Vishnu and shiva relationship questions

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vishnu and shiva relationship questions

Allow me to start with a shloka > Shivaya vishnu roopaya shiva roopaya vishnave What could be the relation between Shiva and Vishnu, can we call them friends or brothers? Related Questions (More Answers Below). The Trimūrti is the Triple deity of supreme divinity in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of The identification of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as one being is strongly emphasized in the Kūrma Purāṇa, . Dating for the pañcāyatana pūjā and its connection with Smārta Brahmins is from Courtright, p. Hinduism topics. The wives of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are Saraswati, Laxmi, and Parvati, respectively. One story is that Brahma hatched from a floating golden egg. .. prefer to keep meditating but instead is drawn into family problems, providing a series.

Vishwakarma crafted two divine bows. King Janaka of Mithila had a daughter named Sita. In earlier part of her life, Sita while playing with her sisters had unknowingly lifted the table over which the bow had been placed; which was something no one in the kingdom could do. This incident was however observed by Janaka and he decided to make this incident as the backdrop for Sita 's swayamvara. Later, Janaka had announced that whosoever wanted to marry Sita had to lift the divine bow and string it.

vishnu and shiva relationship questions

The bow was broken by Ayodhya 's prince Rama when he attempted to string the bow, during the swayamvara of Sita, thereby winning the princess's hand in marriage. After the marriage when his father Dasharatha was returning to Ayodhya with Rama, Parashurama obstructed their path and challenged Rama for breaking his guru Shiva's bow.

Rama extolled the sage. After that Dasharatha prayed to the sage to forgive him but Parashurama remained enraged and brought out Vishnu's bow. He then asked Rama to string the bow and fight a duel with him.

vishnu and shiva relationship questions

Rama snatches the bow of Vishnu, strings it, places an arrow and points it straight at the challenger's heart. Rama then asks Parashurama what he will give as a target to the arrow. Different Hindu communities may have their own divinities whom they worship, but these are simply different ways of approaching the Ultimate.

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Hindus recognise three principal gods: Brahma, who creates the universe Vishnu, who preserves the universe Shiva, who destroys the universe. Brahma Brahma is the Creator.

vishnu and shiva relationship questions

However, Brahma is not worshipped in the same way as other gods because it is believed that his work - that of creation - has been done. Hindus worship other expressions of Brahman not Brahmawhich take a variety of forms. Hindus are often classified into three groups according to which form of Brahman they worship: Vishnu, Shiva and other deities Vishnu Vishnu, the preserver, is believed to be linked to a very early sun god and is considered by his worshippers to be the greatest among the gods.

Pinaka (Hinduism)

He is also referred to as Narayana. Vishnu preserves and protects the universe and has appeared on the earth through his avatars incarnations to save humankind from natural disasters or from tyranny.

The most well-known avatars are Rama see RamayanaKrishna, who destroyed the wicked and established a new order, Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and Kalki. Vishnu is represented in sculpture and painting in human form, often painted blue.


Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu who has appeared as the wife of each of Vishnu's incarnations, including Sita, wife of Prince Rama, and Rukmini, wife of Krishna.

She is the goddess of wealth and good fortune who is offered special worship during the Divali festival.

vishnu and shiva relationship questions

He is considered to be everything by those who worship him: In Shiva, the opposites meet. Shiva the destroyer is a necessary part of the trinity because, without destruction, there can be no recreation. His city is Varanasi, and any Hindu who dies there is believed to go straight to heaven. Shiva is the source of both good and evil who combines many contradictory elements.

vishnu and shiva relationship questions

In pictures and sculptures, Shiva is represented as Lord of the Dance who controls the movement of the universe. He is also associated with fertility.