the burst of attention. Did you get to party with them?

I attended all the parties but had to remain sober most of the time. He always wanted to make sure the people around him were relaxed.

proof and eminem relationship with dr

Did you ever meet her in person? If so, how did it go? Met Debbie a few times. She was, for lack of a better term, pretty white trash. No money, husband abandoned her, hooked on drugs and drinking, living in rough neighborhoods, etc. He performed high and there were periods where he was just high all the time. There were, though, many prolonged instances of sobriety.

proof and eminem relationship with dr

He admitted to me that he never really did anything outside of weed until he got into the rap industry and it was so abundant and he had more money for everything. Is he secluded when he writes or is it a bit more collaborative? I was alongside him for almost the entire writing process. It all depended on the record and on his mood when recording. Sometimes he was secluded, other times it was collaborative.

proof and eminem relationship with dr

The process did have multiple takes. Some of those records and verses he never used were astounding. His studio and home are also filled with his notorious lyrics sheets.

Even after four years of trying to read them, I never could really decipher them lol. He also used his fame to work for local musicians' benefits, encouraging them to join the Musicians Union, which provides them with healthcare and pensions.

proof and eminem relationship with dr

He did not brag about these efforts, nor boast of his guidance of Eminem and Obie Trice's careers. Proof was key in selecting the instrumental tracks that best suited their skills, and inspired Eminem at all times of day and night by text messaging him couplets and rhymed phrases.

Proof was a nimble, witty freestyle MC, with a ferociously curious mind.

Eminem & Dr. Dre: A Complete History And Discography

He loved everything from Miles Davis to Jimi Hendrix. He was a gifted and giving anomaly, a rapper who cared for art over materialism, but did all he could to bring wealth to others. The easiest way to understand Proof is to ask this simple question: He played the MC that causes 'Rabbit' Eminem to choke in the first battle-rap scene of the film.

But his true spirit inspired the dreadlocked character 'Future' played by Mekhi Phiferthe MC who organized and refereed the rap battles. He encourages Rabbit to find his voice as a rapper, just as Proof did for Marshall Mathers.

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Swift of D12 said it best shortly after hearing that his friend had died, when gathered with Proof's closest friends - a hundred or so strong - at St. Andrew's Hall, the club where he had hosted so many rap battles.

In an interview, however, Proof once referred to his father as a 'crackhead' and it has been alleged that his mother was also involved in drugs. He attended Gesu private school in his youth before enrolling at Osborn High on Detroit's east side. Proof was the consummate diplomat, charming everyone. He was also the only kid in the neighbourhood to see the potential in a smart-ass white boy named Marshall Mathers.

Proof taught Mathers how to hone his wit, and sneaked him into the Osborn High cafeteria to battle rap at lunch hour.

The true story behind the killing of Eminem's friend Proof | Music | The Guardian

As Mudd of 5 Ela recalled warmly, Proof was always a loyal friend. The very next day, without a word, he dropped off a huge bag full of all his family's old baby clothes. Following a six-week spell in rehab for addiction to the sleeping pill Ambien, in the first five months of he has re-married his ex-wife Kim and then divorced her for a second time after only 82 days together, while his mother's health has also drastically degenerated.

Before Proof's killing, Eminem's friend Obie Trice also came close to death; on New Year's Eve, the Shady Records artist most-likely-to-break-out-big-this-year, was shot in the head, while driving himself and his girlfriend home from a party.

Trice steered his car safely off the highway, let his girlfriend take the wheel and two days later was found doing push-ups in his hospital room.

proof and eminem relationship with dr

At Proof's funeral, Trice echoed a theme that ran throughout the proceedings - that violence in Detroit, and every black community in America is needlessly ending lives. Yeah, I know - you 'hood, you gangsta. We all from the 'hood. Detroit is the 'hood.

We are killin' each other, dawg, and it's about nothin'. We are leaving our kids, our mamas, our grandmamas over nothin'. His final resting place is beautiful - more a park than a collection of gravestones, complete with lush, manicured foliage, a pond, ducks and geese.

The coffin was opened for his nearest and dearest to see him once more. They kissed his cheek or forehead and said their last goodbyes, as a flock of white doves was released in his honour.

Afterwards, they gathered at the Good Life Lounge, to do what more than a few felt would be his wish for them that day - to have a party. A huge D-town soul-food spread was laid out: The occasion was grim, but Proof's legacy prevailed - he had brought everyone together once more, and the lust for living that informed his life was tangible. As the night wore on and the dance floor filled, songs like D12's 'Purple Pills' later re-titled 'Purple Hills' and Proof's solo work inspired hoots, hollers, and the joyous spraying of beer.

Proof was about to introduce me and he looked at me for a while and said, "What's your name? Your real name, no gimmicks.