Salim khan and helen relationship marketing

Salim Khan Marriages: Two Marriages, Zero Regrets, One Happy Family

salim khan and helen relationship marketing

At the back of our minds is always this looming fear for his future What's in store for Salman?, says his father Salim Khan. Salman Khan with Salma and Helen. Arpita has done a course in fashion merchandising and marketing. . earned the reputation of being the bad boy of Bollywood, had dated Aishwarya Rai before the relationship soured. Helen's journey from the dancing diva to Mrs Salim Khan is worthy of a cinematic treatment. And that's exactly what the Khan parivaar intends to.

It was in the late s that he met an aspiring writer, Javed Akhtar, and the two soon formed a team that would assist directors in editing and finalising dialogues. The duo eventually realised that they have potential of their own, and with some help from superstar Rajesh Khanna, managed to get their first break as independent screenplay writers and lyricists with the film Andaz That was all the impetus the duo needed, and ever since the twosome have written screenplay, songs and dialogues for some of the most iconic films of Indian cinema, especially in the s.

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The talented pair split in due to some artistic differences, and while Javed Akhtar went on to have a flourishing independent career, Salim Khan went into semi-retirement mode, writing sparingly. Then came full retirement. Little is known about their first meeting but it is said that they first met somewhere around the yearmuch before he joined films. Khan shared in an interview that he fell in love with Sushila the moment he saw her, and courted her for five years before tying the knot.

Salim Khan and Sushila Charak got espoused in the yearand Sushila changed her faith renaming herself Salma Khan.

salim khan and helen relationship marketing

The couple were blessed with three sons, Salman Khan b. The Other Woman It was a perfect marriage that cut across communal differences. While Khan loved Sushila for sure, she was definitely not his only love, and in fact he had a special place in his heart for Helen Richardson. Helen Richardson, better known by her screen name Helen, was the popular dancer and actress of Hindi cinema for over three decades.

And Salim and Salma spotted this infant near her dead body on the footpath they were passing by. Hence, they brought her home along and decided to make her a part of their family forever. The reports in the media also state that Salim's second wife Helen was the one who adopted Arpita. This is how Arpita became an Angel from an orphan. Very few people know that Arpita has really got a great fashion sense.

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She is a fashion graduate from London College Of Fashion and holds a degree in fashion marketing and management. Before Arpita got married to Ayush Sharma, she used to work for an architectural and interior designing firm. This Beti of 'Khandaan' dreams of owning her own fashion brand one day. In the yearArpita got a tattoo of a star, which contains the names of all her family members.

Salman's 'Khan'daan: The Salim Khan Family Tree

Sohail, sister Alvira and friend Deeksha. This isn't much known that when Arpita dated Arjun Kapoor for two years.

When Arpita and Arjun were in a relationship Arjun weighed Kgs. In time, I did get close to the children, but only after they had all grown up. I drink with Salman, just as I do with my other kids.

Helen-Salman Khan

Love is rooted in respect. With respect comes responsibility. To set an example, you have to avoid certain temptations. The children are watching you. I have conducted myself carefully and gracefully, even more so after the kids became adults.

It was just an emotional accident that I met Helen, liked her and married her. Initially, there was turbulence at home. It was only natural. But we realised we have this situation on hand and we dealt with it maturely. All the siblings have already given him that position subconsciously. He has acted courageously in crisis and proved that he can lead from the front.

He has always been sensitive. Even as a child, he never gave us a tough time. He was good at whatever he did, especially cycling and swimming. He had a lot of energy. Afterwards, we used to lift him to his bed. I was one of those fathers who threw his children into water. I wanted them all, especially Salman, being the eldest, to grow up on their own.

salim khan and helen relationship marketing

They used to hear scripts, discuss money and other things on behalf of their sons. In fact, I even refused to sit for script narrations of his films. Right from the beginning, Salman was encouraged to take his own decisions. Like all of us, he made mistakes, took some wrong steps, but has learnt from those.

Salim Khan Marriages: Two Marriages, Zero Regrets, One Happy Family

Climbing is instant, whereas the process of growth is slow. Salman has grown, not climbed, into this position. It has been slow going Compared to the other Khans, Aamir and Shah Rukh, his track record has been somewhat inconsistent. Though all the Khans are highly appreciated and command huge fan followings, Salman is loved. Maybe people find him kind-hearted.

salim khan and helen relationship marketing