Superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

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superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

Thread: Superman & Wonder Woman Relationship Appreciation What he started to show through writing New52 Superman/Wonder Woman is the natural conflict and . Jonhs: It'll definitely test that relationship. The beginning of a series of trials, tests and tribulations of love which shall be Eventual Superman/Wonder Woman Follows Newish with Pre-New52 as well. Diana attempt to build a strong and loving relationship as Superman vows to. Wonder Woman, who has always (at least in The New 52 continuity) been “It's not strong love if it's not tested. . This means, that according to DC's new continuity, the entire Superman/Wonder Woman relationship, and the.

Knowing our geeky tendencies, my mother-in-law gave us a sign which placed our names alongside famous superhero couples: I loved the sign and still do, but the longer that I looked at it, the more I began to realize something very important. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman were still going strong, but beyond that, every single one of these comic book couples had, one way or another, perished. As someone who started out as a fan of fiction, and came to comics later in life, this is a trend that I find a little frustrating.

I may not read romance novels, but when it comes to the couples I care about, I want my happily ever after, dammit!

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

But in mainstream superhero comics, it can seem like pretty much every pairing comes with some sort of expiration date, whether that be divorce, death, or having their relationship erased from continuity. Eventually, it got me thinking. And does this trend really result in better stories?

But in order to cover this topic, this column will be filled with spoilers. To be honest, putting together two of the founding members of the Justice League felt a little gimmicky to me, instead of being born out of genuine chemistry or mutual affection.

The fact that each character already has their own classic, written-in-the-stars love interest made me suspect that that Clark and Diana were doomed to fail from the start, but as someone who was really enjoying the Wonder Woman comic book at the time, it made sense to at least give the title a chance. I picked up the first graphic novel Power Couple from my library, and felt my skepticism begin to dissolve.

With Clark and Diana, I found the type of love story that I crave, and rarely receive from my media: It was like the writer Charles Soule took a genuine look at these two paragons of virtue and asked himself, how would their relationship actually play out?

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

How would they help each other? And what problems would they deal with? And yes, there are problems. The two have very different opinions on how open they should be about their relationship.

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

Wonder Woman, who has always at least in The New 52 continuity been forthright about who she is, wants to be equally so about their romance. Clark, who is used to keeping the most personal parts of his life hidden behind a secret identity, wants to keep their love equally secret.

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This provides some tension between them over the course of the first arc, which they both deal with in mature ways, seeking out advice from friends. I eagerly sought out future volumes, excited to see more. A relationship feels much more powerful when it is earned, after all. And the right kind of conflict can be just the thing to bring a couple closer together.

In his first collection Casualties of War, Superman and Wonder Woman are suddenly reduced to parodies of themselves: As Superman's musings continue, we get more insight into other parts of his relationship with Wonder Woman that were never explored in their respective comics. One such moment was him reacting to Wonder Woman becoming the new God of War.

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

While it doesn't lead to an argument, it does reveal some insecurities. These aren't the kind of insecurities that can be overcome with extra date nights and chocolates, either.

The insecurities in this case eventually morph into obstacles. Wonder Woman being the God of War and Superman losing his powers become excuses for uncertainty. This is the main weakness of the narrative.

The uncertainty feels forced and somewhat petty. When Superman and Wonder Woman start to get petty without the influence of Brainiac, then something is wrong. Some of these issues that are explored don't need to be issues, but they're presented in such a way and that makes them feel less than genuine.

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The idea that Superman doesn't trust Wonder Woman to handle being the God of War or that Wonder Woman doesn't trust Superman to be who he is without his powers isn't just disingenuous. Again, unless Brainiac is influencing them, they have no excuses. It's towards the end that these forced insecurities start to have a negative impact on the relationship.

superman and wonder woman new 52 relationship test

That's not to say that it makes the emotions less sincere. If anything, it reveals that Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship still lacks the maturity to make it a reasonable comparison to the Kents. Even if they're still light years ahead of any relationship Marvel has attempted in the past five years, the insecurities are inflated to a point where Superman and Wonder Woman feel out of character.

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But the conflicts that are explored in this issue feel too forced. Even if this doesn't lead to another deal with Mephisto, it feels like someone is too ready to sell their soul. Every relationship faces conflicts and obstacles.

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But in the same way comics rely too often on Nazis and evil scientists, they rely too much on forcing dysfunction within a relationship to make it interesting. Superman and Wonder Woman don't have to be on the verge of breaking up or making up to be meaningful.

The emotions between them just have to be sincere. With the exception of sociopaths and poorly moderated message boards, these emotions appeal to everybody.