Robbie amell and mae whitman relationship

'The DUFF's Robbie Amell Reveals Why He Almost Passed on The Film

robbie amell and mae whitman relationship

Star Robbie Amell is passionate about pointing out that difference, and he the next-door neighbor of titular "DUFF" Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman), and Whitman's boyfriend (whom she keeps a secret from the public) and. Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman Series Movies, Movies And Tv Shows, .. Good Movies, Concession Stands, Female Actresses, Couples, Cabins, Boyfriend. Robert Patrick Amell (born April 21, ) is a Canadian actor. He is known for playing . London. ^ "'Tomorrow People's' Robbie Amell Joins Bella Thorne, Mae Whitman in 'The DUFF' (Exclusive)". TheWrap. ^ "'The Flash': Robbie Amell.

The three talked about the what made them take on these roles as well as how the story takes a different approach at the high school narrative, most notably how the heroine breaks the standard makeover norms. Also, the three talk about how much they drew from their own experience for their roles in the movie and what other inspirations helped them prepare for their roles.

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So, how did you mentally prepare for your role in the movie? I just had to remember high school, and how painful it was. I think for me just had to channel, I had a, like I was bullied in school and so I just kind of had to go back to that unpleasant memory of how tough high school can be.

robbie amell and mae whitman relationship

And then yes, and then convey that. To be honest with you, the main preparation for me was just hanging out with Mae and Bella, and the rest of the cast, and getting close to them.

Mae Whitman Wows In Chic Pantsuit At 'The DUFF' New York Premiere

So that, you know, people would buy that we were friends and actually liked each other. What did you use as inspiration for your different roles in the movie?

robbie amell and mae whitman relationship

I used my own high school experience and it was a tough one, my own high school experience. So I just kind of went back there and relive those sad memories. So that was the closest thing.

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Yes, I just tried to play [around a bit] because my character showed some rude stuff but he is not supposed to be mean, I just tried to [dumb] it down a little and you know make your believe that this guy would accidentally say these things.

Mae and Robbie, did any of you experience this kind of social phenomena when you were in high school? I definitely was bullied and called weird names, and stuff. A lot of people go through this and that I certainly had. It gets better after school. It definitely gets better. I grew up in Toronto where everybody is polite and apologizes for everything.

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So I shoot high school movies and I guess to see those pretty little [Hawkers] I get so excited. But I was bullied throughout school for being dyslexic. So that kind of draws me to this movie too. Mae Whitman in The Duff.

Hey, I never said the movie was deep but I liked how instead of having the ugly girl do a Cinderella act, she learns to love herself for who she is.

Although this is normally Scott's complaint, I will mention it for him.

robbie amell and mae whitman relationship

Amell and Whitman were both born inmaking them some eight years too old to be in high school. At one point, Whitman makes a joke about her dating a 30 year old and Amell remarks for her to enjoy his saggy balls. Perhaps that was an in joke that Amell is closer to 30 than August 24th, Mae Whitman in The Duff. Considering how far I am from this film's target audience, it's to its credit that I still enjoyed it as much as I did.

Despite the unfortunate title and predictability of its plot, it manages to wring quite a bit of charm out of its cliches and stereotypes. This is due in no small part to its very likable leads, but also to a warm and amusing script. As Eric said, the cast is played by actors closer to 30 than high school age, but it didn't bother me quite so much this time, because they work so well together. Mae Whitman is terrific in the lead role and I had the same reaction as Eric to her appearance. Only in Hollywood, I thought, would she be considered fat or ugly.

She's funny and charming and easily anchors the movie. Robbie Amell was a bit of a surprise. He and Whitman share a nice comic chemistry and their character's relationship seems based on genuine affection for each other and the reasons for their falling for each other are evident instead of, as is the case in too many romantic comedies, simply stated.

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The rest of the cast is also quite good. Bella Thorne as Madison is the film's weakest link, but not because of the actress. Her character of the bitchy, popular girl never rings true and in a movie that features a plethora of high school movie cliches, she is the biggest cliche of all. She's every bit the inferior rip-off of Mean Girls that Eric indicated.

The cast of teachers are well played and provide a few laughs in the background as they try to come to grips with the added complications that social media brings to high school relationships.