Sora and roxas relationship

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sora and roxas relationship

Sora is the man protagonist in the series. Roxas is the nobody (look that up if needed) of Sora. Ventus is not related to the two, but his heart remains in Sora. 25 points • 3 comments - Me trying to explain the relationship between Sora and Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2) to my 7 year old nephew - 9GAG has the best. Sora spends every free moment he has in Kingdom Hearts II looking for Riku, inquiring But the moment Kairi speaks Riku's name, Sora's face twists, displaying a There is also the bond between Axel and Roxas. .. the platonic ( and yet clumsily and awkwardly presented) relationship between Sora and.

The meaning of Roxas' name was meant to be revealed in a scene in Kingdom Hearts II that shows the letters in the word "Sora" rearranged with the "X" added to expand the connection between the characters.

However, this scene was omitted as Nomura found it difficult to implement time-wise. Nomura told the writers that he wanted Roxas to learn something from each of his missions or just to have something to think about. Final Fantasy VII to be more tragic. Nomura commented that, despite their similarities, Roxas and Ventus are not the same character.


Nomura says this will be explained by the fact that the character Xehanort whose Heartless and Nobody, Ansem and Xemnas, exist at the same time as the original one. Roxas has been featured in various types of merchandise produced by Square Enix. An action figure was released as part of the Play Arts action figures series; [39] Other items include a plush, keychains and replicas of his necklace.

During FebruaryRoxas was twenty-eighth in a Famitsu poll featuring the most popular video game characters from Japan. Additionally, the reviewer found the switch from Roxas' story to Sora's after a few hours "a little jarring". Ghiggino especially noted his relationship with Xion and Axel, which he found charming despite the fact that they repeatedly meet at the top of a clock tower in many scenes. He has the ability to use the Keyblade, and wields light, using it to direct rays that strike opponents with great power.

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He commands the Samurai Nobodies. He is strongly like Ventus, as Xigbar reveals in the Secret Reports. Roxas is less impulsive than Sora, but far more quick to anger; he is short-tempered, aggressive, blunt and stands his ground, characteristics that had mixed in his fighting style. He can be arrogant, confident, and cocky as proven in his battles, more so when he engages Riku in a fight, proclaiming that he could not beat him no matter how many times he attempted to.

When blinded with anger, he lets go of all reason and focuses on venting his anger, as seen when he continually hacks at DiZ's computers and viciously attacks DiZ's hologram.

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His words have bite, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. He even expressed some dislike for being compared to Sora early on due to their relation, which DiZ notes with amusement in their encounter.

sora and roxas relationship

This type of main contrast between the boys is even portrayed in official art, with Roxas almost always having a dark, sort of fierce expression, while Sora's is a bit more loose and mellow. The Relationship Sora is Roxa's Somebody and that is where the relationship comes from.

sora and roxas relationship

In some ways the Kingdom Heart series shows that Roxas needs Sora in more ways then one, this could be simply Sora is his Somebody or more then that. The two are paralles of eachother wich makes them an good couple. Sora being mellow and more cheery, Roxas being quiet and almsot shy makes them an unique couple.