Rikku and gippal relationship poems

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rikku and gippal relationship poems

After the events of "Rikku's Story", Rikku and Gippal negotiate the tricky early stages of a new relationship, while the shadow of an old threat. After the events of "Rikku's Story", Rikku and Gippal negotiate the tricky early stages of a new relationship, while the shadow of an old threat begins to emerge and threatens to plunge Spira into a . Based on the poem from the movie though. Now, Rikku and Gippal are my favourite couple from X But I always I always thought the teasing was just apart of their relationship. It's just.

Rikku wasn't planning for that. Rikku slammed her car door shut and lazily made her way into her huge mansion. Rikku noticed her dad.

rikku and gippal relationship poems

Rikku groaned and quickly took her backpack and raced up the steps, but something caught her eyes. It was a picture that Rikku had never noticed before. The picture had a beautiful woman in wedding dress. Brunette hair and forest green eyes.

Rikku and Gippal

Next to the woman stood a young man with brown hair and beautiful ocean blue eyes. Rikku couldn't help but letting her curiosity take over her. He paused a second. Rikku rushed up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. Yuna knocked on Mrs.

She heard footsteps coming to the door. Myers opened up the door and smiled at Yuna. Myers kids whenever she was free. Myers and her husband were going out for their 20th anniversary, and Yuna was to watch her two daughters, Skyler, who was only five, and Raven who was only two. Both of the girls loved Yuna to death. Myers grabbed her coat with her husband following behind, and gave Yuna a warm smile.

Myers said in a hurry. My number is on the fridge. Just call me about every-" "I can handle it, Mrs. There is nothing to worry about. Yuna heard pounding footsteps. Skyler and Raven came, hugging Yuna by her feet. Yuna smiled at them. Tidus lye down, staring at the ceiling, wondering why he chose a slut, if he should forget about her and move on, or just quit.

Tidus had lots of things to think about. His father, Lenne, his abuse, Shuyin, Rikku, Gippal, Wakka, and how fucked up it was to find out that your girl was cheating on you. Tidus wasn't jealous or anything, but he didn't like being used. Matter of fact, Tidus had never been jealous of anything.

Tidus was to perfect, and he would never be jealous of those low-life losers. Yuna was one of the low-life losers, but Tidus knew that her life was better than his. But he still wasn't jealous. He may be a little jealous of his brother, but he'd never be jealous is someone stole his girl. Yuna took off her shoes and made her way to the bathroom to take a nice, long, hot bath.

Yuna filled the bathtub up, not turning on the cold water once, and she began to strip from her cloths and slowly made her made her way into the bathtub. It was scolding hot, but Yuna could deal with that.

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She laid her head back, grabbed her new book, Twilight, and began to read chapter 15, The Cullen's, where she had last stopped.

She loved that book. It was about a mysterious vampire and a young girl fall in love. Their forbidden relationship ripens in a small town called Forks when they discover a coven of vampires, and Bella doesn't know if Edward may be thirsty for her blood, but she is so in love with him.

She never has discovered this part of Edward, and she may be at risk for her own life. Yuna relaxed herself and continued to read her book.

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Give me the paper! They were working on the essay at Yuna's house, and Tidus and her weren't getting along so well. You have never stood up to me before, freak eyes! Did you bump your head or something?! Like you have the right to do any fucking thing you want just because your not so quiet anymore! Yuna stood up and glared at him with hate in her eyes. Yuna had been avoiding Tidus all day, and now she was heading to gym where she'd have to deal with him all day, again!

Yuna emerged from the girls changing room and made her way to the bleachers, not sitting beside Lulu, but beside of Paine, the girl that Baralai had a crush on. Paine looked at Yuna and rolled her eyes. Yuna had never even touched a blitzball before. Her father would not even let Yuna play sports, but, of course, her father had passed away when she was seven, but Yuna wondered why her father would never let her play sports.

Tidus smiled when he heard the word 'blitzball'. Yuna groaned and rolled her eyes, and Tidus just stood with his hands on his hips, waiting for Yuna to move and stop being such a lazy ass. Yuna glared at Tidus. Yuna stared down at the water, a little scared, and Tidus chuckled at her.

Yuna narrowed her eyes at Tidus. Why did he ask such a dumb question? Everyone has played blitzball. Tidus noticed that Yuna wasn't paying attention to him. He saw her roll her eyes. Yuna still stared down at the water.

Without a doubt, Yuna pushed Tidus down into the icy cold water and laughed.

rikku and gippal relationship poems

He couldn't hold his laughter in though. Both of them were now laughing whole-heartedly until Jecht came up to both of them and cleared his throat, giving them a sign to stop laughing their asses off and get to work.

All they could do was smile. Then an awkward silence passed over them. Tidus took a deep breath and said, "Yuna, I'm sorry," he said uncomfortably. It was terribly, totally, really uncomfortably, apologizing to a nerd.

Why did he apologize to her? I know that we were never friends, but maybe we could try.

rikku and gippal relationship poems

What do you say? Tidus thought about it for a while. Think about what it would do to my reputation. And besides, were sworn enemies. We could never be friends, freak eyes. You must be crazy! Tidus walked up to Wakka. Gippal wasn't here today, and he was so lucky because if Tidus saw him, he would be dead.

Tidus noticed that Wakka was staring at Lulu. She's kinda goth too," Wakka said. If you like her then go for it.

rikku and gippal relationship poems

If you lose, you pay me and you will have to take that certain someone to the dance. He always loved a challenge. What if she thinks that I've liked her all along?

He actually felt kind of nervous about asking her out, even though it was just a bet, and he loved challenges, but he shouldn't be nervous about this challenge. He couldn't just ask the girl out like that. He needed to know Yuna a little better. We were friends once before. Tidus walked back up to a smiling Wakka.

Everyone else is gone! He quickly rushed out of the gym. Yuna wasn't that excited that Tidus wanted to be her friend. He was such a freaking jerk! He probably was faking being her friend for another stupid bet that he had made with Wakka, or Gippal, if he hasn't died yet and Tidus is still his friend.

Tidus was nothing but a fake. Yuna saw Rikku, and surprisingly, Rikku waved at Yuna and gave her one of her big, huge smiles. Yuna stopped in place, looking very confused. Yuna stood there looking like an idiot for a second until Lulu came up to her and smiled. She walked out of the building, leaving Lulu with confusion in her eyes. Yuna went home and searched for the headphones that she had bought a while ago. She finally found them in the last drawer. Yuna also found her CD player, and the CD that Lulu had bought for her, and Yuna began to wonder why she didn't throw it away.

She had never listened to the CD before. She tuned up the volume as loud as she could so she could clear her mind. Yuna listened to the CD trying hard to focus on the hard rock and not think of anything but the lyrics.

It was Chop Suey by System of a Down, a band that she'd never heard of before. Lulu probably liked it because of the lyrics. That's probably what Lulu liked about it.

The music was helping Yuna though. His wields a large machina mortar with a rounded saw blade. He prizes himself on his skill with machinery, telling his comrades no one can use a machina weapon like an Al Bhed. Skip section Gippal had always wanted to be a Crusaderthe military branch of Bevellebut being an Al Bhed he was not eligible as Al Bhed do not follow Yevon.

When he heard the Crimson Squad accepted all comers he wasted no time in seizing the opportunity. On a training mission in the Sanubia Sands Gippal met his teammates: Throughout their time as teammates the four learned much of each other and shared many laughs and pondered over their futures.

The only survivors of the Crimson Squad. On the final mission to become members of the Crimson Squad, they, and many other applicants, were sent to the Den of Woe to investigate a strange happening.

Inside the aspirants turned against each other and Shuyina spirit who possessed the entrants to the cave, took over Nooj and he pulled his gun on Baralai.

rikku and gippal relationship poems

Gippal raised his weapon to Nooj's head and Baralai raised his to Gippal's head as they were taken over by the spirit. Paine broke apart the triangle and Shuyin's spirit left Gippal and Baralai, but secretly lay low inside of Nooj.

They exited the den and met up with the officials who told them they were now Crimson Squad members, their first mission being to guard Maester Wen Kinoc during Operation Mi'ihen.

As soon as they turned, however, the guards attempted to shoot them. Paine, still recording, had her camera on as Nooj, again possessed, shot Baralai in the back. When Gippal heard the shot he turned and was shot in the chest.

Nooj turned fire on Paine.