Zatanna and nightwing relationship

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zatanna and nightwing relationship

Zatanna and Nightwing were having some conflicts in their relationship. It dragged on to the point where they both didn't get to say what they. Nightwing and Zatanna were members of the Team. They've had a relationship, and though they have broken up, they're still on very good, and intimate, terms. I'm watching season 2 of Young Justice and they just implied, (pretty much flat out said) that Nightwing and Zatanna were once in a relationship.

Chapter 5 — Just Us 5 years later… Zatanna and Richard maintained their relationship through all these years. They loved each other very much. It's true that they had their ups and downs, but what relationship doesn't? The important thing is that they managed to stay together through good and bad times, not loosing faith in each other. A lot of things changed.

They cherished every moment they spent with each other, like it was their last.

Zatanna Zatara

Since they joined the JLA, they rarely saw each other, because of the many missions they had. At the JLA Watchtower: Nightwing had just finished talking to Robin through the computer, and to his surprise, when he turned around to head to the Zeta-Tube, he saw a sexy Zatanna standing right in front of him, smiling with a small grin.

He returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. After their passionate kiss, Dick took her hands in his and kissed them.

How long has it been since our last time together? The last we had some privacy, I mean. I'm taking the weekend off.

How about you do the same, so that me and you could spend it together? Batman will take care of things. Before going in she turned her head toward Nightwing, and winked as she lifted her shoulder a little bit for full cuteness, smiling a little bit.

Dick couldn't wait till tonight. Zatanna was no virgin. Her first time was with Dick, when she was 17 years old. But every time they did it felt like the first. They put so much emotion and love into it, like it would be their last time together. Richard lived alone in a luxurious apartment in Gotham. Since he was working in Bruce's company, Dick had enough money to move out of the Bat's home and afford to live on his own.

It was almost time for Zatanna to arrive at Dick's home and he was preparing everything for her arrival. His apartment was huge. He had a bathroom with a mirror covering one of the walls in front of the Jacuzzi, and the sink was near the toilet, which was on the other side of the Jacuzzi.

The living room had the latest furnishing with a wide screen TV and a big window for a wall. There was a stereo near the TV and behind the couch, just near the door to the bedroom was a bookshelf with Dick's favourite books.

The kitchen had a round glass table with four chairs, a medium sized white fridge and a white kitchen raft. The bedroom had a king sized bed, a TV and a large wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. There was also a small bathroom. It was already He had been sitting on the coach with his feet on the small glass table, staring blankly at one spot with the TV turned off. After some more minutes the doorbell rang and Dick jumped off his seat and ran to the door.

He quickly opened it and saw a beautiful Zatanna. He placed the plate by her bedside table. Robin took a seat by her and she didn't mind.

zatanna and nightwing relationship

Zatanna sighed and looked away once more. Robin placed a hand on her shoulder. Zatanna turned her head to nearly face him but didn't make eye contact, his smiled faded away.

I don't think I'm up for it. Robin rubbed her back slowly to comfort her. She wasn't sure why but she felt she could say anything to Robin, she felt so calm and relaxed when he talked to her about her problems and him just sitting next to her made her feel happy, that she truly didn't feel alone but she didn't want to cry in front of him, she didn't want to feel like a burden.

Robin however could see she was so close to crying all the time whenever they talked and he hated it, he wanted her to open up to him, let everything out so he could comfort her, support her but he knew he couldn't out right say anything, he had to wait for her to feel comfortable enough for him to fully help but he just hated to see her in pain like this.

Thank you…" Her voice cracked. But he felt sick on the inside, seeing Zatanna in pain always put him off for a while. Later on during the day Robin couldn't help but think deeply about her, thinking of every way he could help her but nothing good came to mind. He was laying on the couch, watching tv. Most of the member left to go home expect for him and Zatanna. The group tended to leave one member behind to keep an eye on her and today Robin volentured.

Deep down Robin knew how she felt, she watch a family member vanish from your life while all she could do is sit there and watch it happen. He still had nightmares of that night he parents fell, their screams echoed in his mind along with the cracking of their bones when they fell to the ground and no matter how many times he pushes those thoughts away, they always lingered around.

Zatanna's case felt worse to him though, the fact her father was still there yet not always seemed like torture, especially with her. Why couldn't Dr Fate let him go for at least a day, let them have a proper goodbye, she deserves it, they both did. Something sparked in Robin's mind and it was so crazy that he thought he should just scrap it but it hang on to his mind.

He decided to go check Zatanna since he hadn't heard her since this morning and he had something to give her. When he walked down the hall he couldn't help but hear something odd but not loud enough that he could understand what it was. He got to her door and knocked gently. There was a long pause that had him worried for a moment before she spoke out, her voice more broken than before. Robin stepped in to see her already sitting on the side of her bed, looking up at him.

She looked the same before but with something new that Robin spotted quickly, her cheeks were slightly damp. His heart stopped for a moment when he reaslied she had been crying but the way the water was rubbed on her skin meant she had to wipe them away before he had got into her room.

He felt pain in his heart but put on a soft smile. She gave a gently chuckle. Zatanna saw it, it was a sea shell, a rather lovely one at that. It was a golden orange that faded into a sunset red.

He held it out to her. He handed her the shell and she pulled it close, she felt the marks on it that it gained from the ocean, like the waves batting against it or it scratching against rocks. It had a slight scent of saltwater and sand and she loved it, she tended to forget what the outside felt like. Robin gave a thumbs up. When he was out of her sight and heard door closed he leaned against the wall, sinking back slightly. He took a deep breath. Knowing she had been crying really hurt him this time and that plan he thought of before started to come back.

His eyes narrowed, it was crazy plan but he wanted to do it, in fact he was going, no matter who tried to stop him but he couldn't help but feel scarred.

The next day Robin went to the watchtower to find something, or rather someone. He had hacked into the camera's to find this person and prayed that Batman didn't know he had hacked in. When he found the man he was looking for he ran into the room to stop him before leaving off to a mission.

zatanna and nightwing relationship

Robin paused before calling out to the man. Fate stopped and turned to the young hero. Robin moved closer to him and stopped in front of the man, being in Fate's presents always felt scary and nerve racking to him but he swallowed his fear and stood proudly. And please make it quick, I have a mission to attention.

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The room become silence, the air felt cold and Fate glared at the child, nearly making Robin step back and regret what he said but he stood his ground and glared back, he had to do this, for Zee. Fate finally broke the silence. Fate took another pause before speaking. Robin wasn't sure what to say, his mind wasn't giving him anything to say so he decided to speak from the heart.

He placed his hand on his chest. I wish to be the one to help break away those chains, to give her hope, joy and love…" He whispered the last part. He closed his eyes for a moment to think about her, the way she smiled back when she was happy, the way she laughed at his jokes, the way her eyes glimmered in joy every time she visited. He wanted to see that again, see the really Zatanna underneath all that pain.

Fate could sense this and walked up to the young boy. He nodded quickly and watched Fate take the helmet off. Zatara wasn't sure what was going on, he was watching things through Fate's eyes when things went dark suddenly, all he remember was that they were heading out to do a mission when he heard a faint voice call out but he didn't know whose voice as it was slightly muffled. The next thing he knew he was on the ground and realized he was free.

He quickly got to his feet to see Fate standing in front of him, his back turned away. He was about to say something when Fate bet him to it. Zatara was about to ask more questioned but he didn't get the chance as Fate was gone to do his mission.

zatanna and nightwing relationship

He felt relief as he realised he could set things right with his child but also fear for the one who took his place, the mission they were going on would be tough and it would drain the host of most of his energy.

He walked around the halls of the watchtower for a moment, remembering his way around but he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned around to see Wonder Woman who's face only held shock before running up to him, hugging him softly. Zatanna peered around the corner, she saw Wally, Artemis and M'gann watching tv. She felt hungry and wanted to grab something to eat but only hoped they didn't see her.

She strolled in and headed to the kitchen and looked around, thinking about what to have before deciding to grab a simple apple. She quickly tried to head back to her room when the Zeta tubes turned on and the words they said made her freeze in place. The others had froze two but only for a moment as their heads turned to see the scene play out. Zatara and Zatanna stared at one another in complete shock and surprise. Zatara was the first to make movement as he took a few steps.

Seeing her felt like a dream, a dream he thought wasn't possible anymore but it was becoming true right in front of him as Zatanna quickly dashed forward and hugged him, gripping his clothes and she sobbed into his chest.

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The other smiles and got up, walking over to the pair but didn't say anything. Zatanna kept crying for a while, praying to herself this wasn't a dream, that he wasn't an illusion that could vanish at any moment but he wasn't, he was here. She missed the feeling of hugging so much, to feel his warmth and here his heart beat.

Her sobbing died down soon as she looked up at him. She looked at him with a puzzled expression. He said that someone gave themselves up so I could spend three days with you but he didn't say who…" Zatanna couldn't help but worry. He shook his head. She smiled at him and he smiled back. Zatanna started to think but she wasn't sure what to pick, there were so many thing she wanted to do. Wally could see her struggling and stepped forward. The pair started to walk off but Zatanna paused for a moment and looked back at her friends and each of them gave a reassuring smile and nod.

She smiled back and walked off. When the pair were gone Wally turned to the two girls. Artemis only gave a shrug and M'gann remained silent. Zatanna and Zatara spent nearly the whole day at the fair, playing games or going on rides. They tried many of their favorite fair foods like cotton candy and popcorn.

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Zatanna never lost her smile at all, the first day in so long that she felt truly happy. They won many toys, Zatanna's favorite was one her father won her, it was stuffed purple panda that she nicknamed Bamboo. When it became dark they headed back to the mountain but as they walked up the path she soon saw her father had stopped.

She turned around to see him staring out, gazing at the stars.