Why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

Explain the importance of meeting an individual's communication needs. his or her communication we must have a thorough understanding of their needs. If an individual's communication needs are not met, this means they are all are important to understand when communicating in a business. Understand Specific Communication needs and factors affecting them. 2. What is the importance of meeting an individual's communication need?

Each person according to the human rights act has freedom of communication. When one's communication needs are unsatisfactorily met, their lives are affected negatively. For example, when they are sick they need help on many items like what to wear. The way I relate to people can help or hinder them from doing proper care for their needs.

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

There are many ways of communicating. Also, everyone one has a way of communicating. It is paramount that one communicates in some way for people to know you are you have their undivided attention.

You should let them speak without interrupting them in the midst of communication. You should respond with single questions so that you do not confuse them.

When one is able to outrage more in-depth conversation then it is important to ask a question, for example, would you like the drink? When a person has, unmet communication needs they are in fact feeling isolated and depressed. I would adapt my own practice to improve communication support with the individual by allowing the individual time to think before expecting them to answer. I would also ask them if there was anything they wanted me to do in order for them to communicate more effectively with them.

Give communicates, and if necessary acting as an example.

Why Communication Is Important In Adult Social Care Essay

I would provide opportunities for the individual to communicate with others by taking time to provide all necessary equipment. I would also take them out into society so that they can communicate themselves with people, for example whilst shopping. I would support others to be understood by the individual by agreed methods by advising them on the particular communication by agreed methods that the individual uses.

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

You might agreed have told them to face the person so that they communication could see their mouth and facial expression methods? Give and to take their time and you might advise example. Language and learning disorders, technology and aids. This ensure that all clients are treated equally irrespective of their colour, age, disability, gender, religion and belief and sexual orientation.

It is my duties to offer a non judgemental, non bias service because of individual client beliefs.

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Answer Noise levels of the environment. Are they conducive to communication if an individual is hard of hearing therefore it is best to reduce the noise level or move to a quieter area to improved communication.

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Large groups could have a negative effective on communication if everyone is engage in a lively discussion, it best to move to a smaller group. Privacy or lack of it, offering a individual a private environment to have a conversation with someone on a one to one basic would allowed the individual to set across from you face to face, where the level of communication can be calm, timely and clear have opportunities to clarify things they are not sure about and enable clarity.

Physical- refers to the environment surrounding the participants in the communication process; for example: Answer There are lots of different ways to communicate.

We use all of our five senses to communicate and receive information: Visual-seeing, Auditory -hearing, Olfactory — smelling, Kin- aesthetic -feeling, Gustatory -tasting.

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

Could be due to hearing difficulties, in which case they will use sign language, another could be because of learning problems, and these people use a form of body languagesome might use their eyes, whilst others communicate by making facial expressions or sounds or even pointing.

A further reason could be due to a severe medical condition, and in some of these cases the individual can learn to use electronic equipment to communicate It is important to learn about communication forms. Once we recognize the communication we can respond to it and begin shaping it into a more formal or easier to understand form of communication.

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

Answer There are three main forms of communication, verbal, non-verbal and the written word. Verbal communication Verbal communication uses words to present ideas, thoughts and feelings. Good verbal communication is the ability to both explain and present your ideas clearly through the spoken word, and to listen carefully to other people.

This will involve using a variety of approaches and styles appropriate to the Individual you are addressing. This might be through the use of body language, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, touch or contact, signs, symbols, pictures, objects and other visual aids.

why is it important to meet and understand an individuals communication needs

You must also be able to understand the messages you send with your own body when working with other people. Slouching on a chair can show a lack of interest in what is going on and folded arms can suggest that you are feeling negative or defensive about a person or situation. Even the way we move can give out messages, e.

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Our eyes become wider when we are excited or happy, attracted to, or interested in someone. A smile shows we are happy and a frown shows we are annoyed. It is important to think about the setting you are in and what you are trying to convey before touching a person in a health and social care environment.