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Ffxiii 2 serah and noel relationship counseling

/ - Noel Kreiss! Sweet Dunban Lightning Returns just kinda killed it. Chastity in Hormone Therapy reviews The times Serah and Noel indulge. In this instance a romantic relationship may develop, but this is always based primarily on the character's resemblance to the Lost Lenore and, yes, Angst can. This Pin was discovered by serah vassallo. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Judge has Atsuya, who dies during a traffic accident in the first chapter, and has a huge impact on his brother Hiro's and his girlfriend Hikari's life.

His death, and resulting trial, is the reason why Hiro and Hikari even created the Judge game to gain revenge on the man, judge and jury who were at fault for his death. Everything Tragic Villain Aki does in Kamisama Dolls is to avenge his dead loverand her death also weighs heavily on his former friend Kyouhei.

In "Country of Liars", Kino is greeted by a man waiting for his lover, who left on a journey and had yet to return. Kino learns later that the man was driven mad with grief when he unwittingly killed her during a revolution he took part in. Things get twisted, however, with the dual reveals that the woman killed was a double and the man's caretaker is, in fact, his lover and that the man is aware of fact but hasn't let on.

Both are content to leave things as they are. In LovelessSoubi's mother, also having suffered Death by Origin Storyis Ritsu's Lost Lenore—he insists she was "just a co-worker", but Nagisa doesn't think so, and Nagisa accuses Ritsu of taking Soubi's virginity because Soubi looks just like his mother.

Souichiro, Kyoko's late husband, from Maison Ikkoku. She was very much in love with him, and an unwillingness to disrespect his memory is the major roadblock for Kyoko and Godai's relationship. Rin of Naruto seemed a Disposable Woman in her one flashback appearance. Yui Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Everything Gendo Ikari does stems from her.

Mainly to get her out of Unit To Tsubasa, Kanade was her everything, and a good deal of season 1 was spent dealing with the grief from this loss. The dealing includes almost-killing Hibiki and attempting a blatantly suicidal Heroic Sacrifice.

  • The Lost Lenore

Kye Wol Hyang from Shin Angyo Onshiwho died before the start of the series, but her death was the main reason Munsu was able to fight the big bad, or had the motivation to endure months and years of travel alone, plotting his revenge against Aji Tae. While he didn't stay chaste after her death A couple of encounters and just at the beginning of the serieshe never took another lover and in the end, he reunited with her in the afterlife.

She suffers Death by Origin Storybeing deceased since five years before the events of the series. The promise he made to her is one of the two main reasons the other being wanting his daughter to think he's 'cool' that Kotetsu doggedly continues with his job as a corporate-sponsored superhero despite having to leave Kaede behind with her grandmother, keep his occupation a secret from her, and endure the manipulations of his money-hungry sponsors.

There are several in Tokyo Ghoul. Yoshimura has Ukina, the human woman he loved in his youth. Amon's classmate Harima, killed in action prior to the series. His lingering feelings for her cause him to reject the advances of Second Love Akira. He becomes one to Akira at the conclusion of the series, having been declared dead. In the sequel, Akira is shown to have become a less cold and sarcastic person as a result of his influence, but still quietly mourning his loss.

Kasuka Mado, the deceased wife of Kureo Mado. Her death fuels his hatred of Ghouls and thirst for revenge, and after his death it's shown that he still wears his wedding ring a decade after losing her.

In the sequel, Tsukiyama has spent nearly two years in an Angst Coma and become an Ill Boy as a result of his grief over Kaneki's apparent death. One of the major plot lines of the sequel has involved his Muggle Best FriendChie Hori, attempting to prove to him that Kaneki is still alive. Meanwhile, his Poisonous Servant considers secretly murdering Kaneki to be the best way to help his ailing master.

Her murder changed his character forever and he mourned her alone in a cave for 'centuries' afterwards. While Abel later forms strong bonds with other female characters, no one else compares to his memory of her.

Aside from having been the glue and diplomat of the group, she was Leader's first love, and consequently Vixen's then rival. Her death is a frequent source of drama between the two.

Whether or not she can actually be considered a love interest for him is up for debate, but there's no denying that her death has a severe impact on his character as he makes a wish to see her again in exchange for being trapped indefinitely at the shop while he waits for her. He also makes it a habit of going into moments of melancholy reminiscence for her.

In XKotori would be this for Kamui. Shito from Zombie Loan 's Lenore is his mother who gave birth to him while she was already dead and forced to live with villain Lao Ye. The reason he made the contract with Z-Loan was to give her back her years so she could wake up. Later in Your Nameit is revealed that Toshiki's estrangement from his family is the result of his grief and helplessness over losing his wife Futaba to illness.

Advent Childrenas well as Zack, for Cloud. Despite the world being saved, he's still haunted by their deaths. It's unknown if the visions he has of Aeris are actually her or just his imagination.

In Sword Art OnlineKirito is extremely haunted by the deaths of his former guild, the Black Cats of the Full Moon, but especially that of Sachi, the lone girl in the group, since the two were clearly attracted to one another and he had promised that he wouldn't let her die.

The fact that he was unable to keep that promise still weighs heavily on him, and he still remembers her in dire moments, since she left him a message to assure him that he wouldn't blame him if she died and encouraging him to keep on living.

After Janet's death, Hank spent hours at a time listening to her dying scream and grieving in his laboratory, and occasionally trying to pretend that his Robot Girlfriend Jocasta was Janet he had uploaded Janet's memories into Jocasta's hard drive. The Replacement Goldfish is strong with this one. Mockingbird was also one for Hawkeye after her apparent death in West Coast Avengers it was actually a Skrull and she came back at the end of Secret Invasion.

Her death led to him leaving the Avengers, spiralling into a deep depression and living in the middle of nowhere, hunting animals to eat.

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He eventually returned to civilisation after an old mentor helped him to realise that Bobbi wouldn't have wanted him to live that way. Her death still lingered with him, though, and his ideal life in House of M involved being in a relationship with her. In Batmanthe slow loss of his beloved Nora drove Dr. Victor Fries to become the obsessed, callous Mister Freeze.

Bonus points for "Nora" and "Lenore" being related derivations of "Eleanor. To make matters worse, Cap was declared dead in that interval, and she remarried In Circlesafter Paulie's death, Douglas took it really rough and Paulie's significance is still huge within the story. In RunawaysChase never truly got over Gert's death, and even once attempted to make a deal with the Gibborim to try and get her back. Gender-flipped in the series; modern Chase went back in time and pulled Gert out of the past minutes before her death.

So they're reunited, except that the age difference between them is now at least four years. In the years since, he's come to terms with losing her, but from Gert's perspective, the Chase Stein that she knew and loved is dead. She hasn't been taking it well. Goldie in Sin City: Some writers like to use Gwen Stacy this way for Spider-Maneven though he actually got over her death fairly soon in the s. Blue is perhaps the most blatant example. ReignSpidey is obsessed with the memory of his dead wife Mary Jane.

Here the way his perception of her changes over the course of the story in the final issue she becomes a source of strength for him, encouraging him to carry on his work, putting off their reunion in the hereafter is a not unimportant subplot. Valerie in V for Vendetta. Lori in The Walking Dead. Then, without any warning, so is Andrea.

Noel Kreiss

Phoenix was an example of this for her husband, Cyclops—especially in timelines where she stays dead, but the fans don't like to talk about those chapters because the character Took a Level in Jerkass. Ironically, the one time he didn't think of her as this, their outrage was even louder. Villain Magneto was shown to obsess about his dead wife Magda quite a bit in a number of stories.

When he became ruler of Genosha, he named the main square of the capital after her. Druuna's lover Shastar is infected by The Virus and she manages to temporarily cure him in the first album, but when it returns he chooses to kill himself to protect Druuna.

Throughout the rest of the series, his disembodied mind or spirit continues to guide her from time to time and she frequently reminisces about him. Fanfiction In Ashes of the PastProfessor Philena Ivy is this to Brock in Ash's old timeline - a resonance cascade pulled her into the Unown's dimension, and Brock, who genuinely fell in love with her, went right back to hitting on girls to rebuild his broken heart.

However, in the new timeline, he manages to save her. Beth Lestrade in the first finale of Children of Timedying at the end of one episode and then, naturally, being dead at the start of the next. In front of her daughter. In Despair's Last ResortChiyo Ueda reveals that a friend from her childhood who she was in love with died from a terminal illness. It continues to affect her. Shizuka becomes this for Kazumi after her execution in Chapter 3.

She's torn up by it throughout Chapter 4, but she tries to hide it. Starting in Chapter 5, she wears Shizuka's scarf to respect her memory. The story is still ongoing, but it's been hinted that there's even more to her death than we or Envy know. If it's not about them experimenting as teens in the academy, it's probably this. Icatus Gritch and Shuran Harkol both mysteriously lost quadrant-mates early in their lives.

Said quadrant-mates are both now among Gamzee's Spirit Advisor followers, having been murdered by the Grand Highblood. Unfortunately, this leaves Sans heartbroken over losing his "sweetheart". A direct follow up to the story even shows that Sans visits their grave everyday. Invader Zim fanfiction often posit that Professor Membrane 's extreme workaholism and Hands-Off Parenting stems from the death of Dib and Gaz 's never-seen mother. In some fics, it's simply because he wants to honor her name; in some others, it's because he is a Death Seeker who is too obsessed with her to the point he can't function normally in C-sec or military.

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Sometimes both reasons are used. To name a few fics: Defender of the Human RaceMr. Black's wife, Tonya Coupe-Barton, is this for him. She was killed in Dr. Wily's very first attack, and he built a shrine to her in memoriam—and vowed revenge on Wily. Kyoko's death destroys whatever is left of Tsuna's innocence and what finally makes him accept his fate as Vongola Decimo. Why Am I Crying? Crystal Eyes, Filthy Rich's wife and Diamond Tiara's mother, who died in a train accident along with her unborn foal.

This drove Filthy Rich to become an alcoholic basket case and, while he got over that, try to avoid seeing his daughter because she looked so much like her. Hungary is revealed to be this to Austria in the Not only is it revealed later that the reverse is also true for Hungary but it's also subverted in that she eventually becomes his and her children's Guardian Angel.

Evelyn 's first love Anselm is this for her. His demise is one of the first major key factors for her decision of actually trying to change the status quo and escape from the Circle, and much later, for her to support the plan of taking down the Veil with her Second Love Solas. Played with in regards to Optimus Prime and Elita While Elita-1 is still alive as Blackarachnia, it's outright stated, multiple times, that the Elita-1 Optimus knew and loved is dead.

Her metaphorical "death" serves as a major influence on his ideals and actions throughout the story, and further complicates his relationship with Blackarachnia, who he has lingering feelings for. To Hell and Back Arrowverse: Oliver Queen was this for Laurel Lance during his ten-year disappearance. Laurel had recently come to the realization that she had feelings for him, but had decided to wait until his return from the trip he was on to tell him.

Unfortunately, said trip was a boat trip to China.


She was devastated by his death, even wondering if she could have stopped him from getting on that boat if she had just told him about how she felt. Her feelings for Oliver was strong enough that during the interim between his assumed death and return to Starling City, every relationship she has ever attempted to have has never managed to get off the ground.

Similar to the above example, Barry Allen for Iris West. Iris was so desperate to cling to Barry's ghost that she started emulating him, chasing after sightings of the impossible and writing on his blog about it, even going as far as to sign her name to her posts. In his warm embrace, she could feel his honesty and sincerity with love that she has not noticed before.

Was it duty or was it love on her part? A grab bag of stories on Serah and Noel's relationship played out in alternate universes. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Crush by isharaine reviews It begins with a crush on a customer, but it's not as harmless as Orihime thought it would be.

Catching the eye of Tokyo's biggest gang boss and getting attacked by his thugs are just the tip of the iceberg. But does her crush like her back? Rated M for language, violence, angst and mature themes. Law] Extreme Cousin Complex: Double Edition by random reviews Gee, I suck at summaries.

Warning for implied incest and yuri. Protected by yuugiri reviews Her mission was to stay alive. His orders were to help her stay alive. A relationship built on trust, and the lack of it. Slightly AUish Naruto - Rated: Freeze on the Stones by Robin4 reviews When Cora casts the curse, everyone suffers. Regina is married to the prince she never wanted.

Gold tries to hide his affair with the librarian from Cora. Mary Margaret is drowning in debt, and Emma finds herself stuck in a dangerous town where no one is safe from the Evil Queen. This Storybrooke and its story are darker than the one you know. Highschool AU Bleach - Rated: Assassinate Death Eaters, destroy Horcruxes, and deal with Voldemort's hidden contingency plan And maybe they'll fix a few other things along the way. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: A fierce competition between the three largest clans in Konoha, over the heart of a reluctant lady.

Forced to take part in an experiment on the psychology of falling in love, Law has 36 Questions to prove that science will always triumph over heart. Law, Ace, Straw Hats P. Lily of the Valley by astrau reviews Boa Hancock and Trafalgar Law, and their accidental not quite romance. Law, Boa Hancock - Complete Cat Burglar by astrau reviews When the rising star of the crime world, Nami the Cat Burglar, decides to rob the notorious dark doctor Trafalgar Law, she cannot fully grasp the consequences of her actions.

Law Alice In Chains by Subtle Serenity reviews -And that was how Orihime Inoue found herself handcuffed and strung up in Ulquiorra's basement, which was the beginning of what she was sure would be a hardly healthy relationship… Bleach - Rated: A Light wizard resistance led by Tom Riddle and the Malfoys has been left to a nightmarish fate. Can Hermione, posing as her darker incarnation, help save a world more shattered than her own? Koi no Yokan by Akemicchin reviews He felt, deep inside, that Nico Robin was different from all women he had ever known.

Inspired by real life events. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Kasumi should be smart enough to know not to fall for a married man, but she has. And neither of them should be trying to make it work, but they are. Hinata and Neji discover something really peculiar at the training grounds. Looks like their future daughter traveled back in time But what is the reason?

Shattered Illusion by goodieblanker reviews For once, she wanted to take, take and not care, and he let her. He became her whole world. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: She looked up then, wondering what's gotten her Captain so somber. He was looking at her with that unwavering stare. NejiHina Naruto - Rated: So both Laxus and Mirajane sit through the worst blind date imaginable… but then again, first impressions weren't everything. Spoilers for the end of the Fourth Shinobi War.

Note the genre tags. How was she not morbidly obese? Part of the 'Our World' series. Can be read as a stand-alone fic.

It turns out that, when the war ends, these two get busy.