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After some confusion, Bell explains that Staz and her have to pretend to be in a relationship, because if Nyen found out that Staz was here to retrieve Fuyumi. Yanagi Fuyumi (柳冬実) is the human high-school-aged girl from Japan who becomes lost in the Demon World after After she becomes a ghost, Staz Charlie Blood vows to bring her back to life. Sister (no blood relationship): Hydra Bell. Staz Fuyumi | Blood Lad Anime Group, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Manga Art Staz and fuyumi Cute Anime Couples, All Anime, Manga Anime, Anime Art.

Her brief nod was all that was needed to give him the go. It was the first time that Fuyumi had ever declared how she felt, so he had to make sure. Fuyumi hesitantly reached out and snuggled her hand in his.

Her hands were quite warm for a ghost, Staz noted. He couldn't lie to himself anymore; he was in love with Fuyumi. He looked at her then, finally giving into his desires "I won't hold back," he said lowly. He hovered over her, seizing her arms above her head, placing one leg between her thighs, and one resting on the carpet.

His eyes were a mixed pool of endearment and desire. He then kissed her slowly on the lips. They were softer than he'd expected. More sweet the deeper he kissed her. Licking the bottom of her lip, Staz gently pushed his tongue in her mouth. Over, and over their tongues danced to the hypnotizing rhythm of pleasure.

Fuyumi slipped out of Staz's grasp and pressed his head closer to hers. Staz pulled away instantly, "What's wrong? One bead of blood trickled from the slit. Staz grazed over his pointed teeth with his tongue suddenly becoming stupid with want. He licked her lip where the blood formulated and began to kiss her more and more hungrily. Staz wanted all of Fuyumi, every last molecule of her existence and he'd take it all.

He'd no longer restrict himself from these pleasures. He'd indulge and feel no regrets…As long as Fuyumi felt the same way of course. And of course she did, as he found himself being stripped by Fuyumi's surprisingly quick hands.

He in turn ripped her shirt off and threw it to the carpet. Both semi-naked they took a moment to admire each other's bodies. His eyes devoured every inch of Fuyumi, taking in her plump lips to her pink rose hardened nipples. He took one peak in his mouth and began sucking, massaging the other with his free hand. She could feel a stiffness poking at her thigh.

Staz moved slowly licking his way up to Fuyumi's ear. He nibbled on it softly. Staz reveled in the sound. Fuyumi couldn't even think straight anymore. She was becoming intoxicated by the exotic elixir that was Staz.

He was only kissing her, but it felt so terribly good. It was this exact moment that she had always fantasized about, and now it was reality. Her hand slipped down Staz's abdominals and into the opening of his boxers. Staz gasped and grunted.

Yanagi Fuyumi

Her hand was so soft yet firm in her grip as she massaged his tip. Staz lightly thrusted into it, reaching down to reclaim her lips. He could already feel his warm juice spilling out, coating Fuyumi's hand in his sticky pre-cum. Breaking away from the kiss Fuyumi panted, "Staz. He should be the one pleasing her, not the other way around. He eased up off of her sitting up, holding her gaze, whilst roughly pulling her closer to him by the hips so that her thighs lay on either side of him.

Staz traced a hand over the length of Fuyumi's leg and stopped at her crevice. Staz had pressed and was now rubbing his middle finger against her clit. She writhed under him, and Staz loved every second of it. He rubbed faster feeling a silky wetness soak through her panties. Fuyumi's response came in a series of breathy moans and quick nods. Her eyes were glazed over and to Staz; it looked like she'd cave in any second.

He gave her pleasure button one last press before ripping her panties in half. Staz brought Fuyumi closer to him pacifying her with kisses in an attempt to soothe her pain. He gently pushed into the warm honey that was Fuyumi- the two of them moaning against each other's lips.

Soon after, they became lost in their own rhythm of bliss. Staz could feel Fuyumi's inner walls pulsate around the length of him each time she bounced off his lap. Tighter and hotter each push. It felt so good he thought he was going to die. He screams and tells Beros he can't stop it because it's uncontrollable magic, and she takes the collar off of him. With this, he makes his escape, after putting Beros to sleep with a special leaf to make people unconscious for long periods of time.

Soon after, Goyle finds Beros, and his anger with Braz quickly manifests into his first dispensation, "Angry Spear", dubbed Angra. The nature of this dispensation is to quickly find and destroy the object of Goyle's anger. In the Hydra estate, we are shown that now all 4 of the kids have come in to talk to Nyen. Nyen does in fact know Staz already, and even about his plan to resurrect Fuyumi. But to their surprise, she says he's not allowed to without her permission.

What happens next is kind of confusing in the anime, so I'll explain it here Nyen's body in reality contains two souls: Originally, they were two sepearate people. One lives in the demon world, while the other in the human. Unlike the common belief that if you meet this person, you will die, you instead fuse into one body. In addition to this, the new body contains memories of both people.

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This process was explained to the four children, who had no clue about this. Because of this circumstance, Bell, Knell, and Fuyumi, are technically all siblings together.

Additionally, becuase of her relationship to Fuyumi, Staz feels the same way towards Nyen as he did when he wished to suck Fuyumi's blood when she was alive. In the mean time, Goyle ends up catching up with Braz. After a small mishap, Braz gets away, and calls for Liz' assistance.

He then dresses in a fairly comedical disguise, and attempts to hide from Goyle until Liz arrives. This does not work in the end, since Angra is able to sense where Braz is. Braz is soon driven into a dead end, but ends up relieving a bit of Goyle's anger as he tries to tell Goyle that he has done nothing to Beros, and that the blood he saw was his own. As his anger begins to waiver, so does his magic. As Braz figures this out, he uses his own privilege magic, dubbed "Blood Stalker".

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With this he is able to manipulate his blood into any form. He has light hair and wears a black turtleneck. He wears a knit cap and has dark hair. Tetsu Inada Japanese ; Patrick Seitz [2] English A scientist within the Demon World, named after the scientist who had stitched body parts of humans together, and whom he calls his ancestor. He is interested in experimenting on Fuyumi, Vol.

He is the one who wrote the book of resurrection that Staz and the others believe can bring Fuyumi back to life. When they were younger, he conducted experiments on Staz to unlock his true potential. He later sealed Staz's powers away with a magic bullet that he shot into Staz's heart. One of his abilities is to manipulate blood.