Shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

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shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

Shahs of Sunset. Get Updates Asifa: Bobby's Mom and I are at Odds Asifa: Why Would GG Try to Ignite My Insecurity? Asifa: Bobby and I Are Both Alphas. Asifa Mirza and Bobby Panahi hash out their relationship problems, and the issue with Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, on Shahs of Sunset after. Asifa Mirza and Bobby Panahi Explain Their Abnormal Relationship During an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Shahs of Sunset Opens a.

I mix Reza a sweet concoction with, yes -- vodka -- and pink grapefruit juice.

shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

I know he's going through a lot, and I want him to relax as much as possible and embrace his decision. Reza is doing the right thing by getting pre-marital counseling, because problems don't go away with a piece of paper to make it official. But his decision to take this trip despite Adam staying back is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

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I know Reza, and I think the pressure of everyone's expectations to take this trip for Adam and him has forced Reza into a bit of denial. I think once we get there, things are going to start crashing down for Reza. I know if it were me, I would have become extremely emotional and melted down. Reza felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and he is trying to do what he thinks is best But let's face it, this is a rock and hard place.

Reza is wedged between the two. All the things were planned for the two of them to do together. After they had dated for a couple of months, the two decided to get engaged. It was expected that the lovebirds would then proceed to have a very large and colorful wedding, attended by so many friends and family members.

It was only their cab driver who was the witness. Asifa seems to have broken all the codes of conduct for the Indian community.

shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

She would not allow her family members and friends have their moments of fun and pride. She just had to strangle the party!

shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

However, it did not take so long before things began to go wrong. Asifa at some point accused Bobby of being unfaithful to her while she was pregnant. The controversial pronouncement from her attracted a lot of debates from the public.

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Perhaps, the fact that they decided to tie the knot without the blessings of their loved ones could be the cause of all their tragedies.

The two ended the marriage just after three months of staying together. Wonders shall never cease! Asifa is currently dating her ex-husband! Her move has attracted a lot of criticisms from the fans.

All the same, they have opted to try it out again.

shahs of sunset asifa and bobby relationship

Asifa admits that the marriage had ended so painfully and that she did not like it. Even after the divorce, Asifa and her ex-husband still lived in the same house for several months.

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It was only after moving out that they realized that they were meant for each other. She has gotten most of her wealth by being a reality television star. By all standards, Asifa is doing quite well.