Riku and sora relationship with god

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riku and sora relationship with god

When Hollow Bastion first comes into view, Sora's about to be abandoned. It all come to a head with the relationship between Riku and Sora. If Sora and Riku were in a romantic relationship with one another, it would prove to many that homosexuality need not define the entirety of a. Sora sees Kairi after the however long timeskip: I imagine it'd hurt more if the person was especially well endowed.:/ "I think I'm going to need a hat. Oh god!" That's why there are no canon love relationships in this game.

She is finally, truly meant to exist in those brief moments, held safely in trembling, muscular arms, shrouded in the darkness of shadows. The billow of his coat hide her from the world, enslaves her in darkness. And sometimes, she doesn't know whether it is ivory skin pulled taut over those strong arms or the caramel covering the demon Riku's been fighting for so long.

She doesn't know if he's won, in battle, or just trying to delay the inevitable fall. Still, it is alright — with Riku, the darkness and the light are all nothing but waves lapping upon the boat of life, for he walks in the realms of Light and Dark, and that gives her enough security as a being of neither-both-nothing. Would have loved him. Sometimes, she wonders if that is for the better — with a heart to truly feel, maybe she'd break under the strain of his presence, the weariness of his lips, the emptiness his heart is beginning to embody.

If only she knew that in every touch, every kiss, every long look from only his heart, for his eyes are tied eternally by the blindfold, leading him into the depths of despair since the moment he first opened his eyes to the darkness, to the truth he sees naught of platinum blonde hair leading to a frail collarbone, a white dress modestly falling to her unmarked legs, the curve of feminine hips and breasts and smiles.

At first, he had seen short hair — auburn, burning like fire in the sunlight, cropped short above equally thin shoulders. Violet eyes had replaced pale, ethereal blue, confidence replaced shy innocence, a loud welcoming cheer overtaking soft-spoken resignation. But, Kairi was never what he had wanted, either.

And Riku will lose the only way he has to remember his light — both real, and fake what was her name- who was it? And aquamarine eyes will close and turn amber for eternity, and when the chill of shadowy tendrils of emptiness overtakes him, the fake-real-pretend-love will go away too.

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Not fake, not a lie, this is real, this is him — he's always been by my side, in my heart — that lazy moron, sleeping like this — he can't be leaving me behind, he's mine, he's- X The egg opens. The blindfold stays on. And the witch never meant to exist slips away again, nothing but a whisper of lips against hers and the hollowness in her chest to remind her that no, she doesn't exist, and no, her worth's only proof - him - yes, he's gone, too.

Later, in the last cutscene of that world Aladdin puts tells Sora "About that friend of yours, don't worry, you'll find him.

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But once again, these are just implications. I personally think leaving it as simple implications is perfect.

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Official Xion of the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Board DrakoVongola1 DrakoVongola1 7 years ago 56 You know you can still love someone of the same sex without being gay, right? Just because Sora and RIku are willing to give up everything for one another doesn't mean they are gay, it just means they love each other, which contrary to popular opinion is not the same as trying to get into their pants.

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If a guy says he loves his father or his brother and would die for them, does that make him gay and incestual Is that a word? I believe in Jesus, the son of God, the one way to salvation.

Official leader of the Illuminati. You know you can still love someone of the same sex without being gay, right? But even so it's all in the person who's interpreting it like that. That's all I'm trying to say.

riku and sora relationship with god

But if I were to go out the yaoi circle, I'd still see at least a Bromance. I saw it even before I knew what yaoi was.


Sora's reaction to Kairi being in any kind of danger is too extreme to deny his feelings for her. Sora giving away his heart, just to save Kairi, Sora's actions in Castle Oblivion. Ruwalk 7 years ago 59 pennyjpie posted Obviously, it's up to the player whether or not there's yaoi or not.

Your first point I definitely agree with. And I can see the bromance and what you're saying in your second paragraph.

riku and sora relationship with god

However, I would have to disagree with you. I do have both female friends and male friends that I would be willing to do exactly as you just described above.

Finding friends that you are truly willing to do anything for is very hard in this day and age, but it DOES happen. And I have a few friends who would do the same for me, both same sex and not. So yes, you're more than welcome to think they're together. As you said, it's up to the player: