Relationship with friends and family essay in spanish

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relationship with friends and family essay in spanish

on general topics, for example, likes and dislikes, family and friends In Part 7 of the First Reading and Use of English paper, .. conversation developed a more friendly relationship. (7) . 2 read the essay question from Part 1 of the Writing. If you have a chance to meet a family of your Spanish friend, then you'll (our) are usually used to point out family relationships in Spanish. Nowadays, it seems that a lot of people put friendships above their families. But, the comparison between the two would be quite inappropriate, because they.

Знать ничего не знаю. - Не знаю, о ком вы говорите, - поправил его Беккер, подзывая проходившую мимо официантку.

relationship with friends and family essay in spanish

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